Let me hear you roar * New Moon in Leo

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Let me hear you roar * New Moon in Leo

Hello hello! Sunny wishes from Amsterdam!

How are you enjoying the Summer? I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t feel like the usual quiet and relaxing energy this season normally brings. Well hang on because the heat is on and it is rising in the sign of fiery Leo. I feel this not the quiet relaxing Summer most of us were longing for as we are being beamed with intense Solar energy and huge shifts are taking place in the individual and collective. A lot is going on on stage and behind the scenes and it is making many of us hyper sensitive and edgy. And now we are on the verge of a very powerful eclipse season, so hang on to your floppy Summer hats and get ready for more shifts and unexpected turns in our personal and collective lives. But remember when things shift and change from alignment this is most often for our highest good. These astrological posts are a heads up so you can work with the energies, not against them.

New Moon and Sun in Leo

This Sunday 23rd of July the Sun and the Moon are at 0 degrees in Leo, which is very rare. The New Moon is all about evaluation and personal rebirth and with this double Leo we can count on the energies to be amplified. Now Leo is not a kitten to be handled without some (rather stylish) gloves. Leo is big and proud, out and loud!

Fiery Mars

And as the Sun conjunct the Moon is now joined by Mars this means a lot of extra heat, oomph and power. A lot of energy, but impulsive energy so be careful not to act too quickly. Think before you leap. Come from a place of certainty and clarity. Now Mars brings a lot of extra fiery energy to the mix which will make a lot of people irritable and even hostile. People are triggering each other like crazy, because they are being mirrored everywhere and in everyone when they are not fully aligned with their inner guidance. The Lion likes to look at himself and yes we will see our own patterns and limitations reflected back at us everywhere. A lot of stagnant energy is coming up to be released in the flames. This is good if we see it for what it is and release it. But if we fight this process and refuse to change we may burn our fingers. So be careful and be aware of this. Take plenty of me-time for quiet contemplation and take good care of yourself. Don’t get swept away in the drama. Focus on your own bagage and stay out of others. With all this inner and outer heat we may be tempted to react too swiftly to emotions and feelings of ourselves and others. Be aware of this energy and keep it cool and don’t get swept away by your inner and the collective fire.

Loud and proud

Leo is a powerful force and packs some serieus gusto to amplify everything in your life. It will show you loud and clear where you are not in alignment. You will hear the lion roar. So tap into your inner lion and change the things you know need changing, strut your stuff on the catwalk of the life you know you want to walk on with full trust and courage. This is the time to become more of what we already are and shine our fire brightly. If ever there was a time to step it up, it is now. But be aware that you take action on that what you are certain and clear of because we are on the brink of eclipse season and the pressure to change can really start to build now and it can be tempting to make rushed changes. New Moons are about evaluating where we have come from, where we are now and where we want to go. Wheere do we set our intentions, which steps do we need to take to realize our goals.

Strut your stuff

Now Leo isn’t a sign of quiet contemplation, it wants to trot around outside and be recognized by the outside world. He wants to be heard and seen. And yes this isn’t a time to be modest, but be careful not to boast or show too much pride or you will repel people by coming across as over the top, self obsessed or dramatic. Leave your drama queen at home, just be spontaneous and let your creative juices flow. Leo is also a very individualistic energy, but we mustn’t forget to work together. Team work is now more important than ever. Join like minded people, pull together to work on our collective vision to bring this planet back in balance and harmony. To make this a place of love and joy. When we become more aligned we will attract the people that match our vibration. We may see people disappear from our lives and make room for new ones. Don’t be afraid, but trust you belong and the right people will show up for you.

Get clear

So the Leo New Moon is about getting clear and in flow and letting synchronicities guide you to the next step. If you are not aligned you will experience frustration and negativity, you will feel confused and angry. So now is a time to release all that is keeping you small and out of joy and abundance.

Tarot guidance

But often we are so running around in circles and to close to our own troubles that we can’t see clearly where we want to go and what are next right action is. A tarot reading can provide this clarity and if you wish I can help you. If you are are interested please click here for more information: http://www.joyincreation.com/oracle-card-readings/

You have the power to accelerate your growth and ignite your manifestations. You are in control, you are sovereign. Never forget that!

Dream big, make your vision clear and keep it high and let love rule. Set the intention clearly to be the most joyful versions of ourselves.
Choose love, choose life.
Restore balance and harmony.
Lead by example.
Be love.

I wish you a hot and happy Summer.


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