Summer Solstice – Let the sunshine in

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Summer Solstice – Let the sunshine in

This Wednesday is the Summer Solstice and today we are already feeling it powerfully as we are in the window of it’s energy, also Thursday and Friday are potent days to work with the opportunities the Solstice gifts us. In this post I would like to share with you the gift the Great Central Sun shines on us on these days.


The Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) marks the longest day of the year and it does this with a full abundance of light (= energy) and nourishment helping us to take the Sun’s example and shine brightly upon the world. We are half way into 2017 and it is time for us to step into the light and show ourselves. It is Summer time, a time of play and joy, but also a time to show who we really are and speak and live our truth. No more pretending, delaying, being anything less than authentic. It is a time to celebrate that our crops are ripening and to be grateful for all this abundance.

Excess bagage

This is the perfect time to reflect on that what is growing within ourselves and and take stock on where we want to take it as we are at this midway point in the year. What is still in the way of you living reaching your full potential or making great steps towards it in 2017? This light of the Solstice can help you see what you can let go of now (I know I sound like a broken record, but in order to move onwards and upwards we need to get rid off excess bagage. When you have less energy dragging you down, you make room to receive the sun’s codes and see the world through open eyes and enlighten yourself and others.

Still points

The solstices and the equinoxes are times when we enter still points, zero points, it’s like the universe pauses and rebalances. During the Summer Solstice the sun is perfectly aligned with the Galactic Centre and it beams down showers of cosmic light codes in order to neutralize all density on Earth. These light codes, these solar flares, activate our dormant DNA (what scientists call junk DNA). It helps us hold more light in our physical bodies. It is up to you to receive these codes and anchor them into your body. To do this this takes consciousness, stillness and receptivity. So even though these sunny days call for long days of play and activities, it is also very important to schedule in time to be still and consciously work with these codes. I also feel there will be a lot of distractions during this time to keep us out of flow and ease. But please let go of this distraction and see it for what it is. Bring stillness in yourself and be peace. Focus on what brings you joy and make this a priority, nourish and nurture yourself, feed your soul with creative expression and take a step back, step out of the rat race and observe and respond rather than react. Be mindful and try and stay in your calm center. Be in flow. Ease and grace does it. It is a choice. All it takes is intention and focus.

Hold strong

We have come such a long way in our so called ascension, awakening, whatever you want to call it. We often forget the giant steps we have made in relatively little time.  Consciousness has shifted so much in the past decades, especially since 2012. A lot of people are now becoming very impatient and hopeless as they see so much darkness acting out in the world right now. And this is because we are in the middle of this great change, on the tipping point. It is now so important to hold our visions high and to celebrate how far we have become and to see how the powers that should not be are soon to become the powers that were and never shall be again. Yes! And so it is! So please maintain your focus and vision for yourself and the collective and hold it strong in this powerful window of opportunity, this window of upgrades. Be still in the zero point and let all darkness and shadows dissolve from your own energy and thereby from that of the collective. Help the Great Central Sun dissolve it, anchor the light on Earth. We need all the light we can get as times will get rougher the closer we get to the break through.


If all the distraction of the media (all media, alternative, MSM, etc. ), all the in-fighting, all the talk of war, politics, etc. are causing you fear and bringing you down, please disconnect from it. Disconnect from anything that does not bring you joy or gives you a sense of personal sovereignty. It is time for us on a personal level to heal all these old programs, beliefs, fears, etc. so we can activate human potential powers that we have forgotten about (which have been wiped from our collective memory) and to be an example for others and bring more harmony to our collective field.

This is a call to you to help uplift human consciousness and help others see the darkness for what it is so we can heal our collective wounds and move forward in love and peace.

Speak your truth, be true!

This is my vision for this world.
Are you with me?

Acknowledge the light in you.
Much love & happy Solstice,





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