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Be your own guru – about Doreen Virtue denouncing her teachings


This is a blogpost about Doreen Virtue denouncing all her teachings and well about how this is a lesson and mirror for all of us.

True colors

We now really see people showing their true colors everywhere. This truly is a time of revelations. The so much talked about truth coming to light and gurus falling of their thrones is really happening. And it is quite refreshing and hopeful to observe this, as long as you don’t invest in it energetically and get swept away by the drama. Collectively we are now working through so much disappointment and letting go of so much hope we have invested in others. We are now truly called to look at ourselves to be our own saviors. Look within and see who you are. Because after all life is just a stage. And we are in the Grand Finale people! If you are relying on someone so much that the changes they are making that they feel right for them is so upsetting to you, then you are depending too much on that person as a guru, as a way shower. This is another example to not put your full identity and faith into a teaching or a guru. Make up your own mind and heart. Don’t take everything people tell you for truth. It may be their truth, but should it therefor be yours? Of course you can be informed and inspired by other people, but always use your discernment (yes there is that word again!). All the people who are now throwing tantrum fits this is a good lesson in never putting anyone on a pedestal and do not follow leaders and teachers!


But also ‘ordinary’ people such as you and me (we are extraordinary I know…but trying to describe my point 😉) are now all of the sudden changing. We are changing our minds, our attitude, our choices. Lots of relationships are breaking up as people quickly drift apart and there is a lot of movement going on. Relocations, changing jobs, looks, interest. People are shifting, quickly. Shifting into a more authentic and true self. It is time for change and for truth. And yes this feels scary and uncertain. But heck certainty is a delusion anyways.

For real?

I also think this is a time most and foremost where people come clean to themselves. Look at themselves in the mirror and asking the face they see “are you for real?”

Now are you? Are you for real?

Or are you keeping up the big theater show you once gave yourself the headline in and now can’t get out of? Who are you playing? Because in the end you are only fooling yourself. How honest are you to others…and to yourself? Have you started to believe your own deception. And now this is no judgement! We all do this. We all have ego’s we have to satisfy and our insecurities to keep in check, but do we let them run the show? Isn’t it time to stop all of this? We all do what we have to in this dog eat dog world. But if we want to start living in cute little pugsy world we have to become authentic and let the fear of showing our true faces go.

Please let us be authentic and unique. Let us be who we are at heart, without judging ourselves or feeling insecure by the judgement of others.

Doreen Virtue

So back to Doreen Virtue. She has denounced all her former teachings and converted to Christianity and now this has caused a lot of buzz on spiritual blogs and social media. Very interesting is that this news became more or less public on the day of the Eclipse and so it seems another victory for the far right so called Christian values. Now let’s not hang our heads down and surrender and all join the Church! Now I know I am being judgmental of religion and the church. Yes I am very wary of rigid belief structures. And I feel that what we are seeing now is just the old powers that were giving had their all before throwing in the towel. Now for Doreen I think it is a good thing that she is following her heart and doing what she feels is right. I also feel sad for her, because I don’t know how long she has walked around not feeling true in her teachings. She is free to change her mind and heart. I just hope she has really intrinsically changed her mind and has not been forced or persuaded into another belief by someone else. And perhaps it was a show all from the  very start. Let’s face it she made a lot of money from spiritual seekers and selling all the things she is now calling evil. Perhaps now she has enough dollars and can live a happy and comfortable life in Hawaii without the need to make more money and so she can be free to finally show her real face? Perhaps. This is also an option. But if this is so, than I just feel very sorry for her more, because she has to live with herself and she had to put on this show for such a long time. I hope for her sake that this is not true. So let’s just ‘belief’ that it was a change of heart and a profound insight that she has now taken this step. I do still like to belief in the best in people and that we need to stand by our own choices and truth.


And yes it is painful to see so many people hurting over her decision. But it is such a lesson in letting go of people holding your hand and showing you the way, as the way is within you. Now in my eyes Doreen is not the shining example of this as she is now falling into the claws of religion and that is where all the trouble of repression started in the first place. Now listening to Doreen Virtue speak about the situation at hand, it sound very fear based doctrine of Christianity, very judgmental and patriarchal. I have nothing against Jesus, not at all, but I like to speak of Jesus as in Christ Consciousness, not in the light (or darkness) of Christianity. And perhaps even as an evolved Ascended Master. I have no issues in working with Jesus, a spiritual teacher, who taught about finding God within and breaking out of the control paradigms. What I am unsure about is if Doreen is turning to this teacher or to the Church which demands you to suffer for your sins and for salvation you need to worship him. I ‘fear’ the latter is the case. But if Doreen feels so called, I am glad she is taking this step and letting go of all her teachings, as this shows guts and honesty to self. And to all her ‘followers’ yes this must be painful, because now you have to ask yourself how much you really believe all she has taught, or did you just believe it because she said so?

