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Sagittarius Full Moon Tarot reading

Hello you!

How are you? How was your Full Moon night? Did you receive any deep insights, do you feel more clear? I had so many aha-moments, I kept having to write them down, so waking up so many times last night and wide awake at 5 am. So I have already have a full day behind me.

More about this full moon here:

So today I am a day early with our tarot reading. I felt called to work with the cards today. It was a day of self care, meditation, yoga, some house cleaning, a good and healthy lunch, a walk outside in the sunshine. It was good!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well.

Now for our reading. I used the Nicoletta Ciccoli Tarot deck. This is the mini version, the cards are so cute and small. This is the perfect deck to always have with you in your bag or on travels.

This is the spread and the questions:

  1. What should we be on high alert about?
  2. What is the moon illuminating to be released?
  3. How can we best align with our higher vision?
  4. Where do we need to regain balance?
  5. What do we need to know right now?
  6. What is now completely supported and advised to pursue?
  7. How may we best stay grounded throughout this manifestation?

The answers:

  1. Two of Wands RX – the fear of the unknown and the lack of planning. It is now very important to come up with a plan. Not get distracted by day to day must do’s, but set up a clear plan and prepare to make your vision come true. We must also be aware of fear mongering. There is so much infighting and fear from alleged terror attacks, people feel unsafe and lash out. It is now time to step out of the fear and move forward. Come up with plans how to work together from a place of peace and understanding. Support each other instead of being so on edge we don’t let anyone in or trust no one anymore. Step into unknown territories.
  2. Queen of Discs RX – Lack of organization, financial disarray, stinginess and feeling of lack. This card predicts change and it is time to get your plans and means of living in order. You need to be able to cope with change, remaining flexible and adaptable in your approach.
  3. Two of Cups RX – For now it is best to work out a plan, a vision alone, without any ‘interference’ from others, or partnerships to consider. First this needs to be crystal clear and then the perfect partnership, the people to connect with that share your vision, will find you.
  4. Eight of Wands – Take time to respond, the Sun is now in the sign of Gemini and this sign is a bit chatty. We are asked to now balance this with discernment and being mindful of our words. Sagittarius is asking us to set clear intentions and to be short and clear.
  5. Knave of Swords – It is wise to seek to know more, to have an inquiring mind. Delve deeper. Be inquisitive and curious. Ask questions.
  6. Seven of Discs – Plan ahead and show perseverance. Stick to your plan. Don’t give up. Keep going! So planning again is now supported and a very favorable time to do this. So get out those notebooks, vision boards, mind maps and planners! Come prepared, but of course stay open for intuition and inner guidance along the way. But don’t just do something, have a bigger plan, a clear mission and vision.
  7. Eight of Discs – Training, practice, keep working at it. Check in all the time how grounded you are. These times of so much upheaval us sensitive ones tend to escape from our bodies or to go overly into our minds trying to figure things out. It is now so so important to ground your beautiful energies on Earth. So be here fully, both feet planted firmly on the ground and all your energy contained in your body and close to you. Gather up all the bits of your energy you left all over the place. Pull them back in. Re-member who you are! You are a SUPERSTAR!

Thank you so much for being here and for sharing this space. I hope this was of help and support to you.

I love you.

Be well and have a FAB week!

Much love, Charissa xxx

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