Full Solar Eclipse – Time for humanity to break free

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Full Solar Eclipse – Time for humanity to break free

Can you feel it? The energy is very intense to say the least. I must admit that it feels ominous and exciting at the same time, like something big is about to happen. Now something big (hello eclipse!!) IS about to happen and is already happening, you just need to be willing to be open to it. The energy feels unstable, about to tip over one way or the other. We have the power to tip the scales the way we wish to see the world. We as a collective need to choose what we want to experience. Do we want to stay in this state of apathy and despair or do we want joy and compassion? There is a great battle going on between good and evil. Pick your side wisely.

Tick tock

Time is being manipulated and compressed that we know, but it is so tangible now. Have you experienced time standing still? Changing ‘speed’ or just resetting on you (so called deja’vu’s)? Also the energy feels like it is pushing us into the Earth.Time line splits, evolving potential time lines, merging of time lines and dissolving of energetic levels/dimensions. Things are just a bit weird now. I don’t know about you but some strange shit is going on in my experiences of time and space. And if you are noticing unexplainable things happening in your life, no you are not crazy and you are not alone. I feel compressed and well I am ready for more space and room to play in. How about you? Ready to expand? Just breathe, focus and ground.

Don’t panic

Don’t panic. Whatever happens don’t panicor go into despair. If you feel off and your body vehicle is tired or you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, take a rest, take good care of your body. Anchoring in all these new frequencies and getting rid of energy blockages is not easy. Huge respect for all of us to be doing so well and integrating the best we can. If you are struggling, know you are not alone or crazy. Be patient and be compassionate to your dear body vessel, there is so much more happening than we are aware of (well most of us). And what is happening is BEAUTIFUL! No matter how shitty it can feel at the moment. Hang in there. Let the purging continue, let it go!

Shoot your shit to the Sun

Many of you may feel off your game, tired, sad, grief, loss… this may be a time of friendships ending and people drifting out of our lives, we may move house or feel a deep need for profound change. This it the leaving behind of old behaviours and ways of being. It is time for the New You, The New Earth. Remember to be gentle and take it easy. It is important now that we take a lot of time to go back in time, review our lives and observe and note what we have experienced. If emotions come up, don’t fight, but stay present and capture this experience. See if you can observe as much as possible from a place of detachment. Take note of all that has happened and see if you can bundle everything you want to let go of for good and send this to Sun for transmutation. Capture it all and shoot is away. Nothing holding us back any longer! And very important in this review is to remember and relive the good times, the fun, the beauty, the love and the laughter. Be in that positive vibe and let it heal you. See if you can do this reviewing as much as possible, especially now in the days leading to the eclipse.

Love your body

Listen to what your body needs all the time. This may change day by day, even hour by hour. Tune in. Eat as light and fresh as possible to support the body’s catbolic breakdown mode and so digestion will not draw away energy from the transmutation. Drink plenty of fresh clean water and eat plenty of greens (chlorofyl). Listen to what your body needs! This is the perfect time to go on a detox, get rid of all parasites and implants, clones, negative earth bound forms, demons, etc. Take a stand and demand all creepy crawlers and AI to leave your body NOW!! Do not feed them and do not be a host to them, hospitality is overrated in this case. SHUT THE DOOR! Banish them out! Now! Stop feeding them with fear and processed food and stop feeding them with worry, news, and shitty television shows. Drink and eat in the light and be the light, vibrate so high they cannot survive inside of you! Dance, listen to uplifting music, take a walk in beautiful nature, do yoga, make art, read inspiring books…anything that brings you JOY! Take back your power! Stop all this artificial/inorganic interference in our ascension and spiritual expression. Stop the control! Clear, cancel, delete!! For once and for all! NOW!

The magnitude of it all

Eclipses are magnetic and this will help us move out all the repressed energy that is stuck inside. Let the magnitude of pull this all out of you. Reach deep within your subconscious and let go of all sabotaging energy and those parts that wreak havoc in your life. Shine light on all your masks and all those parts of you that you hide, but that lash out at stressful times. Be honest and open and become REAL! And ask yourself who you really are and how you can show up as this energy more. Which steps can you take, what can you stop clinging on to? Ask yourself the tough questions.

