Full Moon in Scorpio – bring light to the darkness

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Full Moon in Scorpio – bring light to the darkness

Hello to you!

You wouldn’t feel it, but we are in the middle of Spring already. It is a chilly Spring thusfar. My gut feeling tells me that this is not natural but intended weather manipulation. But this post is not about so called conspiracies, it is about the upcoming Full Moon of May 10th. This is also called the Flower Moon or the Planting Moon. And even though we had some cold weather and many seedlings died in the unexpected frost, now everything is in bloom regardless.

Retrogrades and healing

Are you feeling something inside you growing, wanting to come to fruition. I am suddenly feeling so much clearer, a surge of energy and inspiration. I feel I am ready to move forward again. Ofcourse we have been having many retrogrades and now Mercury is going forward again which makes things just go so much smoother. Also we have now moved out of Venus in retrograde, personally this brought up a lot of issues that still needed healing. Old emotions around love, sexuality, worth and self-care that I thought I had dealt with came up powerfully. I needed a time of introspection and reassessment (I became a real hermit). A revalueing of what brings me pleasure and improve how I feel about myself and to love myself more. I am not there yet, but I am now seeing the pattern and owning it. I have had a few years of lousy self care, I was caring for others, but forgot myself, thinking my body could handle it. Caring for my needs, but also my body. All the stress has influenced my body, I lost too much weight and my hormones are still not balanced. This makes me feel less than feminine, insecure and unloveable, well just not sexy, not attractive. I still have a hard time looking at myself, especially when I see one of my videos. But I feel this and I respect it. But I keep going and keep focusing on the things I do like about myself. I have nice eyes, I am kind, I am positive, I keep going, I can wear almost anything, I take good care of myself and I do love who I am, just not so much what I look like now. And I love my body, it has been through so so much and it is still strong and I know it is protecting me. I am patient with myself as I am nourishing and healing. I have not taken care of myself for a long time, so I need to show it TLC and keep showing up. Be gentle.

Deep Scorpio

The Full Moon of May 10th is in the sign of magical Scorpio. Scorpio is an energy that is hard to grasp. It’s feelings and passion run deep and this sign marks a time of great transformation. Scorpio digs deep and pulls up our personal power, sexuality, secrets and our shadows. Use this power creatively to transcend and bring in a new you. Scorpio likes closure, it wants to change things because it sees no other way. This moon shines a light on what we have kept hidden for too long. The opportunity for change and healing is grand right now. This is a potent moon to heal sexuality, trauma and limiting beliefs about our self-worth and power. This is a time to be your best self, so take good care of you. Surround yourself with love, beauty and joy.

Steady Taurus

The sun is in Taurus and where Scorpio wants change, Taurus would like things to stay as stable as possible. It want to cling to things such as possesions and money and Scorpio holds on to emotions and ideas that we can’t seem to part with. So this is a challenging couple. Be aware of this energy and breathe through it. Don’t cling, let it flow. Stagnation is not growth. We need to look at how we can do things differently and see what our role in our lives and in this world is. What are you bringing to the table? Where are you responsible for? What can’t we let go of even if we do know it is not good for us? Ask yourself these questions. Own your influence in these situations and the energy you give them. Make a positive change! The time is now. Taurus is also the sign of nurture and self-worth. Taurus invites us to look at how we use and direct our energy and our talent. It is important that we look at we are going about getting our needs met. Taurus gives us the perseverance to put inspiration into action, it is a very practical and loyal sign. It helps us be true to our deeper needs.

Primal needs

This is a time that brings up energy around our basic needs and rights. This is why we are seeing so many demonstrations, marches and protests. Our need to have a strong base is being played out on an individual and public scale, the urgency now comes to light. It is important for us to be aware of this energy in ourselves and in our environment and use empathy and avoid negativity. The struggle to have our needs met brings up a lot of fear, it is important to move out of this energy and avoid negativity. This is an invitation to be pro-active and creative, not angry and destructive. We are here to bring light to the darkness, to uplift and inspire.

This is a time to do things in a new way, as the old way does not work anymore in this energy. It is time to empower yourself and thereby others. Have a positive attitude and take good care of yourself.

In love & joy,

Charissa xxx


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