Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

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Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Today we honor and celebrate Mary Magdalene on her birthday, 22nd of July.
She was officially given status by the Vatican on June 10th of 2016 as the “Apostle of All Apostles” after being cast by the church as whore for far too long! As her presence emerges strongly on the planet at this time through our consciousness, the truth of who she is she bares the gifts of remembering our feminine power and she reminds us to embody unconditional love and to balance the overpowering masculine energies here on Earth. She is her now so strongly to support us to stand tall and anchor this Divine Feminine. And this is not just for us girls, men too need to balance both energies within them. It is all about balance and equality. Mary is equal with Yeshua and together they represent the Holy and Divine Union and the powers of co-creation.

2,000 years ago Jesus Christ together with his beloved Mary Magdalene taught ‘The Way’, teachings about the power of love to create a more expanded consciousness to help change current perceptions and begin to usher in a new consciousness and a more enlightened age on Earth. As human beings we are so much more than we know ourselves to be. Now is the Divine Time for our human advancement.

Mary Magdalene has been a very strong energy in my life and last year when my mother past over, I heard Mary’s call to visit her in France. I wrote about this journey here: http://www.joyincreation.com/2016/07/27/s-o-s-for-love-mary-magdalene-calling/

I also wrote about Jesus and Mary a little while ago, at Easter: http://www.joyincreation.com/2017/04/16/teachings-of-jesus-mary-magdalene/

The gospel of Mary was discovered in the Akhmim Codex in Cairo, Egypt, in 1896. It was not made public until 1955, when it was published due to the popularity of the Nag Hammadi library. Written in Greek and Coptic, the gospel of Mary codex is dated to the 3rd (Greek) and 5th (Coptic) centuries A.D. The gospel of Mary is mentioned in the writings of some of the early church fathers as early as the 3rd century A.D. In the only known copy of the text, ten entire pages are missing, including the first six pages.

If you are interested in reading more on Mary’s Gospel please see here for more information http://gnosis.org/library/marygosp.htm and here http://www.thenazareneway.com/the_gospel_of_mary_magdalene.htm

Have a blessed day.

XXX Charissa

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