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Oracle guidance for this week – video


Hope you are well!

This year’s Summer Solstice is this Wednesday already! Can you believe it?! Well I can certainly feel it! Woohoo! Supercharged. I will write a bit more about it Monday or Tuesday, but today I want to share our weekly oracle guidance with you!

I may also be buzzing because I just had a fab  Yoga session at this year’s Yogafest in Amsterdam. It was so so wonderful! I just spent the whole day in between classes wandering around the park watching people enjoying themselves, drinking in the sunshine and enjoying nature. It was also Open Garden day today so I also visited the gardens at Westerpark. Such a lovely and sereen place in the middle of all the bustle of the surrounding area. A true little paradiso. It also has a schoolgarden called Nemoland! So cute and educational! It was just such a lovely day.

Yesterday was also a good day, the annual Earth & Beyond Conference. I wasn’t as inspired as I was the years before. Perhaps because I have gone down the rabbit hole so much deeper in the past year that a lot that is on offer at the conference is not news to me anymore. I heard nothing new and some things even disturbed me as I feel it is disinformation, but that is something I need to chew on for a bit. But it is always inspiring to meet likeminded people and to listen to inspirational speakers. But the day was also quite draining. There was positive energy there, but also a lot of disturbance. I put up a shield and protected my energy instinctively. I am glad I did. Anyway I attended lectures by amongst others:

  • Caroline Cory – About the grid around the Earth that connects all (Matrix), being a positive thing, because through these highways, these lines, these black holes and portals we can connect to well…anywhere and anytime? Yes this is so, but I also feel this is exactly what is keeping us trapped, this grid, these “roads”, I like to wander and explore,, not follow grids, but to be free where to go. So perhaps yes if these “lines” can be used to go wherever we want to go, then yes it is freedom I guess and it gives us the power to focus on where we want to go. So yes I feel it is useful to learn this skill when it is used for good, for us all to connect with all that is, but it also now feels like a prison and distorted and that it is actually blocking us and is now used by powers that shouldn’t be for practices not in our best interest. Anyway some of her presentation made me feel a bit off, but perhaps that is because the grid is damaged and not working the way it should and/or because we forgot how to use it? …but her work is new to me and if she empowers us how to use it for good, then I am interested. So I need to do some further digging so to speak. But interesting.
  • Tessa van Dongen – Stargate Experience – wow amazing experience, this I loved! Bliss!
  • and Gerard Bernard of  de blije b .I heard him speak before years ago and now he is quite well-known because of him coming clean about his dark (pitch black) past (warning shocking if you are not aware of this happening! Dutch with English subtitles:
    And for the Dutch people, please also check the information about their plan, I am thinking about supporting this ‘bank’. Even if it fails, we have to support, put our intention to what we want to see in this world. What do you think? –

Anyway now back to this week’s reading, I recorded a little video for you this morning, enjoy!

I am off to do a Soul Body Fusion session.
Enjoy the sunshine this week, enjoy nature, enjoy the trees, listen to their wisdom.

Much love,




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