Say yes to no

By |November 12th, 2017|Blog, Coaching, English|

Hello! How are you? I so hope you are well and taking good care of yourself and your energy. I am going to make this brief as my eyes are not handling the screen very well. I had a rough week. I fell into old patterns of overwhelm and of not setting healthy boundaries. Old patterns of working too fast, too much and too long and ignoring all physical and mental signs that I was heading for an abyss. I just kept running...and running...straight to the edge. Wooow hang on crazy coyotes. Stop it right now. Questions for re-lease These old patterns of working too hard and pushing myself to the edge, did bring up a lot [...]

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Joyful June – will the real you please stand up!

By |June 3rd, 2017|Astrology, Blog, Coaching, Healing|

Welcome to June, a month of sunny days and long warm evenings and nights. We are almost at that time of year that the duration of day and night are equal, the Summer Solstice. Can you believe we are almost already half way through this year?! I sort of got into a panic, because I haven't seen many of my big ideas come to light. But I took a step back and looked at what I did accomplish and how these things are even better than my original plans and they all came from a deeper longing, not just the next bright thing that came along. A lot of what I am doing is still behind the scenes, [...]

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Party Pooper

By |May 20th, 2017|Blog, Coaching, truth|

Every morning my desktop ask me "what is your main focus today?" And I always know the answer, as every day when I wake up I set an intention on how I want to feel that day, it is a small trick that can really direct your life. Now this post is about something I have been chewing on this week and that is where do we project our thoughts and what do we do when negative emotions come up? Do we focus on love and light and everything bright or do we feel the pain and think well not so happy thoughts? Now I belief in setting intentions and putting attention to what you want to grow. [...]

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Healing our inner mother

By |May 12th, 2017|Blog, Coaching|

This Sunday is Mother's Day. I always have a bit of a problem with certain days for certain people or things. Why do we need special days to show gratitude for the people in our lives. Every day is Mother's Day. But that is another discussion I won't go into. Also not the fact that it is an invention by the greeting card and gift giving industry. My I sound so cynical! And you know perhaps I am, but I also love days like these to put in some extra effort towards the ones we love and perhaps are taking for granted a bit. So when it came to Mother's Day I have always tried my best to [...]

The Sound of Silence

By |April 21st, 2017|Astrology, Blog, Coaching, Yoga|

Yay! Happy weekend to you!! How has your week been? Have you called on Thetis a lot this week reminding us to be the peace, the stillness in unsettled waters? I sure have! I have been feeling so edgy, so ungrounded, so rushed, I can't seem to find that quiet peaceful place within myself. I consciously had to stop myself and take a time out. So today I have a day off to ground and take care of me... I am sitting here in silence, typing. This helps me get my mind at ease and make sense of my feelings and emotions. This blogpost is about stress, what you can do about it and also some astrological support. Happy [...]

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New Moon in Aries – What is your Soul Direction?

By |March 26th, 2017|Astrology, Blog, Coaching|

Dear you I hope you had/are having a wonderful weekend! Here in Holland we switched to Daylight Saving Time last night so the evenings are getting longer. I always get a bit jetlagged even with the one hour difference, but in a few days I will find my rhythm again. The energies are powerful and building which may result in many of us to wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the mornings. Try to stay calm, stay in bed and just relax. Don't struggle to fall back asleep. Surrender. Try blocking off your right nostril and breathe deep and slow through your left nostril. At least 5 counts in and 5 counts [...]

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Nog even over 2016

By |January 19th, 2017|Blog, Coaching|

Vorige week op de Nieuwjaarsborrel van het werk hoor ik mezelf zeggen dat 2016 niet mijn jaar was. Ik hoor zoveel mensen zeggen hoe vreselijk yuk 2016 voor hen was. Maar toen ik dit beaamde bedacht ik me dat 2016 mij veel ontnomen heeft maar ook ontzettend veel gegeven heeft. En daar ben ik diep dankbaar voor. Ik voel mij een werkelijk ander mens. 2016 heeft mezelf gedwongen goed voor mijzelf te gaan zorgen en mijn pijn en schaduw te omarmen. Het heeft mij opengesteld om hulp te ontvangen en ik voelde mij zo dankbaar en gesteund. Zo kwetsbaar en zo sterk. Er ging een knop om, een knop van compassie. Ik zie mijzelf en de wereld nu [...]

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By |December 30th, 2016|Blog, Coaching|

The new year often inspires a renewed sense of purpose, determination, and hope. A time to leave the past behind you and embark on new adventures. Wow, hello, where has 2016 gone? It just flew by? I feel it is still October or perhaps even September, not almost 2017! To be honest I am not very sad to see this year go and to get a fresh new start. The past year has not been easy, not for me and not for so many of us...I hear so many people sigh in relief that 2016 is almost over. Even though we would like to dive straight into 2017, no looking back, it is important to reflect and celebrate [...]

Reinvent yourself

By |December 30th, 2016|Blog, Coaching|

We all evolve. Change is an absolute. Life is about mental, physical and spiritual growth. The more introspection, the faster there is growth. Sometimes we need to accelerate our growth and this may require reinvention. I was watching the series The Collection the other evening and in the last episode one of the characters Charlotte leaves her old life behind and says that she can reinvent herself. She has done it before and she can do it again. And it struck a chord with me. Yes we can decide who we are, we can reinvent ourselves. We can create our lives consciously and tweak where we like to see change. As long as we are not asleep at [...]

An Attitude of Gratitude

By |November 23rd, 2016|Blog, Coaching, Gratitude, Meditation, Yoga|

First of all, before I start writing this post, I want to reach out and send you gratitude. Thank you for being you and for helping make this world a more beautiful place. To express my gratitude, my gift to you this Thanksgiving is an 11 USD/euro discount on all healings and readings ordered this week (expires Sunday 27 November midnigth GMT+1). And now a blogpost about gratitude, the benefits and how to cultivate this practice. I hope to inspire you to give this a try or that this is a good reminder to show thanks. Please share your experiences and tips & tricks. Love to hear from you! In the past ten years we have seen an [...]