New Moon in Virgo & Autumnal Equinox

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New Moon in Virgo & Autumnal Equinox

​So no more regular astro updates on this website as they take up too much time and I want to focus on other passions. But I couldn’t resist to do this little sharing of information that may help you forward and inspire you. Just short & sweet.

First of all a happy New Moon to you! We are now in the last week of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the feeling of change is in the air. The days are become shorter and the air is crisp. There are still warm sunny days, but the nights are chilly. I hope you had a wonderful Summer and are ready to move into Fall. A new season and new opportunities. The change of seasons brings a good time for us to reflect on the past few months so we can decide how we want to move forward.

This New Moon is a perfect time to set intentions that make you want to dive into Autumn with great joy and expectations. Don’t just go through the motions of life, but take time to look back and plan ahead. Yes I am a big believer in living in the now. But not without proper reflection or looking ahead. Mindfulness is all about not running around in circles and doing things mindlessly! So yes reflect and make time to do so.
Do it NOW!

So this New Moon is in the sign of Virgo and has a theme of healing. A lot of people are hurting right now, individually and collectively. There is a strong call for healing and for care, for love. For taking care of others and taking care of ourselves. A time to define how we can be of service, from our strength, from our passion, not from a need to be loved or accepted. So how do you want to serve, how do you complete the puzzle? As you are unique and you are here for a purpose. It is TLC time. We need to heal all those wounded parts of ourselves. As always be aware of your thoughts and patterns, let go of beliefs and convictions. Ask questions to yourself and others. Be inquisitive and have an open mind. And heart. It is now so important that we don’t shut down and remain loving and kind. We need a lot of empowered, strong softness in this world. Kindness and gentleness, compassion and understanding.

We are close to the September 21st Equinox, another opportunity for balance and a new start. So perhaps you have neglected some projects during the Summer months, now is the time to pick them up and work towards those goals you set for yourself. Envision yourself New Years Eve. Where do you want to be and which steps do you need to take to get there. Make a plan. The energies are helping you to take big steps. Go for it!

Much love, Charissa xx

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