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Tarot Tijd / Tarot Time (video in NL)

Because I have decided to make this website bilingual and don’t have or want to make the time now to do two videos (because of the loss of spontaneity) I have decided to do an English video one week and a Dutch one the next 😉

So this week the video is in Dutch and I transcribed in short the message in English below, so no-one is missing out 😉

Thank you for understanding.

Video in het Nederlands:

Brief description of the reading in English.

Daughter of Swords (Page of Swords) – the suit of Air which stands for communication and ideas. An owl perched on a sword. The sword is linear – clear thinking, straight to the point – no bullshit. The owl is observant, taking notice, vigilant. It has wisdom and makes quick connections. Analytical mind. But beware of suspicion and of fear, stay open minded. Connect your own dots. Do your own thinking. Don’t be distracted or let other sources confuse you. But beware of paranoia. Observe power structures. Don’t make assumptions or jump to conclusions and stay away from drama. Don’t get wrapped up in mind games and seek for simple solutions. Follow your inner wisdom.

The second card for this week to tell us more is the Nine of Wands Reversed. This card tells me that we are almost there, we can see the finish, we have come a long way and crossed many obstacles. But the card is in reversed so it tells me that we are not fully there yet. Many of us are so tired and fed up, but this card tells us to hang in there and keep our eye on the price so to speak. Keep going and spend your energy wisely. Again no distractions. Switch off anything that drains your energy. Cut cords to anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you joy. Choice wisely. Be discerning. Stop doubting and trust your path. Be mindful and again no hasty judgments. Take a media time out and let life come as it does, focus, no distractions. Find your groove and flow smoothly along. Take those last hurdles with as much ease and grace as possible.

Hang in there, we need you, you need you. Keep going. Keep the faith.

Thank you.

See you next week in the English video of Tarot Time.

Have a happy week.




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