Welcome! Also in Dutch / Ook in het Nederlands

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  This website is in English, but I speak Dutch as well * Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe tarot readings, coaching, geef yogalessen en healings ook in het Nederlands. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen hebt! Lieve groetjes, Charissa xxx I am here to support you in this time of awakening. The awakening to the truth of who we really are. The power we hold inside of us that most have forgotten. I share and express my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, healings, yoga, art and coaching. My purpose and strength is empowering others through compassion and truth. You can find more information on how I can support you above in the navigation. [...]

New Moon in Taurus

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Tomorrow, April 26th brings a New Moon. This is a good time to take a step back, slow down and to be still. If you can, do make this a day of retreat, a day to feed your soul and joy (ofcourse this should be the case everyday, but with New Moon's it is extra potent to take it easy). Take these days of the New Moon and first quarter to strengthen your body and spirit. The Moon heals and supports growth. Wait with any activity until you can see the first crescent of the Moon. Now is a time to think about your actions and plan what you want to do. The New Moon in Taurus marks [...]

Are you looking away?

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Hello! Happy Earth Day to you! Did you hug a tree today? If not run outside now and show some love...♥ I did a video again of our Tarot reading and I also share with you what I am working on and a yoga meditation to rekindle our inner fire and connect to our primal creative force. In the video I share with you our tarot guidance for the week to come in a Clarity Spread. The big question this week is " What is going on? What do we need to know?". The answer is: And to see what this means, please check the video:     As promised in the video hereby some tips to empower our [...]

The Sound of Silence

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Yay! Happy weekend to you!! How has your week been? Have you called on Thetis a lot this week reminding us to be the peace, the stillness in unsettled waters? http://www.joyincreation.com/2017/04/16/our-weekly-oracle-guidance-a-present-for-you/ I sure have! I have been feeling so edgy, so ungrounded, so rushed, I can't seem to find that quiet peaceful place within myself. I consciously had to stop myself and take a time out. So today I have a day off to ground and take care of me... I am sitting here in silence, typing. This helps me get my mind at ease and make sense of my feelings and emotions. This blogpost is about stress, what you can do about it and also some astrological support. Happy [...]

Love your Mama – Earth Day 2017

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Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd of April is Earth Day. Earth Day Network’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. I am writing this in honor of our beautiful, abundant and loving planet. For year’s campaigns have been pushing us to help save the planet, but it is not working. Pushing never works. People have to feel intrinsically inspired to change their ways. So education and inspiration is important. Not preaching. Preaching and pushing is something I sometimes tend to do. I so feel the urgency and need to help to awaken people. But again it all starts with ourselves. With what we can do -now- to change our ways and inspire others. This Winter I [...]

Our weekly Oracle guidance & a present for you!

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Hello you!! I am here for this week's Oracle Reading, an Easter present and a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for you. Apologies for the bad (low) sound. Next time I will use another device. Still learning to make proper videos and finding out what works best. Please be patient with me. Just crank up the volume please. Easter Present The give-away is to receive information of your Personal and your Soul Card. If you would like to receive this information as a present please drop me a message with your name, date, place and time of birth. Thetis The Goddess Oracle to guide us this week is Thesis, more about her in the video. Inner Conflict Resolver (in the video [...]

Teachings of Jesus & Mary Magdalene

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Dear you, Yesterday I wrote about Easter and the origins of it's name and where symbols such as bunnies and eggs come from... in case you were wondering about that. And to open your eyes to what is hidden in plain sight. Today however on a much brighter note. First of all happy Easter to you! Have a beautiful day and enjoy the blessings of Spring. Here The Netherlands it is wet and gloomy, but the colors of spring and the birds singing make up for this tenfold! Today I would like to write a little about the other story of Easter, the story of inspiration for a new beginning, renewed energy, unconditional love, forgiveness, rebirth and ascension. I [...]

Fluffy bunnies & bloody eggs

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A warning in advance. This isn't going to be a happy happy joy joy post about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the happy celebration of Easter with lots of chocolate and pastel colored fluffy bunnies. Because don't you think it is weird that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ while we see ourselves surrounded by pink Easter bunnies and lots of brightly colored chocolate eggs and other Easter crap that has nothing to do with Christ? Have you never scratched your head why people go to mass and take part in a pagan ritual in the Church. This story is not as cute as you may think, and it's rituals not long gone in the past. It [...]

This week’s Tarot reading

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Hello you!! How are you? I hope you are well. I hear a lot of people are experiencing intense energies from the Full Moon shadow and the rising of the energies from Gaia. Please be gentle to yourself. Look for a place where you can be alone and in silence and just breathe. Do not push yourself as you will not make it easier on yourself or others, be kind. Also see if you can work with these energies by asking yourself questions so you can move on free from old beliefs, but we need to see and question them first. So use this time to tap in, to connect and to heal old wounds. Please read more [...]

Full Moon in Libra

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The Moon will grace us in her grand fullness on April 11th (number of balance) in Libra (sign of balance in relationship). There will be many new opportunities for us to break through stuck energy and see more clearly as the Moon shines light on issues that are keeping us from expanding into greater joy, especially mirrored in our interaction with others. Full Moons are a time for immense clarity, healing and release. Updating the way we see things can create big shifts. Right now there are so many souls awakening, seeing the bigger truth. There is so much spreading of information and consciousness that is can be very overwhelming. It is so important that we use discernment [...]

Our weekly guidance

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Hello, hello! It is that time of week again, SUNday, our weekly guidance, oracle and/or tarot reading! I am in a great mood. I feel so carried and in flow. Wonderful and so many synchronicities and a sense of deep peace and calm. I feel so so carried. How are you? Is there anything you would like to share or would like guidance on. Please share or contact me. Don't keep it to yourself and let it fester. Expressing yourself and asking for help creates a way forward, it sets an intention towards growth and freedom. Today I returned from a weekend at my Aunt and Uncle's house. I had Friday off and we visited a wonderful and [...]