New Moon in Cancer – you matter!

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New Moon in Cancer – you matter!

I hope you had an amazing Summer Solstice! I am still buzzing! I was up at 5 am this morning and been feeling so much energy all day. I have felt like this for some time now. The energy of the sun is so helping me feel more joy and aliveness. I love the Summer! I love the way people are more friendly and outgoing, more open to meeting other people and there is just a happy vibe in the air.
Tomorrow, Friday June 23rd, the New Moon is joining the dance with the creative sun and brings in feminine energy to balance our new creations. As the new moon is a perfect time for focus and getting clear on what we want to bring to form. This is another Super New Moon and now in the sign of Cancer. This moon comes from a close alignment to Mercury, planet of ideas and communication. Cancer is all about care and nurture. So this is a sociable time and ideal for starting a new biz or a new partnership as we are now open and understanding to others. But this moon especially asks us to be open and understanding to ourselves as we are called to provide ourselves with emotional nourishment. It is time to stand up for our own needs and the needs of those around you. But we can only nurture others when our needs are met. So make a Happy You priority. Stand strong for what is important for you. When you care for yourself, it is so much more natural to care for others. True caring, not caring from a need of being liked/loved or being passive aggressive. Also self care and self compassion asks us to receive love and care from others and for many of us this is even more difficult than giving love to others. Find balance and always do what feels right to you. Your know. The time around these new moons we are extra sensitive to sensing energies, so use this energy to really tap into your needs and your energy. You are in charge and you are the one that directs how you feel. 
Cancer being the sign of nurture and mothering, may bring up memories from the past, from childhood, perhaps painful memories that are now ready to be addressed. Or happy memories that remind you how loved you are. Whatever comes up, notice, as they come up for a reason. Be mindful and present, always, but especially during times like full and new moons, because our intuition is so heightened around this time. And feel what the message is for you in these feelings, in these emotions. Don’t push it away, but really feel it, really listen. This is the only way to heal. Not pushing it away, sweeping it under the rug and hope it will disappear.


This is a time for community, grassroots initiatives, genuine care and a higher vision to create a safe, healthy, peaceful, compassionate, joyful and loving humanity.
And remember: YOU MATTER! You are the change. Take good care.
Thank you.
So much love, Charissa xxx
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