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Tarot Time – Gemini guidance

Hello you!

How are you?

Hope you had a wonderful week. Please share your feedback on last week’s guidance if you feel so called. How did this energy play out in your life? The creative energy is still very strong right now. Are you feeling it? I sure have! And finally I started drawing and painting again and it feels so so good! I promise myself to keep this up.


Yesterday the sun moved into air sign Gemini, a sign about communication and fun. The Gemini energy can help your life flow much easier if you work with it. It can help you communicate better with others, help you write that speech or copy for your website. Anything to do with communication is favorable right now, get your message out there. You will have many fresh ideas. Don’t let them slip away! A great time to explore new creative and artistic projects. The energy of Gemini is fresh and uplifting. Spend time outside and let the wind guide you.

Spring cleaning

Even though it has been a very busy week workwise, I don’t feel overwhelmed at all. I feel good! Insert song here – ‘I know that I would…ladadaladada’ – yeah baby!

I am still on a Spring cleaning spree and amaze myself of the amount of fully filled bags and boxes I manage to fill and throw out…where did I keep all this stuff??! I haven’t really been paying attention to my house for years now. Too wrapped up in cleaning my mother’s house and taking care of her. Also last year I was holding on to a lot of stuff (physically and energetically) from my Mother and it is so easy to let it go now. It feels great and…light! I hope I inspire you to do the same. Try it, set yourself free, release that stagnant energy. What are you ready to let go of?

Sweet cravings

I just smudged the house, did a energetic Kundalini yoga set and our weekly reading (and readings for clients) and I am now baking some cookies as all of the sudden I was craving something sweet. I don’t usually have a sweet tooth. But when I get these sweet longings I make these simple cookies of oatmeal, banana and shredded coconut, things I always have in the house. Takes a few minutes and… yum! So my nose is now being seduced by a strange blend of sage, coconut and banana 😉

View of my ceiling from my yoga mat


What else is new? Oh yes this week I was at my old place of work, Paradiso in Amsterdam. It’s a music venue. Wednesday one of my favorite bands, Mew from Denmark, played there and it was so so good to see and hear them again. Their new album is wonderful. Music makes me so happy and I missed hanging out at concerts. Another promise to self, go out more and see music played live!

Mew at Paradiso

Tarot Time

So now time for our weekly Tarot or Oracle Card guidance.

I asked the cards how we can use this fresh and creative energy to take us to the next level?

The answer is To be Fair in protection – it is about putting our creative juices into projects that help solve injustice in this world. To stand up for yourself and/or others in a new and creative way as the old way is not working anymore. It is a good time to advocate for those less fortunate than us. Choose your cause and commit to it, because you can make a difference. Use kindness, empathy and courage.

Step up…

Thank you for being here, thank you so much for sharing this space with me.

I wish you so much joy and creativity …

have fun

Xxx Charissa



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