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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Share your truth

June 9th is a Sagittarius Full Moon and Full Moons are a completion and in the light all is seen. This bright light can help you see more clearly and gently push you along your path. As with any Full Moon it is now a good time to set clear intentions and energize them with the light of the Moon. Set clear SMART goals. We also have many other planets now moving forward, so this energy will certainly make it easier for us to now move forward with purpose and intention. Don’t be surprised if what took great effort just a few weeks ago suddenly comes with great ease. Doors are opening and opportunity awaits.

Also on June 9th Jupiter, planet of truth, expansion, hope and gratitude will go direct again after been moving retrograde since February. This has a great effect on us personally and collectively. Jupiter loves truth and this energy makes us feel very certain about ourselves. Be aware not to be a know-it-all, but do speak your truth clearly and without fear. You are supported now and we will feel a great need to share our truth. It is important that we share our perspective and not fear ridicule or other responses.

This is a time of expansion, courage and wisdom!

Share your joy and vision…Inspire!

Happy Full Moon! X

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