A poem from my father – Father’s Day this Sunday

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A poem from my father – Father’s Day this Sunday

Here in The Netherlands, when I was young, a lot of children had poetry books (Poëzie/poessie albums ;-)) which we would pass along to our friends, family, teachers, etc. for them to fill a page with poetry and decorations. Friends and I were talking about these books a few weeks ago at a party and we asked each other to write a page in it. So I dug up my old book (Yay I still have it!) and it was so touching to read through it. So many memories flooded back to me.

This Sunday is Father’s Day and I want to share this page my father wrote for me when I was 7 (in Dutch):

Happy Father’s Day to you all!

Last year I wrote this blog about Father’s Day (LINK) and I don’t really have much to add to that really, except that my relationship with my father is now filled with so much love understanding and support, both ways, I feel that so deeply. Our connection is so much stronger than when he was alive. It is true that when we die and we let go, really all there is is love. Two weeks ago it was a year ago that my father died and we held a memorial service for him .


For many people the relationship with their father can be challenging. But whether he did a great job of raising you or not, he carried the seed that gave you a physical life and on Father’s Day we honor that and send gratitude for that. If you feel love and warmth towards your Father, enjoy this and let it penetrate your cells. When you feel sadness or anger, this is the perfect opportunity to feel this to and to heal this. Perhaps you can even understand that your parents do not create your joy on this Earth. That is not their job. Their job is to create life, to create you and you are responsible for your joy and purpose. And yes this will anger a lot of people, because there are parents out there that don’t deserve to be parents, who are downright cruel and vicious people. I get that, I get that many people carry deep scars from their childhood. But if they are grown up now and have build their own lives, wouldn’t it be more empowering and loving towards self to let the past go (and yes this is f*ing hard!)? Remember, you have the power, you have the choice. To realize that you are responsible for your own joy and purpose, how does it feel for you to realize this, to understand this? Do you now feel anger towards me for bringing this up? If yes, than perhaps I have stumbled upon some truth in you. And a resistance in taking responsibility? Or do you feel a deep truth and an aha moment? Then great, feel into this and change your perspective. This truth will set you free and empower you to let go of pain, hurt and grudges. Time to let go. It is not taking you anywhere.

Express love

And your parents loved you, in their own messed up way, some parents just don’t know how to express love. They didn’t love themselves, how could they ever make you feel loved? You mirrored something to them that they didn’t recognize and you the child translated their response in rejection. Phew!! Breathe! Let this sink in. Could this be true? Perhaps you could take time to feel this and if this feels true to you, show them compassion and forgiveness for their inability to heal their own pain and therefor not show you love. Their bucket of love was not overflowing, so it couldn’t flow to you. It is not your fault. But also remember, your parents gifted you life, the most precious gift ever.

I wish you freedom

I hope you can start feeling into this if your parents are triggering you. Can you pinpoint if your judgements and beliefs about your parents are true? Is there anything you can do to change this? You don’t have to involve your parents in order to do your own healing. You can heal the relationship by healing this part in yourself. You can be free and your parent want this as well. Your piece of heaven on Earth, your soul wanted the challenges you are facing, it wanted to experience contrast, duality, all of this in order for you to be able to experience FREEDOM! So you could experience true joy and love. Do you feel this truth? If so, then you are aligned with Source Creator, than you can truly love your parents. You can make peace and no longer use your parents as an excuse not to live your life and make it your creation. It is not your parents job to love you, it is yours, it was you all along…Be joy, be love, be source. Accept the gift of life and make it yours.

Planetary help

We have now a lot of help from the energy of the Great Central Sun which is beaming down on us full force and building towards the Summer Solstice Stargate this Wednesday. More about that in a post Monday or Tuesday. This energy helps us upgrade our DNA so we can hold more light. It is time to let all heaviness behind and face your shadow. Heal it and make it a power of love.

Let me help you

This is the perfect time to clear out old patterns, triggers and behaviors. If you would like to clear your energy and have cords to your parents to be removed and transmuted than please look into a Mystic Angel Star Healing. Or if you would like more clarity in your patters, than I can help you with an elaborate intuitive tarot reading.

And because this theme is so near and dear to my heart and I cannot gift my father anything but love at this moment, I would like to offer you a Father’s Day discount
of 50%. You can use this offer until Wednesday, the Summer Solstice. So if you feel inspired, please contact me via charissa@joyincreation.com 

Happy Father’s Day!

Much love, Charissa xxx

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