Tarot Time – what are you truly seeking?

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Tarot Time – what are you truly seeking?

Hello you!
I hope you are enjoying just as beautiful sunny weather where you live! I love love love the sunshine caressing my skin so much!

How was your week? What did you notice? How was your energy and where has your intuition been guiding you? Have you had any insights. Please feel free to share them if you wish. I and other readers would love to read. These are confusing and exciting times and we need to share and connect in order to make sense of it all and move forward.

On Friday I received a beautiful affirming and inspiring reading, I am so grateful. I had some aha moments, things clicked and confirmation of things I already knew, but good to have confirmed. It gave me more clarity and power to move forward. The rest of the day was spent just exploring streets and markets of Amsterdam. Drinking in the sun and just joyfully wandering. Yesterday a friend celebrated his 42nd birthday so a group of us met up in the park. It was a hot day and we found the perfect spot in the shade. It was a fun Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed party, complete with awful Vogon poetry 😉  It was really good being with such lovely people!

And today I started the morning with some art. Not quite finished, but almost. And I just spent a couple of hours outside doing yoga, writing a speech for my father’s memorial next week and recorded our weekly tarot reading.

And here it is!

Thank you for watching and sharing this space with me.

Much love & happy week!

xx Charissa

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