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Now is the time – stand in the eclipse doorway

Hello dear you!

How are you?
Wow the weekend is nearly over already and we are already on August 13th… this year sure flies by. I am feeling Fall is in the air. The air is becoming crisp and I can smell the faint smell of decay starting. It is rainy and chilly here and nature is slowly dying and preparing to turn inward for Winter. The fruits of Autumn are ripening and so are we. Personally I am still fighting nature’s way a bit as I am so not ready for cold and shorter days as I love the warmth of the sun and the openness of Summer. I love the lush colors and the smell of warm earth. But all moves in cycles and best not to resist but move with it and celebrate all season’s bounty and gifts. I do love the colors and smells of the Autumn and the solitude and cozy time of winter. The fairy lights and days under the blanket reading books and making art.

I just returned home from a long weekend away. I stayed with a friend at a house in Arnhem, while they are away on holiday. We went to see an Audrey Hepburn exhibition at Airborne Museum. Just before the outbreak of the Second World War, Audrey, who had spent her youth at a British boarding school, travelled to the Netherlands. In Arnhem, she was reunited with her mother and two step-brothers. And yesterday we visited the Museum Arnhem.

Eclipse doorway

We are now in the middle of the eclipse doorway, a 14 day cycle of integration and redefying the story of who we perceive ourselves to be. We are moving towards the 21 August eclipse which will be a big wake-up call for us all. This eclipse is especially important as it travels over the USA. Now the USA is a very important place on this planet to heal as this was supposed te become the the first anchor for the New Atlantis. Atlantis is a name used to describe the creation of a world beyond duality. But this never came to full bloom and was destroyed by dark forces and humanities greed.

Coo coo

Now the world is going coo coo so much is clear. It is one big distraction and divide and conquer game. I myself have switched off regular (already shut down all news as much as possible) and most alternative media. It is a mud throwing fest everywhere and everyone is lashing out at each other. People are preaching “unity in the community” and that is all well, but how are we going to accomplish that if there is no clarity or resonance of truth and authenticity. There are just so many ego’s playing their games, I decided to not let myself be confused and change my mind over and over again and listen as always to my heart. And my heart tells me that all I need to know is already inside of me and that I need to trust my inner guidance. And this is scary! For all of us. It is scary to sit in that quiet void waiting for inspiration and direction. Waiting for clarity and insight.

We want to know

We want to know, to understand, to get clear directions. But this is not how the Universe works. But once you listen more often (like all the time) and get to know the whispers of your heart, you will find that the Universe actually works in very clear and dare I say it humorous ways. Really the Universe has a great sense of humor. So in this noisy world, make time for yourself to listen and invite your spirit in, to work with you in tandem. Be in this void of not knowing and self-reflect and envision your potential life and dream your wishes to be. Don’t limit yourself. You have a larger destiny. Step into that. Become that. But first DREAM IT! Do it NOW!! Now is the time. This time is so potent, USE IT! What do you have to lose, just try!

Who are you?

Who do you perceive yourself to be? Now, right now, is the time to redefine the story of who we perceive ourself to be and this theme has been with us all year and is now accumulating. The story of ourselves that we create now is the foundation for what we are building on over the next ten years. Now is the time to start telling a new story about who we perceive ourselves to be. This is an opportunity to redefine ourselves and to find revolutionary answers to move forward to a world of peace. Our true capacity to pull out answers of the quantum field are now so within our reached and as always based on how we perceive ourselves. Our experiences match our meanings. So it is important that we cultivate meanings that help us tap into answers. How deeply do you believe in possibility and in your and our potential? What keeps you cut off from seeing solutions? Do you believe there are peaceful solutions at hand? Yes? Than we will create them, together. Do you believe we have possibilities and that we are not doomed? I believe in a world of sustainable peace. What about you? Investigate your beliefs.

Mercury Retrograde

Yesterday Mercury went Retrograde, this is a cycle within a cycle. Here is a link of a post I wrote some time ago about the blessings of mercury retrograde:
Mercury Retrograde gifts us the deeper possibility to go deeper inward and to re-evaluate our own value and our ability to create. We need to face how we value ourselves in order to connect and come together with other people otherwise we have the tendency to over-or under-compensate for our own lack of feeling valuable and to act out a story to play out how we little we value ourselves. Own your value! You are valuable because you exist! Feel this deep in your cells. There is nothing you need accomplish, all that matters is who you are in your heart. We are who we are because you are who you are. Your existence is important because without you our lives wouldn’t look the same. The challenge now is to redefine your own sense of value and to OWN your sense of value, so you can truly see the value of everyone else, also of the people you don’t like. Honor the value of everyone’s role and the more we do this, the more we can create without reacting, but come from a place of pure potentiality. Truly create from deep within us. Because we are whole.

With Mercury being in Retrograde of course take the usual precautions in planning, travel, don’t sign big contracts, etc. This is a time of review and rewind, not a time to move forward.

Be present in this crazy world. Be the stillness in the storm. Stand in the center and breathe, just breathe. Don’t get washed away, but let yourself be pushed further along, so much further along on your path to greatness and bliss. Stay focused. Be in the void, be in your heart and dream big!! The universe may have some wonderful surprises for you!

Much love, Charissa xxx




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