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Party Pooper

Every morning my desktop ask me “what is your main focus today?” And I always know the answer, as every day when I wake up I set an intention on how I want to feel that day, it is a small trick that can really direct your life. Now this post is about something I have been chewing on this week and that is where do we project our thoughts and what do we do when negative emotions come up? Do we focus on love and light and everything bright or do we feel the pain and think well not so happy thoughts?

Now I belief in setting intentions and putting attention to what you want to grow. But as I have written before, I do not belief (yay lots of beliefs 😉 ) in looking away from things I absolutely don’t want to see. I feel all darkness should be exposed so it can be changed or cast out. But what is the right balance and how to see joy and beauty in a world that seems so rotten!

Party pooper

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the train with a friend and she pointed at the sky because she saw happy clouds and all I could see were Chemtrails, no happy cloud in sight. And the other day I posted on Facebook about an apple I still had in my bag from Guatemala, a couple of months ago (!), which was still looking shiny new, I immediately thought that it must be heavily GMO’d, whilst other people’s responses were that these were probably more natural therefor stronger. This makes me feel so negative and paranoid. I see a world being overtaken by robots and people disconnecting more and more. And walking in a high street or supermarket always makes me depressed (I try to avoid as much as possible), the consumerism, the empty looks, how people choose to be ignorant from all the pain of people and animals making these products. For the waste of water in making all these products and produce and also for the damage people are doing to their own bodies. In one street in Amsterdam there are like 10 Nutella waffle shops, only the sweet stench is enough to make you ill! And have you looked at supermarkets lately?! It is so hard to find any natural products there anymore and there is so much deception that when people think they are making healthy choices as the label ‘natural’ seems to be on everything these days, it is often even worse than the regular products. I was standing in the health food isle of my local supermarket yesterday. Picked up a bottle of something and it had Corn Fructose Syrup in it and modified potato starch, now how is that possible in a natural health product?? These are two of the worst things you can put inside your body! This then makes me so angry and frustrated!
Anyway I am going of on a tangent. Apologies. You catch my drift I hope. It is hard to stay positive in a world full of crap.

Half full

So ofcourse there are so many positive things happening and so much good to focus on. I can see that very clearly and it makes me so hopeful and filled with love for people. I sometimes find myself just sitting, big grin on my face and just being mesmerized by the good in people. But I also see the other side so clearly and I find it hard to look away as I feel we don’t have much time to make a change and we need to do this together. And this can be overwhelming. But change starts with yourself. So do what you can, that is what I believe. And for me that is to speak your truth even if it means people find me annoying or negative. Sometimes I hate to wake people up from their bubble, because sometimes I long to go back inside. Now I wonder. I always think I am the glass half full type, but am I? Why now I have peeked beyond the veil so to speak, started going down the rabbit hole, all I seem to see is deception and false flags? It is so hard to snap out of this. And I certainly don’t want to be paranoid and think everything is infected. But perhaps all is…except for your heart, this is still pure, I trust that and that keeps me going. I know we can do this. We can break this spell. And until then I will be annoying and point out what I see 😉 Sorry…

Bright light

The only place where I can still find some peace and let these thoughts go is in nature, trees that keep growing and flowers that keep blossoming, year by year without any help or interference. Something to count on, something to find solace in. And to my ears the birds are singing more abundant and beautifully then ever. Is it just me or are you experiencing the same? And the light seems different, more bright, more glittzy, it is hard to explain. But nature feels different, even more beautiful. Skies when there are no chemtrails, look amazing! The colors just blow me away.
Anyways, go sidetracked again, oops…

Hippy shit

I am always one for positive thinking, I have been all my life. Okay I can be prone to complaining, but I do this so much less now, as I am far more conscious of my thoughts and words. I snap out of negative thinking pretty quickly now. Thank you mindfulness!! I catch myself and correct, not push it away, but not dwell on it either. And I come back to my negative emotions when the time is right and I address them in my own time and space and work with them constructively. Not let them run the show and have a hissy fit. But saying affirmations and staying happy when you feel like shit never resonated with me. I never believed in pushing away emotions. That is what sometimes really bugs me about the new age movement. All that happy hippy shit and all that guilt if you don’t feel happy at all. Judgement and fake happiness never worked for me. I believe in truth, honesty and balance. I believe we need to embody all our parts, the good, the bad and the ugly and don’t push them away. To see them so they don’t take over the show. And that is the same on a larger scale. We need to see what they are doing, so they don’t rule us!


And the first thing to stop us from being ruled is to stop being perfect little slaves and abide by every rule. We need non-compliance! I myself am not a shiny example of this and I realize I am not walking my talk here, as I find there is a lot of fear and programming running in me to be a good child. To listen and not cause a fuss. I have seen people trying to disobey end up in jail and people lose everything because they refused to play the game. And this is because it is individuals doing this, small droplets on a hot plate. I do belief strength comes in numbers. If we all decide we no longer want to play, the game is over. So that is why I am writing these blogs and keep repeating myself. That is why I will stay a party pooper and point out the wrongs I see in this world so I hope people open their eyes. This is my little part of the puzzle. This is my contribution. We need to start by freeing our minds, this you can do right now. Free yourself from yourself. Now this is something we need to do now, this is our responsibility and needs to be done, before we all step up and free ourselves collectively.


This weekend I will be working on my new offer for you; e-coaching! I am so excited. At the moment offer coaching viaSkype sessions, but e-coaching will be coaching via e-mail. With Skype it is a challenge to make appointments as many of my clients live in different time zones. E-coaching is perfect for people with busy schedules and people who are more introverted. E-mail sessions are very discrete and you don’t have to worry about making and keeping appointments. You can receive daily support when you need it, and taper it off as you become more comfortable using the skills you are learning. Sometimes learning new skills can be overwhelming, and you may find that you desire some time to practice, with online coaching, you can take a break and pick it back up at any time. But I do encourage people to keep connecting as accountability is a great benefit in coaching. Taking steps, and keep going. E-coaching focuses on the present, you will talk about the past in e-coaching, but you will look at it from a different angle than you would in traditional modalities. You will begin by looking at your present situation, and then identify any misunderstandings from the past that are limiting your experience in the present moment. Those misunderstandings can then be redefined, so that you can improve your current reality. And it is an affordable alternative. I now offer 5 one hour Skype sessions for 250 euro/usd. The e-coaching will for the first months of release only be 200 euro/usd per month. These are among the lowest prices available for e-coaching, and yet you are still gaining the advantage of working with a qualified, experienced coach. I am now dotting the final i’s and will get this up and running soon. I hope to help many people in this way, perhaps you?

I wish you a happy and sunny weekend and see you tomorrow for Tarot Time!
My your heart shine and the truth come out for all to see
May we rise and prosper

And so it is.

P.S. Tomorrow is Tarot Time – if you have a question that will benefit us all, please let us know. And if you would like a personal reading (elaborate via email for 50 euro/US dollar) please let me know where you need guidance on and contact me about the energy exchange. Thank you.

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