Slow down – do you live with intention or just going through the motions?

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Slow down – do you live with intention or just going through the motions?

Hello dear you!

Apologies to my Dutch readers first, this will be in English only. Tarot Time will be in Dutch this week.

I need to set boundaries as the past few weeks have been quite challenging for me. It is the time in my Sun sign of Libra and I am confronted with finding balance in my life. The best intentions for my self are becoming more and more clear and I can see clearly where I am out of balance. And this is hard. The New Moon of Thursday was extra strong for me with clear insights and dreams about my life and where I need more alignment. New Moon’s make our intuition stronger and with the Moon in Scales as well as the Sun we have a deep need to find harmony within ourselves.


When we set a direction in our lives, have a clear intention, we also notice what is keeping us from that state at this moment and this can be frustrating. Sometimes it can seem easier to be unaware and to live life on automatic pilot. With your eyes wide open it is so very clear what needs to shift and is not in alignment with your true vision.


Libra’s have a deep sense of justice, and this time speaks to our need to stand up for ourselves and others. And this can be tricky as Libra’s also have a deep need for peace and harmony and risk guarding their own boundaries because they rather keep the peace and not ruffle any feathers. So often there is a pattern of people pleasing and boundaries being crossed. And yes this came up for me in the past weeks. Too much on my plate, overwhelm, struggling to say ‘no’ and choose for my own health and balance. The scales had tipped over. It was time to identify the life areas that were spiraling out of control because I left them unattended.


And because Libra’s see things from all sides, they see shades of gray and they want the best for everyone, it takes forever for them to make decisions. So this may have come up for you as well in the past month and especially last week. But the need for truth and following our intuition is also very strong at this moment, that these two energies are raging within us and make us feel irritated and restless.

Death of a keyboard

As an example yesterday I wanted to get a lot of work done for Joy in Creation as I had a day off at home. But in the morning I spilled coffee over my keyboard. Bye bye keyboard and bye bye work (yeez those things are expensive!! 150 euro!! – will get a new one next week so I am typing this on a ratty old laptop – no fancy fonts and picture editing software, but it will have to do…I am grateful I have this back up). So yesterday I was forced (thank you Universe for you clear lessons and nudgings) to seek the pleasures of the offline world. I finished a drawing (which I will scan when my desktop computer is back in order – and add to my store). And I made SoulCollage® cards, did yoga and cleaned house, out with Summer clothes in with Fall. So all in all it was a lovely day, being it not for me trying to fix the keyboard all day long, involving rice, hairdryers, opening the thing up, searching the internet for clues and deals on cheaper alternatives than Apple’s crazy wireless option! Anyway let it go now, the new keyboard is ordered via Marktplaats (Craig’s List) and should be here next week. In the meanwhile this laptop will do fine. Funny how much I do on my computer. Offcourse I have an online biz so for me it is my lifeline really. My hat off to digital nomads. I aspire to be like you. Today will be a day of more art, some home cooking, perhaps a nice walk if the weather clears up a bit and off course Tarot Readings. Lesson learned yet again – be offline more and play more!

Slow down

Now it is important to slow down and take a deep breath. This New Moon is not about doing, it is about being, about slowing down and re-aligning and integrating all the energy that we are infused with at this time. With manifesting it is important to slow down and notice each step, not to jump ahead, but let yourself be guided. It is about divine timing. It is about balance. And this may seem overwhelming and hard but once you have achieved it, everything becomes easier. I know I have been there, I have been in that place of ease and peace. But the past weeks I had fallen off path for a moment (as we all do in this life) and at one point decided to stop and meditate on it. I didn’t start to do more and fix it (an old pattern). But just being with the discomfort and listening. From the outside it may not have looked much different, but for me my energy felt totally different this week. It is a state of being not doing. So this week was much better and this weekend I feel a big shift from last weekend. Yay!

Stronger and wiser

This is a season to turn inward and become stronger and wiser. It is time to stand up for what we believe in. It is time for us to be reborn and start anew. We don’t lose all that has come before, we have integrated all those part of ourselves to become braver and open to live our truth. This is a time to envision our lives to be. It is a time for rest and be with your creations in your safe cave until you can release them to the world in the new year. Now is a time to decide what you take with you in your cave for safe keeping and nurturing and what you leave behind in the old world.

Let’s make a difference

Right now we see revelations everywhere, crimes in the film industry and government, pedophelia, space activity, false flags, all lies are being exposed – on a collective level, as well as on a personal level. Once the light shines on these dark hidden (true meaning of occult) places, all comes out. We are now faced with all our fears, insecurities, limitations and limiting beliefs. We are faced with all that we need to let go, all that is weighing us down. We need to let this shit go in order for us to move on, up, wherever, but to another world. To another reality. This is not the world we want to live in is it? I sure don’t! This is not the world that I see it can be. And if you don’t want to change for yourself, then please do it for the generations after you. This is their future. Let’s make a difference.

Keep it up, we are making so much progress, things have to be turned upside down and inside out to be changed. To be rebuild. We are now in the disassembly phase and it it painful. But hang on. We need you.

Keep looking forward, don’t look back. Be excited by what is possible and keep your eyes open to what is going on around you. Use your discernment with everything. I don’t mean paranoia, but healthy questioning on everything that is being rolled out. Especially the tip toeing to more control and restriction of freedom is something to be aware of and the Smart grid and AI domination. We need to stay human, fully human and not let our freedom be taken away. We are already so limited in our freedom what it is. We go by restricting rules without questioning them. We need to start asking questions.

Well I am going on rant now, so stopping right here as this is getting way longer than intented. Was meant to be a small update.

Tomorrow I will post Tarot Time – this week in Dutch – with a transcription in English and next week again in English.

Live with intention and slow down.

Happy weekend to you!
Much love,


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