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  I am here to support you in this time of awakening to the truth of us. I share my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, healings and coaching. You can find more information on these service right above here in the navigation. The blogpost you can find below here and under the tab "My Blog". Thank you for sharing this space with me and let's stick together and free ourselves and the planet. In Service, for Love, Light & Liberation, Charissa xxx This website is in English, but I speak Dutch as well * Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe lezingen, readings, coaching en healings ook in het Nederlands. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen [...]


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Hello! I am back home from a beautiful journey to Egypt, The Oracle of Thoth with Judith Moore (http://www.recordsofcreation.com/) and a group of beautiful Lightworkers. As we agreed not to share information or photographs of our work there, I am now sharing a few neutral pictures. I will check if I can share other photographs with no people on them... I feel like I have been away for months. We did so much. I am tired, but the good kind. I am still in another dimension. I will write down some of my personal experiences this weekend. Much love everyone xx

Fertility & Creativity

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Oracle Time! I have been working with Isis quite intensely again. She is coming through loud and clear. She is guiding me and many others on our path to empowering us to unleash our feminine strength and balancing this with the masculine in our selves and in our society. And yet again, still, I am amazed at how much these messages confirm my feelings outed in my post of this morning "Time to Play"... Amazing and thank you Goddess for the confirmation. I am right on track. And I feel this is a collective path, so these messages are also for you. We are all connected, we are all a spark of the Universe and we are in this [...]

Time to play

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Blah!!! I am done with business coaching, marketing courses, blogging, finding ways to make this biz work! I don't get any joy from it at this time so I decided to drop all the pushing and pulling and go out to play! Rebellious I spend too much time at the computer. I have a full time desk job and in the evening and weekends I am working on Joy in Creation. But more on a marketing side instead of doing The actual Work and feeding my and your joy! Not a lot of creation is going on these days. Just listening to other people's succes stories and ways they have made it (made what?). Not to say that [...]


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Hello hello! Hope you had a beautiful week. A powerful New Moon and lots of great energies helping us see and create new realities. It is imperative that we keep our thoughts positive and our vision high. In order to change our reality we need to feel and acts as though our dreams have already manifested and in truth they already have, they are only not vibrating at our level of energy at this time. Once we align with our dreams they will become reality. I know this sound so easy and is so frustrating when you see nothing of this in your life. But please have hope and be at peace. You can always make little day [...]

Black Moon Rising

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A mysterious Black Moon is set to rise tonight/ Saturday morning. This is a rare lunar event that hasn’t occurred since March of 2016 and the next one after this year’s is expected in 2019. This particular black moon follows an even rarer event: for some viewers in the Western Hemisphere, the first new moon of this month was a 'ring of fire' solar eclipse, because the new moon also happened to pass directly between Earth and the Sun. For the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia), the black moon will occur next month, with the first new moon expected for October 1, and the second new moon - the black one - to occur on either October 30 [...]

My birthday offer to you

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Hello you! This will be a quick post as I have been offline for a few days and had a busy day today. I celebrated my birthday (on Sunday) at a friend's house. I stayed there for three nights. It was lovely!! She lives in Limburg and I love it there so much. It is so green and so silent. So much nature and kind people. I was spoiled so much by my friend, I felt kinda guilty. But I am working hard on receiving, so she is a great teacher for me. She is so generous and just a lovely and warm person. She is really good at sewing and she made me a skirt (with star [...]

Autumn Equinox – Finding Balance

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Hello dear one, It has been unusually warm in The Netherlands for the past few weeks. It felt far from Autumn, but now all of the sudden that feeling is in the air. You know that magical feeling of change. I can always feel it so strongly when Fall is upon us. The days are becoming shorter, the shadows longer and the trees are turning a beautiful golden colour. Hold Space This Thursday, September 22nd, we are moving into Autumn, this is the Equinox Gateway when there day and night are equal, in balance. The Sun moves into the sign of balance, Libra. This day the energies of the three-part Eclipse (August 18th, September 1st and September 16th) [...]

Find your Balance

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In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the last week of Summer and we are swiftly moving into Autumn. This season is all about change and letting go. About reaping what we have sown and preparing for moving inward in Winter. I connected with our higher selves through the cards to guide us to the best right action for this week to remain balanced in these uncertain times when everything changes so quickly and nothing really is what it seems. The answer from the Oracle is: Seventh Chakra - Archangel Uriel Spirit Connections, Intuition, and Inspiration The beautiful angel Uriel wears a brilliant crystal crown vibrating with a passionate connection to the Divine. She brings great power to [...]

Biz-y Yoga: Dissolve the post-holiday Blues

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Do you suffer from back to work from vacation stress? Saying goodbye to the sun, sea and freedom often feels like the end of the world. There is nothing like a dose of the post-holiday blues to make you wish you’d chucked it all in and opened a yoga school on a Greek island. Well why not bring the yoga to your workplace? When you find yourself back at work- catching up, trailing through hundreds of emails, chasing more deadlines, rushing from meeting to meeting, working late, dealing with difficult people … then you know that the list can be endless at times. Is it any wonder that you get stressed and depressed? First I have some quick practical tips [...]

Full Moon Eclipse – From Darkness into Light

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Friday 16th of September is the next Full Moon Eclipse and this one is in sensitive and mystical Pisces. This is the third of a rare triad of eclipses which started August 18th with a full moon eclipse in Aquarius and it was enhanced by the Solar Eclipse in Virgo of September 1st. These eclipses helps us to grow and anchor the New Age on this planet by strengthening a united front of love, co-operation and peace. Eclipses alter our perception for new ways of being to slip into reality. Mercury Retrograde This Lunar Eclipse is a heightened Full Moon experience rebalancing us and every part of our lives. This Pisces Full Moon Eclipse is an emotional cleansing and [...]