Real big change

Eclipses are powerful as they amplify polarity when the pull of dark and light are reversed. And everything is amplified at this time. The stakes are running high, emotions are flaring up. The heat is on and major changes are occurring. Eclipses have always been a time to shake down the status quo and breaking up of stagnant energies. It is a time of upheaval and great change. But this eclipse is promising to be unprecedented in impacting our conciousness. And yes eclipses are often dramatic as they provide us with the opportunity for change! Real big change! They empower us to wipe the slate clean and start all over. Eclipses upgrade us energetically and is a great time for healling as it brings up everything that is out of alignment with our highest good. Also it is up to us how we experience this time of change, do we go into fear as many of us did in the past and thereby causing great upheaval during eclipse season or do we choose love and peace this time?

How can you serve?

And this very special eclipse is foreboding to be life-changing. HOW EXCITING!!! This FULL new moon solar eclipse takes place on Monday August 21st and this is the time for humanity to break FREE. It is up to us to muster the strength and courage to become sovereign and free. And now is NOT the time for personal gain. This is not a time to manifest power or money. This is a time for something bigger, we need to take responsibility for the WHOLE PLANET. We need to hold the vision high for Gaia and all her guests (US!). We need to help her NOW! Now it is important that we make a choice and take a stand for what we believe in. What is your truth? What is your dream for the collective? Dreams are real, you have the power to make them come true. Now is THE time to let go of everything that is blocking you and weighing you down. Focus on how you want to feel and what you would love to see in the world and in your life. And focus on how you want to feel, how you want to experience this planet. And ask yourself the big question of how you can SERVE this planet in your unique way? What can YOU do to contribute. And this from a place of love and wholeness, not from a place of have to or a sense of need. What can you do to serve this planet? Nothing is too small. Start where you are and with what you can do in your own way, and that also brings you joy and positive energy. How can you spread this to other people?

Genuine and true

As this is a time of great magnitude, everything we now focus on will be pulled towards us. So stay away from complaining, and re affirming what you DON’T want to see in your life. Stay away from dislikes and judgement. Focus with all your being on what you DO want. Focus on your deepest desires and your greatest truth. Talk to friends about it, make a vision board, collect images on Pinterest, write it in your journal. Just SHIFT your focus. Please… I am hammering on about this because we need to do this together. We need to shift together. We need to come together and CHOOSE a different way of being. Open your eyes and see where we are heading now. Reacting to each other from fear. Not coming together from love and to solve whatever issues we may have. Inner and outer. Fix yourself first before you lash out your pain onto others. Pause and look inside. Ask yourself the hard questions. Stop hiding away. Put down the tough act and show how loving you really are. Be genuine and stay true.

Stay calm

Whatever happens, stay calm, take plenty of time for me-time and meditation. DO your shadow work. And be kind, be kind to yourself and others. Notice your patterns, your reactory behaviour. See all your beliefs and patterns for what they are and how they are making a mess of your life. Observe them, don’t resist. Trust that they are moving out of you. Their time is up. Make your intention for this to happen clear. It is so important now that we stay calm and focused. Don’t let outside forces sway you from your centre. Be prepared and don’t panic. Hold the peace. Ground the peace. Often for things to get better, they need to get worse first. This is the opportunity for growth and transmutation. Change takes time. Hold the peace and love. Be compassionate to yourself and others and yes patient. Look at the bigger picture and what lies ahead. Keep your eye on the price.

Syncronized meditation

Now on Monday there are many meditations organised world wide, meditations for peace and healing of the planet. Join one if you can because synchronized meditation is very very powerful. Focused intention can make big changes. See which one resonates with you and join. Otherwise make sure you meditate deeply and powerfully by yourself of plan your own group meditation. But don’t let this opportunity for change pass you by. Please help.

I want to live on a New Earth. I want a do over…
what about you?
Are we repeating Atlantis or have we finally learned from our past mistakes.

Move ON!

Accept the light codes, Solar Flares and Stellar activations, that are showering us right now and embody them fully. These codes are lighting up our DNA. Match them vibrationally and ground them into Gaia. This is our roles on this planet right now. It is no accident you are here!

Be open and honest and you will move through this eclipse with ease and grace. Join the cosmic dance and follow the rhythm. Dance darling dance!

Expect the best outcome
And so it is

Express your gifts and help build a better world!

We are all equal, we must care for each other and Mama Earth
Onwards and upwards in unity.
Be kind to yourself and others.
Be love


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