Tarot Tijd 4 december 2017 (video in Nederlands)

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Tarot Tijd 4 december 2017 (video in Nederlands)

Hallo Lieve JIJ! Deze video is in het Nederlands. Hieronder een korte Engelse tekst met uitleg. Veel plezier en een fijne week!

Hello dear one,

I hope you are doing well. We are now in a period of transition, on collective and individual level and this is challenging and taxing on our energy(ies). Humanity is shifting and we have to keep up. We need to take good care of ourselves and have patience and a sense of humor about it. Be forgiving towards Self and others and don’t be too strict and rigid. Play a little!

These times may be unsettling and it is important we focus on our love. We need to stay connected to our inner silence, peace and intuition. We need to allow our higher truth to come in. We need to welcome it and not be afraid of it. We need to create a safe haven for our truth and triumph over our fears.


I had a very good week. On Friday we celebrated World Aids Day. I work at Aidsfonds (previously Stop Aids Now!) and this is a day to celebrate all the successful projects and interventions and to refocus the attention to what still needs to be done in the Aids response. The International Aids Conference will take place in Amsterdam this year, so interesting and busy times ahead for us.







On Saturday I had an inspirational SoulCollage® meeting and yesterday I visited Rotterdam with friends, had a lovely brunch, visit to the Wereldmuseum (World museum) and we played card games at a cafe as the weather outside was not very comfortable and friendly. It was lovely and I feel so much better now. Like a weight has been lifted of me. The extreme lethargy is gone. Moving with the energy and focusing on my core and that peace inside of me. I lost it for a bit riding the collective wave of madness. But I feel I found it again and strongly connecting myself to that strong love inside of me.

This week’s Tarot Time is in Dutch – next week it is in English again:

The card for our guidance and inSPIRIation this week is the Eight of Crystals Reversed.

The Crystals are the Pentacles in the Rider Waite deck, so the cards that represent the physical, Earthly realm. Upright this card represents diligence, discipline and going all the way. Ambition and focus. Reversed this card shows us we are getting lost in the details, are working too hard and are prone to perfectionism and therefor never launching a project into the real world because it is never finished. We may not feel so focused and ambitious at the moment. We are going round and round in circles and losing track of the bigger picture. Just going to the daily motions, and doing what needs to be done. Surviving, not thriving. It is now time to zoom out and think outside the box. Are you still on the right path for you or are you lost in the daily nitty gritty to do-lists? Take time to look at the big picture and feel if you are still on track and working on your vision. Look more long term and let go of the daily must do’s for a bit. And let go of projects and ideas that are weighing you down. And those things you are working on so hard? Are they still representing you? If yes launch them now, unleash them into the world, if not let them go. It is time to look for something new, the old ways are not working anymore. Thing big!

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