An Ascension New Moon in Gemini

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An Ascension New Moon in Gemini

Happy Ascension Day and New Moon to you! Or Jesus Fly Up Day as my father would call it as he couldn’t remember the English name for the day. I still use this term every now and then, it makes me smile.

Now before, years ago, you hardly ever heard the word ‘ascension’ and now it is such a buzz word it kind of lost it’s magic. But for me today is a reminder about being inspired by Jesus (or the story of Jesus, what you will) to live our best life possible, to walk our truth and to be leave this world with as little bagage as possible. To become lighter and more enlightened. It is a daily challenge we can choose to grasp and work with. I seek to improve myself all the time. To love, accept and honor myself a little bit more every day so I can love others more as a result. To love all that is. To forgive and accept all that is. And to find my piece of the puzzle and to be that piece, to embody it. A conduit that helps anchor in a bit more light on this planet. And I hope you feel inspired to do the same. To see how important you are for the ascension of this planet. Thank you so much.

A Chatty New Moon

Today is a Gemini New Moon, new beginnings. Air sign Gemini, a sign about communication and fun. The Gemini energy can help your life flow much easier if you work with it. It can help you communicate better with others, help you write that speech or copy for your website. Anything to do with communication is favorable right now, get your message out there. You will have many fresh ideas. Don’t let them slip away! A great time to explore new creative and artistic projects. The energy of Gemini is fresh and uplifting.This energy sets the stage for changes beyond the superficial. Use this support to alleviate indecision or procrastination around what will bring you into alignment with your true desires. Today is a good day to tune into the New Moon, be in stillness, clear your mind and imagine your future. Have a heart to heart with yourself about your dreams. Are you on path or have you lost track of them and just chasing day to day goals. Now is a time to set clear intentions to really go for those aspirations and make a clear plan to make it happen. Ask yourself what has been holding you back? What do you need to move forward? What do you truly desire? Make a plan for the next six months, because yes we are almost half way through the year already!

I have a day off from work today, public holiday, so I will be doing just that today as I just got a bit of a yikes moment, six months into this year already?! And I have so many plans but not many have left the drawing board yet so to speak. So today will be spend alone, in silence, dreaming, doing my monthly New Moon Tarot Spread, journal about insights and I hope to make some art as well. And one chore I have been putting of, which is cleaning the outside of my house’s windows. So I will get cracking with that. Have a wonderful New Moon Ascension and see you soon!

Much love,
Charissa xxx


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