Tarot Time (video in Dutch) & blog update in English

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Tarot Time (video in Dutch) & blog update in English

Dear you,

How are you? I hope you are well. You haven’t read many Facebook updates and blogs from me and I feel this will quiet down even more. It is not that I am not inspired, lots is going on inside of me, lots is growing, but it is just not ready to face the world yet. At the moment I feel like playing, clearing, turning inward and just pitter pattering around. I am re-discovering old passions, old projects, rekindling broken energy and mending loosened ties. I feel like doing things for me, nothing that needs to be shared. I need sacred time with me, myself and I. So yes lots is going on, but also a whole lot of nothing, which it great as it gives me room to expand.

Missing the boat

Now I feel a bit of a nagging feeling that I am missing the “New Beginning” boat as there are now just fragments of new ideas, but I do not want to do anything with it at the moment. I have many ideas and writing them all down. But I don’t feel the need right now to follow up on them. I just feel extremely happy and satisfied as it is. All is perfect as is.

Natural time

I experience more and more that the whole concept of time has nothing to do with our real needs. If we look at nature, it is also too early for sowing crops, for starting new plans. It is the natural time of stillness, the further digestion – composting or composting – of leaves, fruit and experiences into fertile soil. Near scrabble for something edible, something warm and back in the protection of a home. And also a period of possible scarcity, of just a little bit and the economical handling of your own energy.

The B-word

So I am ignoring the voice that tells me that I really have to start doing something I do not want to miss the boat to a successful year. Around me, I see a lot of people from the pressing obligation of this idea make heated plans and chase themselves through the day. Why does successful equal busy in the Western world? I am setting an intention to not utter the word ‘busy’ too much this year. I choose not to experience this feeling and to give it any further power by calling it out every day. Are you with me? Let’s not utter the B-word for a week, let’s see how we do! Please let me know how you did in the comments below. We are worthy without being busy. There is nothing cool about doing all the time. Let’s break this spell.

Give yourself permission

It does not make any sense to go against your life rhythm. The course of your natural energy, as that will just unnecessarily cost a lot of energy, make you frustrated and produces a result with no satisfaction. Give yourself over to your feeling. Give yourself permission to tune in at your own pace. Stop and sit down in the middle of the day with a nice book and a cup of tea. Or just sit and be. Just stare out the window. Give yourself time to ponder the year ahead and take your time. There really is no rush, the moment of sowing will be here fast enough, all in perfect time. And when it comes you will be spiritually and physically prepared for it.

Tarot Time

The card for this week is the King of Pentacles Reversed. This card tells us about excess in Earthly matters such as food, alcohol and sex. Now after the holidays many of us may have overdone it a bit in this department. No wonder that in January almost everyone seems to be headed for the gym and piling up the green juices. Now this card is also a very rigid energy. And we can also be rigid in our health regimen, so be aware of that. Where in your life are you not in flow and are you ‘stuck’? It is good to be grounded, but all in balance. It is good to venture up into the clouds, even if it is just to come up for air. Upright the card shows a master of all earthly matters, abundance, power and safety. In reverse this card warns us for authority and dominion. This is a warning when dealing with authority figures this week. Money does not make one right. If a person has money this is no reason to trust them and look up to them. And when dealing with contracts or financial matters this week, be extra careful. Read the small print! Don’t get swept of your feet by big promises and material gain.

Well thank you tarot! This is also (as always) very good to know for me as I am in the middle of signing a contract for the ground of my house and this is a head’s up for me not to let myself be pushed and hurried into a decision. I will call the municipality tomorrow and look over the contract with a fine-tooth comb. Also I have the final New Years parties coming up this week, I need to give my body a break and stick to healthy food (bye bye cheese and bread) and water (bye wine). I have had way too many parties in the past weeks. Party time is great, but all in moderation! And food and drink do not make a party! Ah yes and so it is! Let’s have a natural high and be high on life and life energy!

Happy week y’all!

Much love &many blessings from Amsterdam!

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