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Joyful July – anything is possible


Thank you for being here and taking this time to read and connect. Remember that this is time and energy invested in yourself. All wisdom is within you, but knowing more about the energies that influence us can empower us to live life with more ease and grace. It may also help you understand (our mind loves to understand) why we are feeling a certain way. So thank you for doing this for you so you can shine your brighest light possible.


July carries the energy of seven and it is like a seed in the ground, anything is possible. On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but unseen the seed grows naturally. To direct where this seed grows to it is now important to take stock of where you are and where you want to go to. We are now half way into 2017, so think back to January, what were your plans for this year and what has happened thusfar? And which challenges are coming up for you to reach the goals you have set for yourself? Ask yourself these questions, because when you do you become receptive to the answers and solutions. And those will come easily this month. Notice inspiration popping up under the shower, when you walk in nature or when you are talking to someone. All it takes is for you to ask and be open to receive the answers. Pay attention and allow the answers to come to you. Let go of all expectation as the Universe answers in magical ways, never the way we expect. So let go of the need to know and let true wisdom emerge from within you. As all the answers are already inside of you. You just need to open up to recognize them when they appear to you. Often we are so preoccupied, distracted and biased that we don’t notice when the Universe is guiding us.


The seven also carries the energy of preparation. About making our ideas concrete by putting pen to paper and writing them out. Next month, an 8 month, is all about action, so now is the time to listen to inspiration and make it stick. Don’t let your ideas float away on the summer waves. If you do not act on what is in the moment and rigidly stick to a plan you limit yourself and creation. It is key to create from ease and flow. Not because you have to. So ask yourself what is needed NOW to act upon in the next month so you can see clear results in September.

Be seen

This is a time to relax and let the inspiration come to you. Take a step back and take stock. Get away from the daily motions of life and look at life from a different view. July is also about play and opening up, a time of connection. About venturing out and explore what and who is out there. This is a time to see and be seen. Now this opens up a lot of pain with people. Yesterday I wrote a message on the intranet at work about old pains of not feeling seen, about feeling invisible. And this is a pain that still gets triggered every now and then. So how is this for you? Do you feel seen? And at the heart of this…do you see yourself? Do you really see yourself? The true and authentic you. Or have you build such a dome around yourself that you and everyone else is in the dark about who you are.


If so this is the perfect time for shadow work and this means quite the oppossite of going out to play, it is about becoming silent and look inside. No books, no self help gurus, no well meaning friends and protocols. Just you and your self, your higher self. Seeing each other. Mirror work is perfect for this process. Have you ever really looked yourself in the eye? Give it a serious try. Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and see how long you can look at yourself and what do you see? What comes up? Write this down. Take this very seriously and let all that comes up be. Don’t fight it. It is so important that we start seeing ourselves. Truly seeing ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have parts tucked away deep inside of us that we are not proud of. These are the triggers and obstacles that keep blocking us in our lives. As long as we are not aknowledge these parts of us and take responsibility for them, we will never truly be free. So now is the perfect time to start seeing ourselves and letting ourselves be seen. You are beautiful, all messy bits and all. You are loveable and you are, yes you ARE! So BE! Fully. It is time.

In August big changes will happen, so be prepared. Fill your cup, so you are well rested in order for you to respond to the world and not react to it. We first need to slow down and get clear so we can take inspired action from a place of passion not from a place of need.

Slow down, relax and have fun. Do what makes you shine. Be what you want to receive. Be you!

Wishing you lots of inspiration, fun and rest!

Much love,


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