A piece of the puzzle – what is truth?

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A piece of the puzzle – what is truth?

As I was awake last night because of some drunken hooligans outside my door, I decided to write this blogpost, as the Manchester attack was on my mind. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook timeline about the Manchester bombing and that it may not be what the Main Stream Media is telling us. That is may be a false flag operation (and no this does not mean that it didn’t happen, that no one died, it means that the real perpetrators are not what they seem, that there is more going on behind the scenes). I am just sharing this to provide a different point of view, so to stimulate you to think for yourself, to provide an alternative.


I am not saying I know the truth, I am just challenging you to do your own research and not just read or watch the MSM and run with it. Do your own research. Learn and use your discernment. And if you than still feel that what the MSM is telling you is true, than perfect. But I ask you to get out of your anger and out of your bubble and explore a bit. I received a few public and personal responses telling me I am crazy and have no heart for bringing up a possible false flag and using this event to push my ideology on people. First of all it is my timeline and I share what I want, if you take offense, feel free to leave. Secondly, how is this pushing my ideology? I am pointing it out so we can start to wake up and think how we can stop this from happening again! I am sick and tired of all this hate and death. It was my response to all the hatred I was reading on other people’s timelines. All the fear. I wanted to spread a message of empowerment and hope. I want nothing to do with flags, just a big white peace flag! No more war, no more hate, no more fear.


One of the responses was that it couldn’t be a false flag, as the BBC is showing on television that it really was a terrorist, so it must be true and I am therefor mad. Well perhaps I am, but I prefer to be mad, to being ignorant. I know that presenting people with alternatives brings up emotions and this was to be expected. I know many people think I am paranoid and crazy. So be it. I try not to become cynical, I want to stay vigilant and keep fighting for truth. But I respect everyone’s opinion. We have all been there (well except a few of us who were born awake), asleep, gobbling up our programming, believing all that we are told and being good little robots. I am done living a double live, I am coming out of the cosmic closet and speaking my truth, finding my courage, I have stayed quiet long enough. I detracted my original post from my Facebook timeline as I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I now regret giving in to the social pressure, to the doubt. So that is why I am writing this longer post. As I woke up last night and felt like writing this. So if it is a little erratic…well it was 3 am 😉


I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings on purpose, but the truth sometimes hurts. I understand we want a scapegoat to blame all of this on. Venting our anger relieves this feeling of helplessness, of frustration. But my remark also hurts because it asks to look deeper, to take a step back and not react, but to question. To question oneself. Because what part do you play? We all play a part in this game. I don’t see how this makes me insensitive. I just ask if you are sure you are blaming the right person? And where does blame bring us? Isn’t it better to think in solutions. To empower ourselves not lash out on others? I hope some good comes out of all of this, that it wakes people up and brings them closer together. Yes how very insensitive of me.


You see truth is not absolute, it is relative, perspective is everything. No one has the absolute truth. Truth is formulated on different evidence and experience and on how you distill the evidence. A lot of my evidence comes from my intuition, from my right brain. I also read a lot and distill information with my left brain. I do my research. I do my discerning and tap into my intuitive knowing. I try and let go of my ego and the need to be right. And that sometimes is hard for people to understand. You get a true/false impasse. Divide and again a standstill. That is not what I am aiming for, I am aiming for a breakthrough, a positive way forward.


I am being accused of what the people saying this in my eyes are ‘guilty’ of themselves, namely being gullible. Believing things blindly. It is almost funny, if it wasn’t so disempowering. The only thing that hurt was being called heartless. Now how is asking people to change their perspective heartless? How is giving another option opposed to raging at muslims and the islam heartless? How is trying to provide a solution heartless? I am coming from love. I love this world so much that I am willing to put myself out there and speak my truth and I know I will be called a nutter by some people. That is being vulnerable. But it is always coming from a place of love and hope. So yes you may call me crazy, but heartless…never. I will not stand for that.


What we have now is the same rhetoric all over. Two camps fighting. Exactly what ‘they’ want to distract us. Keep them fighting, polarize, divide and conquer. The MSM and social media are doing their jobs perfectly keeping up this rhetoric. Repeat, rinse, repeat. Why aren’t we learning? All the anger and rage, so much rage. All this comes from fear. So we just repeat the rhetoric to vent our frustration, our rage. We stop thinking, we react. It is time to bring in another solutions. I suggest hope, peace, kindness, compassion and love.


And can we please also send love to all the people, the statistics that we never rage about, those who died in US intervention. And yes Manchester is hitting close to home, it feels personal. I myself have friends in Manchester and I visited the Arena for a concert in the past. But horrible things unfortunately happen everywhere every day and we all just let it happen. We need to stand up and this doesn’t mean going to war, we need to dig deeper and see what and who is really behind this. And no we can’t do it by ourselves, we need numbers. That is why I am not holding my silence. Let’s ask ourselves why this is happening all the time? Why is this our reality? There is something very wrong in our society and in ourselves. We are all to blame. We are all so lost. We need to see and break through the veil. We need to heal ourselves and the world with love. We need to become whole. We need to stop feeding the rhetoric and do something else. Stop repeating this pattern. Aren’t you sick of it? I am.


I am just getting the information out as I see it. The dots I am connecting. This is my space and I am free to share. If you don’t want to read it, don’t. Just know that I am not sharing this because I love this drama so much. Believe me I don’t. I have had enough drama thank you very much. It is more a deeper need. I feel that I need to share this for people to let them know that they are not alone out there having another perspective than the mainstream. Sometimes this path can be really lonely. So that is why I am doing this. Because I believe the truth will come out when more and more people awaken. When I can just inspire one person to start doing their own exploration and to becoming their own guru, than my effort has paid off. I believe in the 100 monkey.


I am aiming to be a piece of the puzzle to build a world of peace and love. A small piece of the puzzle to help connect us all back into unity. To find common ground and work towards a world of plenty and peace. That is my big dream, that is my intention. I am writing this down as it helps me put perspective to my thoughts. That is also why I journal. And I see the importance in spreading information. Not to convince someone, but to provoke deeper seeking in others. To help them come into their creative powers. I don’t know it all… I get insights, pieces fall together, I get different perspectives on things all the time. I change my mind all the time/ All is shifting so fast. I try to see all sights, I question, I seek truth. I share.

I wish you an open inquisitive mind.
And be well and safe.

Much love,

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