Winter Solstice – a time for renewal

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Winter Solstice – a time for renewal

The darkest day or the longest night of the year is near, the Winter Solstice or Yule, on December 21. At the Winter Solstice, the sun begins to return, shifting the balance of dark and light, bringing promises of increasing warmth and new beginnings. This is an auspicious time that can increase the effects of our focus and intentions. Energies for renwal and manifestation will be stronger during the solstice, so create vision and visualize what you want to create. The Solstice will propel us into the new year with a renewed sense of purity, clarity and joy.


This is a powerful time to reflect on our shadows so we can release some of that pain, heal our emotions and make room for the returning light. In the shadows we shift, grow and recharge. Use the stillness of winter to move inward and feel the peace inside of you. This is a great opportunity to honor your inner world and let your emotions flow so they can transmute and manifest into a strength you take with you in 2018.

This is also a very beneficial time to do a releasing ritual. Listen to your intuition and go with the flow of the energy and write down all you are ready to let go of. When you finished doing this write down what you have learned from this. Now write down in what part of your body you feel this in and finally how you will feel when you let this go. After this cleanse your energy in the way that feels best to you. But take time and do this writing assignment thoroughly as it will help you see clearly what needs to shift.

This is a time of introspection and reflection on what you would like to change. In which direction would you like your life to go? This time is very beneficial for us to tap into our higher consciousness and see clearly how we can brighten our world.

This time, the returning of the light is a sacred time of introspection but also a time for celebration. The sun is returning and the days will be longer! Life will return! Now if that is not a reason for a party? It is also a time for benevolent rituals such as lighting fires or candles to light up the darkness and keep earthbound spirits at bay. And clean your home to clear out the darkness and make room for good luck and prosperity. Also bless your home with a wreath of evergreen to honor the wheel of the year and to remind us that the green of spring shall return.

I wish you a joyous Solstice and a very blessed holiday season.

Love, Charissa

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