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Shields up – How to protect your energy

Hiya all!

In the last Tarot Time I spoke about shielding before going to sleep. I received a question from a reader who asked how to shield. At this time it is very important to shield, especially when we go to sleep as we want to make sure we sleep to rest and not to be used for other purposes during sleep time. I really don’t want to scare you, but please better safe than sorry right. You are often not aware of what happens when you sleep. Do you ever wonder why you wake up so tired? Do you feel scattered, have strange memories? Most of us just brush it away by blaming nightmares or stress, but are you sure this is what is happening? Do with this information what you like. But I believe (yes it is a belief – but also an experience) in proper shielding. It works for me so I support this belief for now. I want to press the importance of shielding, not from a place of fear or shutting the world out. But to be centered and aligned at all times. We leak out so much energy and give it away so willingly to not so benevolent forces, that we are left behind drained and depleted. Even people who are not out to suck us dry, do so unknowingly – we all know these energy vampires in our lives. And not even to mention all the technological interference we are dealing with. So yes I feel shielding is very important. I feel a major difference in my energy and sleep pattern whether I shield or not. That is why I share this with you as I hope it may benefit you as well.

How to

Now you can shield how feels perfect and solid for you, but here I share with you my ‘protocol’: Imagine a pure white sphere, like a giant egg, all around you. Set the intention that this is impenetrable. Say this out loud and picture it clearly in your mind’s eye. Or say it quietly or within and picturing it. If you think you can’t visualize, set the intention that you can. It is all about intention. Now once you have done this anchor it firmly into your grounding roots, see your shield cover your whole grounding cord (if you have questions on grounding and grounding roots/cords, please let me know!). See it grow strong into the Centre of the Earth. This will power your shield to the Earth’s energies even when you are not focused on your shield. Now set your shielding intention, by saying strongly and with conviction: “This shield is impenetrable to all energies, technological frequencies beings, that are not for my best and highest benefit, only my own higher self is allowed with my sphere of influence, and so it is”. If you are very sensitive you may notice an area of discord within your field, if so visualize a decreasing white circle, spiralling continuously form beneath your feet to go up around your whole body and see it go all the way to the top of your head. Set the intention while visualizing this inner spiral shield that any being approaching it, or near it will be destroyed by fire. Do not worry about how to do this – knowing this intention to be true is enough. Be confident and strong and keep doing it. Don’t become sloppy after a while (like I have and learned the hard way). You may add anything to your shielding that come to you – but do use what I described above and use that wording. If you feel like you are being psychically attacked, concentrate on the area of attack and make a ball of the pain or sensation, see yourself plucking it our and say our loud “ I return this attack back to its sender” and throw it back. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who it is.

Soul Body Fusion®

And a very good practice is to practice Soul Body Fusion® multiple times a day, once you have received the 3 sessions, this is something you can do in just 3 minutes. Do it every day, especially when waking up and going to bed and it will make a world of difference. If you would like to know more, please see this page:

I wish you a happy day and a very peaceful night!

Be well.



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