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Taurus Full Moon & November energies

Hello hello, welcome to November!!

Wow what happened! Is it November already? Time as an experience and concept sure is shifting.

Happy Full Moon to you. I know I wrote that I wouldn’t be writing about astrology anymore, because I have to mind my time and my energy. To make choices. I will not go into astrology at great length and depth, but I will write about it every now and then, because it is something I pay attention to. And I share when I feel it may be of support to you as well.

Taurus Full Moon

So tomorrow the Moon is Full in Taurus. The Sun is still active in Scorpio so it is wise to use this energy to get things done. This energy is potent and full of inspiration. Scorpio is a very complex and feeling sign. Later today the Moon grows into the much more reflective and grounded Taurus. Scorpio is sign of letting things go and of severing bounds. Where Taurus is very much about holding on and staying with the known and comfortable, Scorpio is about change. These opposing energies, this contrast will bring us new inspiration through the senses of Taurus. But it will also make us feel unclear as to hang on to things or to let them go. With each issue that comes up ask yourself if it makes you feel light and happy or heavy and contracted. See if you can feel this in your body, not ask with your mind. Take note of that. Be open to be inspired, take note of you senses, use them. This reminds me of our latest Tarot Time and the guidance from the card. Love it how it all comes together.

Physicality & sensuality

My Moon Sign is actually Taurus so I know this sign well. Our Moon sign reflects who we are when no one is watching, our Sun sign is how others see us, how we show up in the world. Taurus is an Earth sign, and is all about physicality, beauty and sensuality, it tends to be over-indulgent and an intoxicating energy. You may feel a bit more sluggish and the need to eat heavy foods, to indulge and fill yourself up. Beware of this trigger of this automatic response. See if you can feed your senses in another way, say through creative expression or gratitude. This sign is about honoring the senses and nourishing the body and soul. This can also be with nice lotions, getting a massage, having a hair cut, wearing soft clothes. Whatever makes your senses tingle. The invitation or lesson is to find balance in all you do and not overdo it. Moderation may seem boring, but it is always about balance. Pay attention to what your body tells you, tap into its wisdom. Aks it what it needs. Nourish it, listen to it, take care of it. It is so wise, let it speak and let it express itself.

Home sweet home

Taurus is also about comfort and the home. I notice myself that I have been nesting. Investing in soft and warm blankets and other wintery accessories for the home. I feel a deep need for softness, new textures and colors. I am very sensitive to textures and I stroke materials all day long. It is a subconscious thing I do but I tend to touch things all the time, to sense the texture and energy. I also have a great sensitivity to color as I feel color nourished the soul. So see what you can do with color and texture in your home that brings you more joy and wellness. I have also been craving heavier and filling food and feeling like I want to hibernate for a few months. Just be at home. The need to go out and play is not very present now, I just want to be at home and create. I try and give myself more me-time at home, but I have to be aware that I don’t turn into a Hermit during Wintertime. Yesterday I found myself googling Silent Retreats so perhaps I will take a time out sometime soon. We will see. On the other hand (ofcourse with Libra there always is haha) I have so many ideas I want to bring to the world and so many great things planned that a retreat is not really in the books right now. But I am taking days away from the computer, alone, every change I get. Just listen to what your soul and body need. Don’t ignore it. Don’t let your mind run the show. Ego it is time for your hibernation now. Good night, sleep tight.

Love is in the air

This Moon is ruled by Venus and love may be in the air. This energy encourages friendships to blossom, and falling in love, but you have to be open to receive it. The Moon this month is mostly influenced by the planet Neptune, which is very spiritual and will make us more intuitive, dreamy, romantic, artistic and sensitive.

Hunting High & Low

This Full Moon is also called the Hunter’s Moon. In the past people would go hunt for food as there was less and less food to be taken from nature, as all greens are now dying off, to be reborn in Spring. This is a good time to ask ourselves what we want to hunt for? The theme for this moon is transformation and survival. It is clear that we all need to transform in order to survive. The way the world is going now is a dead end. We all see it clearly, but most of us just keep on running straight to the abyss. Ask yourself what you can do to help yourself and the collective transform for the good? What can you start doing to make a difference. To help us shift. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, start small, but do something. You know what needs to change. We need to take our power back.


At this time when the veils are still very fine, it is a good time to evaluate what you have taken on from your family lineage. What do you notice all of your family carries with them? What is the red thread in your lives? What are you passing on? What lessons have you learned from them. Do sit down and evaluate this. It is so insightful to do this. What do you want to carry on and what what family trait or tradition do you want to end with you. What do you want to honor and what pattern is best broken. Don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to carry all other people’s sorrow and pain. You may learn from it, but it is not up to the new generation to keep repeating patterns. I am sure the ancestors are cheering you on in the background to set them free. Because by healing an ancestral energy or pattern, you heal the entire bloodline. You can make that change.

Mystical Time

I find this time very intens, very soothing, very mystical. The energy has shifted and the air is frail, like stepping to another dimension really is like pushing away the curtains and stepping through. There is this mystical sense about everything. Can you feel it too? My ears are actually buzzing all the time and my hands feel electric. But I am drifting off point. This may also be the 5G frying me slowly, but I like to think it is the energy rising in a more positive way.


The energies of November are all about self esteem, about honoring ourselves. To feel that we are just as potent as anyone else. That we are worthy and we are powerful. It is time to stop looking outside ourselves. It is time to step up. People around us and in the media are falling of pedestals. If you have built your ego high, beware it may fall off! Self esteem is not about feeling better than anyone else. It is about honoring and respecting ourselves without looking outside of us for validation. To feel we are worthy. We are being rewired to adapt to the new concept of time. You may notice your experience with time is changing and your ability to manifest using ‘time’ is growing. This is a time where we are being ‘trained’ to hear and follow through with your guidance and how you respond is essential. This is to help us strengthen this response. Instead of questioning it, but to respond without hesitation or resistance to our guidance. It will be the little intuitive nudges, those little “hits” in life. We are still in training school, so don’t look for big things, but the little intuitive guidance you receive, listen. Strengthen this ability by starting small. Act upon your inner guidance. If you don’t listen to your small nudges, the bigger ones will be lost on you. This is about helping you to connect to your internal guidance system and trust it. To be grateful that you are receiving and are able to follow it.

This is a great month for transformation, but we have to stand up and resist this domination, this control. The harder the powers that should not be push, the more we unite and come together. Don’t give up, shine on. Keep going.

And to leave you with the words of the Gmork:

The most powerful people on the planet are the ones who know who they truly are. WE have the power, take it back!

In gratitude.


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