Welcome! This website is in English & grotendeels ook in het Nederlands!

  This website is in English and partly also translated in Dutch Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe tarot readings/consultaties, ik geef SoulCollage® workshop, Soul Body Fusions® en geef stoelyogalessen. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen hebt! Lieve groetjes, Charissa xxx I am here to support you in this time of awakening. The awakening to the truth of who we really are. The power we hold inside of us that most have forgotten. I share and express my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, Soul Body Fusions®, the SoulCollage® process, yoga, art and coaching. My purpose and strength is empowering others through compassion and truth. You can find more information on how I can support you [...]

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Gezien worden (SoulCollage® video)

Apologies English speaking friends, this video and text is in Dutch only Hallo lieve jij! Gezien worden is een groot thema in mijn leven en ik denk ook dat dit mede bijdraagt aan mijn passie voor SoulCollage®, want dankzij deze prachtige methode zie ik nu mijzelf, al mijn delen en mijn plek in het grotere geHeel en ben ik niet langer meer op zoek om door anderen gezien te worden. Dit uitte zich voorheen met name in 'pleaser' gedrag, faalangst en slecht grenzen aan kunnen geven. Altijd maar de goedkeuring buiten mij zoeken. Dit is gelukkig nu veranderd en ik zie dat ik helemaal goed ben zoals ik ben met of zonder goedkeuring van anderen. SoulCollage ® helpt [...]

Tarot Time (video in Dutch) & blog update in English

Dear you, How are you? I hope you are well. You haven't read many Facebook updates and blogs from me and I feel this will quiet down even more. It is not that I am not inspired, lots is going on inside of me, lots is growing, but it is just not ready to face the world yet. At the moment I feel like playing, clearing, turning inward and just pitter pattering around. I am re-discovering old passions, old projects, rekindling broken energy and mending loosened ties. I feel like doing things for me, nothing that needs to be shared. I need sacred time with me, myself and I. So yes lots is going on, but also a [...]

Tarot Time 6 januari 2016 (English video / Nederlandse uitleg in tekst)

Hello dear you! Hereby the Tarot Time video for the coming week. EnJOY:   En hallo jij in het Nederlands. Leuk dat je hier bent en dat je kijkt. Dank voor het delen van deze ruimte. Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat en dat je een heel goed Oud & Nieuw hebt gehad. Het 'echte' leven komt weer op gang. Het wordt weer drukker op kantoor, de lichtjes en Kerstbomen verdwijnen (het is immers Driekoningen vandaag) en het is dan soms lastig om de magie en inspiratie van de afgelopen weken vast te houden. Zorg vooral dat je veel naar buiten gaat en lekker beweegt. Laat het maar stromen. Als we een beetje balen hebben we [...]

2018 – my year ahead reading

Happy new year!! I hope you had a safe and warm end of year celebration. I like, like for many years now, managed to sleep right through all the fireworks. I intend to stay up each year and I stretched it to 11.30 pm this time. But I fell over and went to bed, expecting the fireworks to wake me up. But as the fireworks had been going off all evening already I probably didn't register the difference and slept right through. I had a lovely evening though. This is the first year in a long time that I actually felt like opening up an expensive bottle of Champagne (well it has been sitting there for years waiting [...]

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Tarot Tijd 31 december 2017 (and brief English transcript)

Een fijne laatste dag van het jaar!! Bij deze de Tarot Tijd van vandaag en hieronder een korte uitleg in het Engels. De video is in het Nederlands:   Christmas at a friend's house. The Yule Log and I   Finished this today and will be available in my Etsy shop soon Happy last day of the year to you! So good to meet you on this final day of the year and I wish you a lot of love, joy and alignment in 2018. I wish you heartfullness and a clear vision. Today I am so happy, I have been doing tarot readings all day long. The Year Ahead readings for [...]

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My word for 2018 – Worthiness

Hi There, We are at the end of the year and have done a lot of reflecting lately. Where am I doing all of this for? Who am I really? Why do I want to live? What is the purpose of life? What makes me truly happy? And why is it becoming harder and harder to motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning. A few weeks ago I was so excited about doing a SoulCollage® workshop, I rented a venue, made lots of publicity, prepared myself thoroughly, had booklets and flyers printed, etc. ....and no one replied and showed interest in my service. Ouch! That was the trigger to help me see, that this is [...]

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Hey you! In these last days of the year I need 'being' and enjoy the present with the people I love. In the peace and quiet I look back and I am grateful. Grateful for all encounters, for all connections, for all experiences of last year. I am grateful for everyone who has appeared on my path, for everyone who has opened up and for everything that we were allowed to share with each other. Grateful for the work I am allowed to do and grateful that I am here. Thankful that I am able to get the positive out of everything. And thankful for my friends, family and you! This time of year I am engrossed in [...]

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Tarot Time (English Video) & Nederlandse korte uitleg

NEDERLANDS MEER NAAR BENEDEN Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve to you! I hope you are well and happy. I hope you had an insightful and empowering Solstice and are getting more and more clear on how you want to experience life. What are your desires and what can you do to reach this state of being? Do set time aside to get clear on how you want to be. Many of us are feeling a need no to clean our space, our home and our body. To make room for the new to come in. Now many of us are resisting this urge as the holidays are busy as it is and no time for cleaning and [...]

I wish you… / Ik wens jou…

Ik wens je heel gelukkige, ontspannen, vredige, liefde- en vreugdevolle Kerstdagen en een heel bewust, gezond, passievol en voorspoedig 2018! Dat je de vrede, vreugde en onvoorwaardelijke liefde ontvangt die je verdient. I wish you a very happy, relaxed, loving, joyful and peaceful Xmas and a very happy, aligned, healthy and passion filled 2018! May it bring you the peace, joy and unconditional love you deserve.

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It’s a wrap – setting goals for 2018

  The time between Christmas and New Year's is the ideal time to turn inward and find a deepening, inspiration and renewal. The energy of the last few months has been about going deep with in cleaning, cleansing and releasing and re-inventing ourselves. It is this deep inner clearing of witnessing intense patterns stirring and allowing them to let go of old patterns to create new passion in our lives. Yesterday the Winter Solstice was celebrated and we greeted in the sun and more light coming in. Now is a perfect time to dream, seek vision and go inward. A time to reflect and ask ourselves how can we create more joy in your lives for the up [...]