Welcome to Joy in Creation – Awake & Aware

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  I am here to support you in this time of awakening to the truth of us. I share my truth, as I feel it at this moment, by blogging, readings, healings and coaching. You can find more information on these service right above here in the navigation. The blogpost you can find below here and under the tab "My Blog". Thank you for sharing this space with me and let's stick together and free ourselves and the planet. In Service, for Love, Light & Liberation, Charissa xxx This website is in English, but I speak Dutch as well * Ik spreek ook Nederlands en doe lezingen, readings, coaching en healings ook in het Nederlands. Mail me alsjeblieft als je vragen [...]

How to use discernment

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Woohoo what a week! Powerful moon energies and more and more secrets coming to the light in the mainstream and so called alternative world. All is moving so fast, it is hard to stay grounded and clear. I myself have been shocked by the news from Zen Gardner, admitting that he was Cult Leader for 27 (!) years. I have taken my time to wrap my head, well my feelings, my heart around this, and started to formulate my feelings in a blogpost which I will finish today or tomorrow. So more about this soon. I took a couple of days out, away from home, away from work and the computer. The weather was surprisingly sunny and I [...]

Let us prepare for CHANGE

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Hello everyone, How are you all? I am okay. I am feeling a bit anxious, excited. Happy and eager, but also there is this dread in the pit of my stomach, that I can't seem to shake, but it is also the feeling of happy anticipation. I feel we are coming close to The Event. My energy is telling me this, what I sense in the world, but also my very vivid dreams. And no this isn't the end of the world, quite the contrary! This is exciting, but also a bit scary I must admit, because so much is dependent on how we will respond. And I want to move out of fear and sharing this information [...]

Time for a Revolution

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The Full Moon of August 18th is almost an eclipse and it is in Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with groups, friends, networking, society and humanitarian causes and is drawn to connect with like minded souls. As the Sun is in Leo there is also a big need for space and the freedom to express. This planetary alignment helps us to detach from our audience and express our own uniqueness which leads us to our tribe. This day also marks the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, when Atlantean energies and activation codes were returned to Earth. Those who were awakened and activated then, will feel this Lunar Eclipse powerfully, upgrading and boosting the then planted codes. This Full [...]

Oracle Card for this week

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Hello everyone, Hope you are all well. How are the Lion's Gate energies treating you? Please feel free to share in the comments below if you like. I would love to hear from you! I am doing better. I had a lovely weekend last week. I stayed at my aunt and uncle's together with a friend and we had two lovely days there. On Monday, the day of the Lion's Gate, I was hit with a severe migraine. I haven't had one for a long time. 'Coincidence' that I mentioned this the day before, so be careful of what you say and manifest, great reminder. Often with sunbursts and when I am in high energy places I get severe [...]

What is true?

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Often people ask me what the truth is or they challenge me to defend my truth. When I feel someone isn't open to hearing my truth, I stay quiet. I notice that I still get disappointed when people who are working with light and love and are open about working with angels and ascended masters are so shut off from hearing anything that isn't of the light or so they label it. As if that is going to affect them and murk their bright waters. They want to stay in their happy bubble and not have that disturbed by the "dark stuff". And I don't want to bust that bubble, but I do have such an itch so [...]

8/8 Lion’s Gate call for love & peace

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The Planetary New Year has begun on the 26th of July and the Lion's Gate window has been opened. This window of light closes again on the 12th of August, so please continue reading if you feel called to work with this energy. The Lion's Gate is an annual Cosmic portal opening and is the time of year when our planet aligns with the Sirius and the Galactic Center, the Great Central Sun, creating a harmonious portal that unites the spiritual and the physical realms. At this supercharged time we can all download star markings that propel us into higher realms of awakening and ascension. The infinity 8 symbolizes union, integration, and balancing polarity. The incoming Galactic Light [...]

A Roaring New Moon

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August’s New Moon occurs on August 2nd. The Moon represents emotion and a New Moon helps us turn inward. This New Moon in Leo will bring us strength for it is time to shine and take action. This New Moon will give us a breather of fresh air. Many of us have had some tough times and challenges lately and this New Moon brings in a much lighter and more playful energy. It is a very expressive energy. Show yourself and Shine! New Moon’s are a perfect time to set intentions that match our heart’s desires. With a New Moon in the expressive sign of Leo this is a time to refocus our self-care and listen to our [...]


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Hello hello! Hope you are all doing very well! I am feeling wonderful, in my flow, calm. The short break to Southern France has done me a world of good. I can't believe I returned home a week ago...time flies. I so want to be back in Rennes le Chateau. Only been there a long week, but I feel like I have been there before and been there so much longer. I really miss it. Being home is also a good feeling, but most of all I realize that home is truly where the heart is. It is where ever you go. I feel like I am coming home to myself more and more and I am finding [...]

S.O.S. for Love – Mary Magdalene Calling

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I’m fresh off a retreat of Divine Alchemy in Rennes le Chateau, a small village perched on a hilltop near Couiza in the Aude département. Divine alchemy of the blessed Divine Self integrating with the blessed physical vehicle. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful that I gifted myself this healing retreat and now to be sharing some of my insights on this website with so many extraordinary people truly willing to make a shift from a disconnected worldview to one of connection and collaboration. During this week I had the strong awareness that everything shifts when you consider that a worldview of connection, collaboration and mutual aid changes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, motives etc. In short this [...]

Stop reactive living

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As we have past the half year mark of this turbulent year and we are celebrating Summer, I feel the need to unplug from computers, work, social media, to do-lists and anything where I have to use my brains. I just want to be. Stop seeking for truth, stop being a human doing and just be for a while. The world is forever changing and now at a faster and faster pace, we are being bombarded by distraction and change, everything is moving and shifting. Yesterdays truths, become todays lies. As I am going deeper down the rabbit hole, the more I explore, the more it dawns on me how little I know for sure. So many doubts [...]