Be responsible

Now I don’t want to make this a blog about bashing Doreen Virtue. I personally am very grateful for her books and teachings. They helped me a lot on my path and where I was at that point in time. I have no regrets about studying with her and especially the Certified Angel Card Reader Course with Radleigh Valentine was a breathe of fresh air and a lot of fun. Another way to look at the tarot. All the more recent teachings such as the Angelologist course didn’t really resonate and felt very religious to me. Also Doreen’s energy was becoming more rigid and well, it just didn’t click with me anymore. So now she has denounced all her former teachings and just leaving al lot of people heartbroken. No this is a hard lesson we have to learn. A lot of people feel sabotaged in their efforts to build a business around the teachings and certifications she has issued. This is painful yes, but if you really believe in what you teach and what you do, do you really need a teacher’s approval? Does Doreen denouncing her teachings more or less render the value of these certificates to less than zero? I personally don’t feel it does. Now for the business side of it, yes this could have been handled more gracefully. There was no proper letter announcing her decision, no support, no nothing, we all had to find out through a YouTube video that Doreen did on a local channel and that went viral. Now how is that for responsible? Now since Doreen is a very savvy biz woman she should understand that the students should be entitled to a certain amount of accountability from their teacher. Not the teacher answering the questions by disrespectfully stating that “all new age seekers are unhappy and hold lower energy and that she feels victimized” or something like that. And all questions and messages addressing this issue being deleted and left unanswered and people being blocked on social media. This is so not helpful a ‘teacher’ avoiding and shaming the people that paid for her livelihood for years and years and she has now dumped on. So I don’t want to judge or blame Doreen, but I also want to state that I don’t find this very professional or respectful.

Money making machine

I only know this from second hand, but I can see Doreen and Hayhouse are blocking people in Facebook and it seems like they are not refunding people that have recently bought courses with her and are now in the middle of studying a course by Doreen. Now I also get boundary setting and taking no shit from people. So if people are attacking someone on social media, yes I feel it is fair to block them. Again respect. But if people are just asking for a proper response than shutting down all communication is very unprofessional. It would have been decent if they would have answered all the people with questions and dealt with the upset people and the questions, instead of blocking them and letting them down like that. Now we all know Doreen and Hayhouse were in bed for the money. I have always known that and it is fine, you don’t have to invest in them, it is your own choice. We decide where our money, our energy, goes. Now I have done many courses and workshops via Hayhouse and I willingly invested in their books and teachers. But they are a business, and a big fish for that matter. But nonetheless it is a disappointed that big biz often loses it’s humanity and kindness. It stinks that it is handled in this fashion. Shame on you. But also shame on all the people now throwing mud and causing  a big ado on Facebook and other places. Breathe and relax a bit. This is not the end of the world. And let us all take note that we always respect other people and especially the ones that come to us for advice and guidance. People that invest energy in us. Respect! Always! Never lose your humanity. Let love rule, not money.

No surprises

Now for me personally this comes as no surprise. For a few years now I have distanced myself from Doreen. My visit to her workshop in London was the final straw. All my feelings were confirmed, I didn’t like her energy, she acted like a diva, the energy in the building was sickening, I felt drained and the teachings were just blah and not much resonated. It just felt very cult-like with all the followers and I disliked how judgmental Doreen sometimes was when she spoke. For instance about people eating meat and drinking alcohol. Yes we all have our opinions and being vegan is great, but it doesn’t mean that all people who eat meat are bad and have to feel bad about themselves. And sure you can say to me that I felt offended because I drink a glass of wine every now and then and she triggered me, perhaps, but no that was not it. You see, even if I was totally sober, it is a personal choice. I choose to drink that glass of wine. It has no control over me and I don’t care if people say that I am deluding myself and that it does control me, now even if it did, who is anyone to judge another? She was just very harsh in some convictions and she sat there on the stage with her daylight lamp and big robes. It just felt…well off. Anyway off tangent here and now I am judging as well. It just wasn’t my thing let’s keep it at that. I was not impressed, but also relieved as my doubts had been confirmed. This was not for me. Now a shame about the expensive workshop and trip to London, but hey it was also fun meeting lots of lovely people there and I had a great time in London! So not all wasted energy. And it was great feeling so clear about moving on and never buying another DV product again. Should have listened to my intuition in the first place before that. And isn’t it always the case, when something happens, you go “oh I knew that all along!!” … well learn from it. Listen to that feeling. Fool me once… So soon after that I stopped using her teachings in my services and sold her card decks. And ofcourse I didn’t throw all the teachings out. I use them still but only the once that resonate and I give them my own spin. Otherwise we wouldn’t need so many healers and readers if we all rigidly followed teachings, then one teacher would do, we are all unique and therefor we can help the people that resonate with us, we all hold pieces of the puzzle. And yes it is a pain about all the money spent on certifications, books etc. But education (as in insights not rigid programming) is never lost and the investment of learning what is true for you or not is also worth an investment. And you always take bits and bobs from it you can use in your life.

