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Tarot Tijd – Nederlandse video / English transcription

Hello you! This week’s Tarot Time video is in Dutch. I alternate each week between Dutch and English.

So this week the video is in Dutch and the reading in short is below here in English.

In the video I shared about my past weeks and about my first introduction workshop SoulCollage® December 18th in Amsterdam.

The reading this week was again so so spot on!
The first card represents the past weeks and it is The Magician in Reversed. It speaks about our skills and talents that are lying dormant, this often due to fear of them and/or ourSelves. We are not using our gifts and this is draining our energy and making us feel out of synch and out of alignment. What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? Be honest with yourself. It is time to make a shame. To shift this fear into greatness.

The card to represent this week is the Death card. This card is not to be feared, but embraced as it is about transformation. Something is falling away and this may be scary at first, but looking back later you will see that something better came in its place. Go with the flow of transition which is so suiting for Fall as this is a time of dying and transforming. Nature is dying and retreating. Death needs to happen for new beginnings to be born. New time full of renewed vitality and expansion.

The last card is our advice and it is the Nine of Pentacles Reversed and it asks us to rest. Are you working long hours at the detriment of your health and personal life? This card says a time out is a good idea so you can come back ful of enthusiam and energy.

So once again the guidance and message from the cards is very clear and very on point.
I hope this is of help and support to you.

I wish you a very happy and restful week.

Take care.


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