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2018 – my year ahead reading

Happy new year!!

I hope you had a safe and warm end of year celebration.

I like, like for many years now, managed to sleep right through all the fireworks. I intend to stay up each year and I stretched it to 11.30 pm this time. But I fell over and went to bed, expecting the fireworks to wake me up. But as the fireworks had been going off all evening already I probably didn’t register the difference and slept right through.

I had a lovely evening though. This is the first year in a long time that I actually felt like opening up an expensive bottle of Champagne (well it has been sitting there for years waiting for a celebratory event! Guess this is it!) and look back on a good year. It was up and down, but mostly uphill. I feel so much happier and more balanced. So much more free and light. I feel grateful!

Onwards and upwards!

The last days of the year was spent doing year ahead readings for people who ordered one and today I made time to do my own. The readings I do for others are a bit more elaborate. This one for myself is brief as I know enough seeing the keywords and cards. I am posting this as a reminder to self and something to come back to often.

Now this reading didn’t make me leap with joy, but I am grateful for the heads up. As tarot readings don’t predict the future. They indicate the most possible future if we continue the way we are going now. We are in the driver’s seat and can take actions to alter this energy pattern.

My so many cards in reverse…

As it is now my year will look like this:

January – Ten of Swords (RX): A new start. Forgiveness.

February – Temperance (RX): Chaotic times and disruptive energy. Imbalance and a lack of a long term vision.

March – The Empress : Abundance, creation and a reconnection with nature and nurture. Connect with others by nurturing, caring and supporting those around you

April – Son of Wands (RX): Chaotic and impulsive behavior. A lack of direction.

May – Two of Cups (RX): A breakup and arguments.

June – Daughter of Cups (RX): A breakup and some form of codependence. A creative block.

July – The Fool: New beginnings, fresh hopen and taking chances.

August – Mother of Swords (RX): Overly emotional. Look at your situation objectively and think with your head and not your heart as this may give you a better picture of the situation and help you evaluate what you need to do next.

September – Nine of Pentacles : Self sufficiency and indulgence. Luxury. A point in my life where you are feeling self-confident, self-sufficient, independent and free.

October – Ace of Swords: A new project and inspiration. Raw power, victory, break-throughs, mental clarity.

November – Ten of Cups (RX): Misalignment of values. I am not living by my personal values and am not being true to myself. I am allowing others to determine what will and will not make me happy rather than looking within for that source of fullfilment.

December = Two of Swords: A stalemate, time to make choices,  perhaps time to compromise?

Theme of the Year:  Nine of Cups (RX): Too much dissatisfaction. My expectations may be unrealistic or I may not be actively pursuing my dreams, instead hoping that they will manifest with little input or action.

Now this ‘prediction’ I don’t want to bring into creation so I am honoring the energies as presented and take action so this doesn’t manifest. I choose another reality. However the most probably future is very good to know so we can decide what to do and create another reality. We have the power! Do we want this to play out? Keep doing as your are doing. I however want change. So I will take action and choose another reality.

Starting with satisfaction and showing gratitude as much as I can.

Thank you Tarot for this reminder and heads up!

And thank YOU for reading this!

Wishing you all the best and see you soon!



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