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Tarot Tijd (Dutch video – English in text)

De video is in het Nederlands, een korte Engels text staat hieronder.

Hello dear you,

How are you? I hope all is well and you are keeping your spirits high and happy. Here in The Netherlands the weather is very soft, but gloomy. It is not cold, but not a lot of sunshine either. The birds however are singing again and hyacinths  and crocusus are popping up from the ground. The world is waking up from it’s slumber.

Today I am celebrating the reception of my Tarot Master Diploma! Yay for me!


And I have just recorded this video of Tarot Time. This week in Dutch. The next one will be in English again. However this will not be next week as I am taking a time out. Time to reconnect away from the computer. So no computer, email or social media for me the coming weeks. I will be back soonish. We’ll see. So if you email me, I will take longer to get back to you. I will answer as soon as I am back online. But for now I am taking a time out. A time in the real world and time to connect to what is growing inside of me. I need to feed the seeds that are sprouting in order for them to bloom when Spring really arrives. So I am taking this last stretch of Winter to play and to listen.

The card for the coming weeks is Seven of Cups Reversed. Now this card upright speaks of dreams and fantasies and if we give them attention they grow. However in the reversed position this card warns us of temptation, illusion and diversion tactics. We mustn’t lose ourselves in fantasies and be aware that a lot in our lives is an illusion. One we choose to believe, to accept. We have to power to pierce the veil of illusion, to have a breakthrough and see our true dreams and aspiration. We need to use our discernment and not let ourselves be swayed, divided and ruled by collective pressure. We must discern what is coming from love and what is fear programming and all sort of projections playing out in our lives. What do you believe? Now it is time to get your head from the clouds and see the truth. Ask yourself what really makes you happy and gives you deep satisfaction (not the fleeting happiness we buy in shops or seek from others) and where are your best intentions. Follow these and do not let yourself be persuaded from you path. Focus on the prize.

See truth. Be truth. Be love.

See you soon(ish).

Much love, Charissa xxx

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