May’s Magical Mayhem

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May’s Magical Mayhem

Hello you! How are you?
Just a quick check-in to welcome May and give you a brief description of this month’s most relevant energies.

So far 2017 has been intense and exciting. Many great things are happening in the world and on a personal level, but also many challenges and nudges for all of us to step it up. Life is clearly showing where we are out of synch and not aligned with our highest potential. What has come up for you? What patterns are you repeating. Be conscious of these as they don’t keep showing up for nothing. Especially now. This is an auspicious time to release old karma and contracts, vows and beliefs.

Let’s stick together

At this time we are in middle of a crisis, in the outside world, but for many also in our darkest, deepest, most inner self. So many people are fighting and distrusting of each other, reflecting outward. For example in the truth movement there is now such a state of blaming and finger pointing, it is quite ugly. I appreciate people trying to warn others of lies and deception, but the way it is happening now is just old fashioned stoning. It is now so important that we stick together and support one another and perhaps agree to respectfully disagree and disengage. And there is nothing wrong in stating your truth, but this is a witch hunt and deliberate Ballyhoo. I decided to detach a bit and wait this one out. I don’t have the whole picture, just my gut feeling. All I do know is that this is not helping the truth movement progress. We need to stick together. And the same divide and conquer is happening everywhere, like in politics. Shame and blame, threatening war and finger pointing, false flags and so on, and so forth. It is hard to know what the truth is and on the other hand, it has never been more clear! Again use discernment and don’t let yourself be swayed by loud voices and peer pressure. Stop seeking outside approval and trust your own inner wisdom. It’s all about choosing our own path and trusting our selves. We are being pushed into situations that help us look at ourselves and our level of self love. We need to become more self aware instead of looking outside of our selves all the time. And from this authentic inner strength we can come together and build community, true and equal community, so please don’t let us be divided. And don’t shut yourself out, out of fear of being betrayed. Stay connected, but always listen to your heart. When your bullshit detector goes off, listen, don’t question it. And it is okay to change your heart later, nothing is set in stone, everything is shifting.

Let go of old crap

But I am drifting of topic, needed to get this off my chest so to speak. Back to May, so it has been an energetic and chaotic year so far and more yet to come. Now May and the months to come will help us to a point where we can’t find peace anymore in our (often self inflicted) limitations. We can smell freedom, but not quiet reach it yet. I will write a blogpost about freedom (Liberation Day in The Netherlands) this Friday, because define freedom…I feel inspiration about this topic tingling in my fingers. Anyway right now may feel like a crisis, but this apparently needed for us human beings to realize that we want change and need to seize back our power to create a life of joy and peace. And also very much so for this human being, I am no exception to this. I am learning by falling and getting back up. We need this push, cause let’s face it, we are snoozing our lives away. But thankfully many people are now rubbing the sand from their eyes and seeing clearly what is going on. Many people are listening to their inner nudges to let go of old crap, physical, emotional and mental. And many people are making the necessary changes, such as moving house, releasing unhealthy relationships, changing jobs, and taking up healthier lifestyles. If you need that extra push, at the end of the month we see a Mars/Saturn opposition and this may take away our last doubt and help us see what needs to shift, what needs to go. But be warned this is not a gentle little push, so hang on tight, stay firmly grounded.

Warp speed

It is time and the many retrogrades of the past months helped us review so we can now move forward. We have been given the opportunity to get closure and to open up to the brand new future. Truly new, not some rehashed version of the past. We are moving fast, so hang on to your hats, warp speed ahead! Good news though as Mercury is going forward again from today, so we will feel a more forward moving and the energy will feel a lot clearer (no more brain fog yay!), not so, well stuck for a lack of a better word. The creative juices will be flowing and it is important that we make room for these creative insights. Write them down, start working with these ideas now. Whatever comes up now is important. Creativity is what makes us powerful. Have fun!

Authentic expression

This month the moon is moving Nodes from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius axis on May 10th. There will also be a full moon on the same date as there will be a transformation well underway. This is going to bring about some wonderful changes in your life. Use this full moon as a means of getting rid of any negative energies you have been holding onto. The nodal axis will shift individual and collective consciousness into creativity and activism as Leo the ruler and Aquarius the revolutionary, polar opposites, are invited to balance each other so we can move into self ruling, sovereignty and social connections and building community. This support what I wrote earlier about this being a time of authentically connecting with others in an empowering and supportive way. Leo guides us towards expressing our unique talents and Aquarius will help us let go to the need to conform to the group think. So this combination will help us express authentically with confidence.

May is all about self-empowerment, follow your guidance and listen, don’t be distracted or swayed. Release and surrender and move forward. And seek community of like-minded people, share the love and inspiration and create a new world together.

Happy month and see you all later.
Much love and be well,

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