Tarot Tijd 31 december 2017 (and brief English transcript)

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Tarot Tijd 31 december 2017 (and brief English transcript)

Een fijne laatste dag van het jaar!!

Bij deze de Tarot Tijd van vandaag en hieronder een korte uitleg in het Engels.

De video is in het Nederlands:


Christmas at a friend’s house. The Yule Log and I


Finished this today and will be available in my Etsy shop soon

Happy last day of the year to you!

So good to meet you on this final day of the year and I wish you a lot of love, joy and alignment in 2018. I wish you heartfullness and a clear vision.

Today I am so happy, I have been doing tarot readings all day long. The Year Ahead readings for everyone that ordered one. I will send them either tomorrow or the day after. Need to type them all out and make a pretty PDF of all the pictures and messages. I will do my own Year Ahead reading tomorrow.

Also I have been doing a lot of cleaning house. Rearranged some things and haha well I just can’t seem to stop scrubbing and cleaning! Want to start the new year fresh I suppose.

So here’s to a clear new year!

I hope you all had a good Yule and Christmas.
I am looking back on a lovely week with friends and a week of reflection and looking forward.

This week – a day in Den Bosch with a friend – these pictures were taking at Noordbrabants Museum


In order for us to create that what aligns with our true soul, we need to get clear on what our vision is. What are we passionate about? What do we intend?

Tarot Time

Today I drew two cards for us. One for that what we learned/take away from 2017:

The Lovers (RX) – Something fell apart and this led to change. We see this in our personal lives and on the world stage. Things are just crumbling down and are divided, very black or white. A lot of division. And also a change of values and beliefs. Now this is good, even though it is painful. It is good to question everything, even though it feels unstable and like all you believed is a lie (it probably is). We do know the truth as it is in our hearts. But so often our minds and hearts aren’t balanced, and with this out of synch we make bad decisions. The question to ask now at this time, heading into the new year. “Do you really know what you want?”

The second card signifies what to expect in 2018 – The Tower (RX) – A time of crisis where all security falls away. And strangely enough this is also positive. The Towers, the structures, need to fall in order for us to move forward in unity and equality. We need to be brave and courageous to become free. It is time to build new foundations. This card represents deep life lessons and intense happenings, manifestations. These experiences will make our priorities more clear. We will feel what matters most and stop fidgeting around with trivial distractions. It is time to cut to the core and fight for our freedom. Look around you, open your eyes and see where freedom is being taken away. Do not stand for it. Stand up for your vision, for your truth. Do not get distracted or lose yourself in fear. The game is on! Now let’s play!

Do not fear.

All IS well!

All IS true!


I love you.

See you next year 😉

Much love, xxx


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