Tarot Tijd – Nederlandse video / English brief transcription

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Tarot Tijd – Nederlandse video / English brief transcription

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!

I hope you are well

This week’s Tarot Time is in Dutch.

Deze week is Tarot Tijd in het Nederlands, zie hier de video:

And here is a brief transcript of the cards’ messages:

The energy of this week: 10 of Cups (Rx) – This cards tells us we are not following our hearts, our purpose. We are not living by our values. We are going through the motions and living someone else dream. We are lost in all the must do’s and to do’s that we don’t make time to step back, reflect on where we are in life and where it is we are going. We are just going through the motions. This card is about disharmony. Also within family life. About taking others for granted. This card asks us to notice. Take note of our lives and our loved ones and to show respect and love. To be a good example by being compassionate and not wanting to have the last word or feed fights. Know when it is time to step back and reflect. Stop rushing around feeding time to things that are really not that important to you and pay attention to what matters. Find balance and harmony in your life.

Our advice for this week: Temperance (Rx) – It is time to ‘work’ on your larger vision for life. This will help you balance and following your heart. Take time for reflection. Reflect on your life, take stock. What needs to change for you to have more fulfillment in life? What will bring more value to your life? Don’t be impatient, take time for this proces, do not make any rushed decisions. This is a time for reflection. To take stock. And make time to take note. Are you living your life or someone else’s? Does your life belong to you and is it in alignment with your highest values?

What is you Why? And are you living it?

Happy week to you! X

“Don’t just wait for inspiration. Become it.”





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