Don’t be a lunatic – stay inside

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Don’t be a lunatic – stay inside

Hello hello!
Apologies about offending anyone with this title, but I have your attention and I will explain what I mean with these words in this message.

I so hope you are all well and staying in your centre. Focus and do not let yourself be swayed by all the erratic energy flying around. I have had some profound insights and dreams and I feel yet again called to repeat the message of love and peace at this time. Now before you go yawn, yeah, boring, etc. I invite you to keep reading.

Time for change

Humanity is ready for change, the energy now is up or under, all or nothing. But something has to give. It is time for change, within us personally and collectively.

What can you do?

Stay offline as much as possible and listen to your heart. It sounds so cliche but please ground and be peace. Be love. Stay away from Facebook as much as possible and also disconnect from people giving you contradictory well meant advice.  Yes it is good to ask people’s opinions and to be open to another way of seeing things, to broaden your perspective. But also stay true to what resonates for you, don’t follow people blindly. And when you sense doubt within you or a nagging feeling you can’t put your finger on and you don’t know who or what to believe anymore, just step away and unplug and tune in. This is important. It is important that we strongly connect to our authentic self. We are unique. Only we truly know what is good for us. There is a huge divide and conquer campaign going on. Do not let yourself be divided, become whole. And think for yourself. Pick your tribe wisely and make wise choices. When it doesn’t resonate anymore, pull back! And only choose tribes that allow you to think for yourself!

The eclipse, coinciding with this year’s second new moon in Leo, amplifies the truth that we are each being asked to acknowledge, love, and re-integrate the disowned parts of ourselves, so that we can re-emerge into our lives healed and whole, as the leaders of a new and brighter world.

  • Purge, cleanse, detox, take very good care of your body, build your stamina, physical and emotional.
  • ground
  • breathe and drink pure water and unplug
  • and breathe again, breathe is so so important
  • exercise – move
  • do not look at the eclipse, especially not directly at it, best is to stay inside
  • do not be distracted, stay focused
  • take a media (news, social, any info) break and connect to the natural world – stay out of drama
  • shield yourself and radiate love – use psychic protection
  • don’t open yourself up to the energies
  • stay calm and don’t give into chaos and distraction – be okay with what is and hold your vision
  • use your smarts

Stay inside

For everyone in the US (and also anywhere else really, but especially the US), stay inside and be as still as you can. Tune in and meditate for peace. There are powerful energies around eclipses and the dark powers know how to use this. This is a great time to harvest energy and they have created such a buzz around it they will have a great feast on all that loosh. You can actually sense the buzz zooming through the field. It is tangible. The energy of the eclipse will be felt by all as we are all plugged in. Even if you don’t believe in Astrology or eclipse power. Let’s face it, the Moon isn’t even real, but that is another rabbit hole, for some other time or well I will leave that to other people to disclose, just look them up. This eclipse time is now used for all kinds of events and parties (bordering on or  down right being ritualistic). There will be drinking and partying and all kinds of excitement unleashed. A great significance is aimed at this event. No one (or almost no one), especially in the US is unaware of the eclipse. There is a momentum. Please use this for good. Use it for peace. Do not get involved in the craziness of it all. Send love and peace. Anchor, ground and stay close to yourself. Make an effort to make time for this tomorrow, on Monday 21st (and well if you can every single day, but especially tomorrow). Unplug and be. Thank you so much! We need you. We need each other.

Global meditation?

A global meditation can be a good thing, but only if you know what you’re doing. If you’re using incantations someone gave you, it may work against you. Be wise and use your discernment, when in doubt, meditate by yourself and don’t join a group.

Tipping point

As we approach this tipping point moment in time, we are truly inspired by the powerful potential for all of us to join together in sending a rippling effect for positive change into the field. This is not a message of fear, but just advice on how I feel we best move through the eclipse and what our best way is to be at this time. Take it or leave it, you know the truth. Be wise, be your own energy source. Kick out the parasites, be responsible for yourself don’t let anyone drain you. Be loving and kind to yourself. Forgive yourself when you slip up. Come back to your discernment and keep going. Be grateful from the lessons learned and move forward.

Tarot Time

I had a lovely weekend offline with a friend staying over at my house. It was very healing and clarifying. It was good to connect with someone that resonates with you. That understands and it is good to have a sparring partner on issues that we are dealing with. It was empowering and nurturing and good old fashioned FUN. So easy to forget in this world how simple it is to have fun and enJOY life. As I want to make this brief and have not had a lot of time this weekend to do vids and such, just a one card reading for this eclipse.
This card desperately wanted to be seen as it popped right out of the deck in front of me. I asked: “What will this eclipse bring us?”

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands tells us of an urge to create, creative energy, opportunity and dreams are within our reach when we take inspired action. Triple WOW! The perfect card! So please focus and take inspired action. Become clear and manifest your truth.

Go through this time consciously. Don’t feed the lunacy.
Keep the focus on love. Thank you.

xxx Charissa

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