Tarot works

Now denouncing something comes from dogma, from there being one truth. And there is no such thing. This creates an us against them situation and yes it feeds into fundamentalism. Now I am not denouncing anything and certainly not the tarot! I have written a separate post about angels which I will post sometime this week. This is long enough as it is. Now the Tarot I love love love. I am a mystic, I feel I have always been, in all my lives and the tarot just feels completely natural to me. I have used the tarot long before even hearing of Doreen Virtue. I feel this big YES inside of me when I use the tarot, there is no doubt. There is nothing evil about the tarot as it is simply a mirror, a map into our subconscious. There is some discussion about its origins and it probably goes way back to the Egyptian mystery schools and entered Europe in the late 14th century, with suits of Batons or Polo sticks (Wands), Coins (Pentacles), Swords, and Cups. These suits were very similar to modern tarot divination decks and are still used in traditional Italian, Spanish and Portuguese playing card decks. The first documented tarot packs were recorded between 1430 and 1450 in Milan, Ferrara and Bologna when additional trump cards with allegorical illustrations were added to the common four-suit pack. These new decks were called carte da trionfi, triumph cards, and the additional cards known simply as trionfi, which became “trumps” in English. These cards are documented in a written statement in the court records in Florence, in 1440. The oldest surviving tarot cards are from fifteen decks painted in the mid 15th century for the Visconti-Sforza family, the rulers of Milan. Throughout the ages, the greatest leaders of human history have sought out oracles for counsel, especially in critical times. In a way, tarot can serve as an oracle, but that’s not what it really is. That is just a simplified explanation of how it functions. In truth, tarot is a mirror. It reflects back who you are. It shows you your strengths and your weaknesses. It makes you confront the decisions you have made in the past, your attitude, both good and bad, and how these components have affected your life as you know it. Somehow, just the right archetypes are selected each time to help you understand what you need to do to advance forward. It’s uncanny how tarot does that and I have no concrete explanation for why exactly it works, but it does. It tells you exactly what you need to hear to move forward. Reading the tarot is an organic, intuitive process. Tarot works because it bypasses our every day minds, our everyday reality and speaks to our unconscious in symbols and it helps us look at situations out of the box. Seemingly random events arrange themselves in such a way they reveal the truth and insights about what the situation at hand is. For me again and again it blows my mind how it works, and it does, and that, for my purposes, is what really matters. For the time being I merely know that with the right approach and intention the cards will behave in a particular manner and I will see the pattern clearly and understand the message, and that can be harnessed to useful effects for myself, and for my clients.

In closing

We always need to be willing to let go of old beliefs. To free ourselves of rigidity. We all need to take the ideas we hear and use them for our own benefit to come up with our own answers. Beware of falling for programming, because in the end that is what all teachings do.

With all this said, I do wish Doreen the best. I don’t want to bash her but I don’t like the way she goes about judging people and how she is sort of erasing her past in one swipe without facing the pain she has caused and belittling the people that have supported her for so many years.

Yes you may feel betrayed and hurt. Yes you may feel lost and no longer sure who to trust. Look at where you have hurt yourself and let yourself down. Where have you drifted from your truth?
Let this be a mirror for us to look within for the greatest teacher.

Now keep in mind that the teacher isn’t the teachings. If the teachings still resonate with you, continue on your own path and enrich them with your own truth and insights. You don’t have to throw all of it out. Let this be a lesson not to put people on a pedestal. And always go with what resonates with you and dismiss all else. This life is about growth, about change, and we are all free to adapt and move on. It is your journey! Be inspired and be true. And let’s celebrate our uniqueness and let’s be grateful for our path and all we are learning. We are all going through this together, in our way. Be kind and be of service in the way that is right for you.

Stop looking outside yourself. Turn within.

In love,
Charissa xxx

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