Tarot Time – 27 August 2017

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Tarot Time – 27 August 2017

Hello, hello! Here I am again. Twice in one day! I had something to make up to you as I have been offline a lot the past week(s).

Yesterday I had a wonderful day showing my beste my hood. The weather was beautiful. We visited a local market, had lunch at my house, visited some shops nearby and then walked to a local park and lake where we strolled around and had a local beer on the terrace of a local farm/restaurant. In the evening we had some wonderful Surinam roti and well the day just flew by. It was good to be outside in the sun with my best friend. Just be-ing. At the farm/restaurant a couple was getting married in the garden. So beautiful just a few chairs, in nature, under the trees. Lovely. It made my heart fill with joy. But also a small tinge of regret that I may never experience this. Not that I ever dreamt of getting married, but I know my parents wanted this for me and have never been able to give them this. Not that we ever should get married to please anyone else. That is not what I mean, but I sometimes long for a bit of romance and manly support and energy in my life. And that is a good thing, because too long I was focused on survival, life and death, not even thinking about romance or anything like that. So the fact that I felt something, observing this in my eyes perfect wedding, is a good thing. I am grateful.

We walked past a spiritual centered that just so resonated, the energy is beautiful. The day before I asked to be led to a place where I can start giving workshops and retreats. And I don’t believe in coincidences. And it is right around the corner from where I live! I am going to contact them for more information on renting out space. Thank you Universe!


So now for this week’s Tarot Time. Please see this video:

The actual reading starts at 11.30 mins.
Please share your insights with me, either below the video, in Facebook or right here on the website in the comments!

A very happy week to you. Go offline, turn inward and follow your guided path.

Be well. Sat Nam.

Charissa xx


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