Snow Magic

Snow Magic

Hello you!

How are you! I hope you are well.

I am doing so much better and I hope you are as well. The past few weeks were like moving through deep, dark, cold mud, but I feel so much lighter and happier now! And feeling into it I feel that the snow played a part in this. Now here in The Netherlands we have had some early snowfall and it messed up our tiny country big time. The Netherlands is not build for ‘extreme’ weather and it is annoying and at the same time amusing to see how it disrupts our daily lives. As sometimes we need to be disrupted in order to slow down and and look at things from another perspective.

I myself was stuck traveling from Belgium to The Netherlands as it took me over eight hours to get home from Belgium (normally it would be 3 hours). Had to switch many trains, take busses and had to experience a lot of lessons in patience and being alone with my thoughts and projections. And now looking back I am very grateful for it and can even laugh about it a bit (even though the 3 hours in the snow waiting for a bus still is not funny 😉 ).

Now I really don’t like the cold, but I do feel the magic of snow through my entire body. The chills are not just from the freezing temperatures. Snow brings in silence (even though it also creates a lot of havoc in the so called organised world). It purifies the air and muffles sharp sounds and clouds are outward sight so it is easier for us to see inward. It is pristine and soft when it falls on the ground and it spreads a magic carpet for us to make a new path on. I feel this snow cleansed a lot of negativity and stagnant energy and the world now just feels so much lighter and brighter.


Now did you know that snow and ice hold natural properties that we can incorporate into our magical endeavors? Snow is water and it is feminine in energy and thus used for healing, cleansing, and purification. Water is related to the West and associated with passion and emotion. Wintertime is the perfect time for doing magic and snow is a beautiful medium for doing this magic. Winter is for reflecting and going inward, and this snow spell is a beautiful way for us to be mindful that not all spellwork is about instant results, but that there is great power in setting long-term intentions in winter and seeing them manifest in Springtime.


Think about, for starters, some of snow’s physical characteristics. The most obvious one is that it’s cold. It’s also white. Sometimes it’s light and powdery, other times it may be heavy and wet. How can you incorporate these into your magical workings?

  • If you’re a fan of candles, make ice candles–they’re are a lot of fun and easy to make during the winter months. Just look it up online or search on YouTube, there is plenty information to find.
  • Build a snowman as a very large magical poppet. Assign a snowman the magical task of being a guardian at the entrance to your property.
  • Got a bad habit you need to get rid of? Form that bad habit into snowballs, and throw them as far away from you as you can.
  • Snow quartz crystals are often associated with fulfillment of hopes and dreams. Use actual snow instead of crystals in workings related to wishes and goals.
  • If someone is bothering you and won’t leave you alone, try this simple bit of magic. Write their name on a slip of paper, and pack it in snow in a zip-loc bag. Place the bag in your freezer, and leave it there until the person “chills out.
  • Go for a walk in the woods on a day that it’s snowing. Enjoy the silence, and the magic of the snowfall.

For you who are having snow, see it’s blessings and find peace in the silence. And for those of you who live in places where it doesn’t snow, I hope this pictures inspire you and help you feel it’s magic.

These pictures are taken by my friend Karina Grens who is also an amazing illustrator. You can see her work here:

Happy wintertime!

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