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Full Moon in Capricorn – take inspired action

Hello you! Get ready because Sunday (morning here in The Netherlands) we meet the a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Moon in the Farmer’s Almanac is called the Thunder Moon. Well I feel inspired to write about thunder, because boy it was making noise last night! According to the Almanac this Moon ignites our majestic power, ambition and strength.


This Full Moon is ruled by grounded Earth sign Capricorn. Capricorns are reliable, but can be head strong and stubborn. And they like structure, so now is the time to take action and work on loose ends and see what is missing for you to move forward. However there are more powerful astrological energies at work that are not helping this need for structure and progress.


Be prepared for an emotional ride as this Moon is sitting right next to Pluto. Now Pluto stirs in us deep emotional transformation, particularly with regard to what has seemed previously set in stone. It also speaks of a sense of loneliness that can be inherent in such a personal, internal process. So be aware of power struggles and intensity this weekend. Everyone is now super sensitive and irritable so tread carefully. Oh dear I am meeting friends and a family reunion this weekend, so I really need to stay focused and not get triggered, I hope this helps you to. Don’t let yourself be provoked. Stay centered and with this post I am giving you a head’s up, so this doesn’t take you by surprise. After the Full Moon occurs, the Sun will also come into an exact opposition to Pluto. Here the ego undergoes its own underworld journey. As it is stripped of the layers of its false pretenses, there is a purification process that can leave us remarkably refreshed.

Ask help

This is the perfect Moon to shine a light on things you have shied away from, those things that make you feel inadequate and dumb, because you can’t seem to figure them out by yourself. The things you need help with. It is time to revisit these tucked away issues and address them, with help. It is important that we let go of the fear of looking dumb or broken. It is okay to seek advice and support. But we do have to ask. Asking help is so powerful. Under this Moon ask yourself where you could use help with and what keeps you from asking help. Also stay open to new opportunities from unexpected sources. This is a powerful Moon urging us forward from a state of preparation to more action later on this year.


At the moment still many planets are in retrograde which keep us from moving forward smoothly. The retrogrades force us, no let me reframe that, they help us to take things slow and really look at our foundations, our roots. Are our ideas and ambitions well rooted. Retrogrades ask of us patience, ease and grace. Moving forward slowly but consistently. Mindfully.

Compassion fatigue

Until the 22nd the Sun is still in the sign of Cancer, the Water sign of nourishment and self care. Pay attention to your needs and set healthy boundaries otherwise you may get compassion fatigue and the world needs plenty of compassion now, but start with compassion for self. I hear so many people now stating they feel blah and numb. All their senses have been over stimulated and are now just switching off. Replenish yourself and take care of yourself. And again like I keep repeating. Take plenty of silent me-time. Time to hear yourself speak, to hear your heart speak. To replenish from the constant bombardment of input in our lives. Every day make time, be it only 5 minutes, to just be, in silence. It will help you so much. Give it a try and stick to it. You will notice big changes in how you feel. It will make you more responsive instead of reactive. It will help you stay focused on positive action instead of being swept away by emotion of outrage or desperation. In these times we need silence and clarity so we can fully show up in life and be engaged with life.


And we also need to move forward physically. This is not a time to be seated at a desk. Keep moving. This helps you change your mindset and keeps the energy flowing. So if you feel stuck, you may just need to get up and dance,  go for a brisk walk or do some yoga.
Listen to your inner wisdom and let it guide you towards the next step to the truth. Stay focused and take inspired action.
Thank you.
Much love,
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