All I want for Christmas …and how to experience peace, love and magic this season

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  December, it is often time of 'too busy', too many obligations and too much doing. When this really is a time when nature calls us to slow down and turn inward. A time to reflect and celebrate our past year. So many people are working overtime to make the final deadlines and people in retail almost work round the clock to keep up with all the shoppers trying to find that 'perfect' gift. And well most of us are feeling dare I use the overused word stressed, stretched and ready to snap. Stress On the radio we are being bombarded by songs of joy and peace, when we don't see much of that reflected in our real [...]

Tarot Tijd 4 december 2017 (video in Nederlands)

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Hallo Lieve JIJ! Deze video is in het Nederlands. Hieronder een korte Engelse tekst met uitleg. Veel plezier en een fijne week! Hello dear one, I hope you are doing well. We are now in a period of transition, on collective and individual level and this is challenging and taxing on our energy(ies). Humanity is shifting and we have to keep up. We need to take good care of ourselves and have patience and a sense of humor about it. Be forgiving towards Self and others and don't be too strict and rigid. Play a little! These times may be unsettling and it is important we focus on our love. We need to stay connected to our inner [...]

Gemini Super Full Moon / Super Volle Maan in Tweelingen

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  Voor Nederlands scroll ajb naar beneden Hello dear you, How are you? I hope you are well. I am dropping in briefly to ask you how you are, and to give you a quick heads up on tomorrow Gemini Super Full Moon. December is a big month in astrology as there are a lot of changes and shifts taking place. These changes and shifts are really going to help us bring in new energy and a new outlook for the year ahead. This Moon may be a very challenging one, but as challenges always do, it may also very well bring lots of breakthroughs if only we pay attention and work with the energies presented. Now first [...]

An attitude of gratitude

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First of all, before I start writing this post, I want to reach out and send you gratitude. Thank you for being you and for helping make this world a more beautiful place. To express my gratitude, my gift to you this Thanksgiving is a 50 percent discount on all healings and readings ordered this week (expires Sunday at Midnight GMT+1). Link to all services And now a blogpost about gratitude, the benefits and how to cultivate this practice. I hope to inspire you to give this a try or that this is a good reminder to show thanks. Please share your experiences and tips & tricks. Love to hear from you! In the past ten years we have seen an [...]

Tarot Tijd / Tarot Time (Nederlands & English)

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For English please scroll down Hallo lieve jij! Allereerst excuses dat de Tarot Tijd deze week een dag later is als 'normaal'. Ik ben een weekendje weg geweest met een vriendin. Heerlijk uitwaaien in Zeeland. Even alle hersen spinnenwebben eruit laten waaien. Dat was zo nodig! I voel me nog steeds best moe, maar niet meer opgejaagd. Ik voel me helder en ontspannen.  = Link naar alle foto's Ik was van plan om gisteren op het strand een Tarot Tijd te filmen, maar het waaide er veel te hard voor. Dus ik heb wel een kaart voor ons getrokken en gelezen en deze type ik nu voor ons uit. Elke week trek ik een kaart voor het collectief, [...]

Dark times of transformation – New Moon in Scorpio

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I wasn't planning on posting anything this week, as I feel so depleted. But I felt a strong calling to share. I am exhausted. Burn out. Again. I fell into the no boundary trap again. Will I ever learn? .... Yes I will. I believe I will. I will learn. I am stubborn, but I will learn. And if I can learn, so can you! I am noticing this pattern for one, and this is an improvement from the past. And knowing I am being triggered and repeating a pattern makes it even harder, but I am trying to love myself none the less and now stop and start over. Reset. Overworking is my big pitfall. My big [...]

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Tarot Time 12 November 2017 (English Video / Nederlandse uitleg in tekst)

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Hello! Welcome to this week's Tarot Time - this week the video is in English - next week it will be in Dutch.     Nederlandse tekst: De eerste kaart staat voor de energie van de komende week: Bekers Acht omgekeerd  Deze kaart vertelt over hopeloosheid, weglopen, doelloosheid. Maar ik voel dat deze kaart gaat over het weten wanneer we weg moeten lopen van een situatie omdat deze niet goed (meer) is voor ons. De tweede kaart staat voor het advies voor deze week - hoe we het beste met de energie van deze week kunnen omgaan: Staven Aas  Deze kaart vertelt van uitbreiding, van groei, van een nieuw begin, een geboorte. Ik voel dat deze kaart gaat [...]

Say yes to no

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Hello! How are you? I so hope you are well and taking good care of yourself and your energy. I am going to make this brief as my eyes are not handling the screen very well. I had a rough week. I fell into old patterns of overwhelm and of not setting healthy boundaries. Old patterns of working too fast, too much and too long and ignoring all physical and mental signs that I was heading for an abyss. I just kept running...and running...straight to the edge. Wooow hang on crazy coyotes. Stop it right now. Questions for re-lease These old patterns of working too hard and pushing myself to the edge, did bring up a lot [...]

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11/11 Gateway – Special discount offer (English / Nederlands)

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This Saturday we pass through the 11/11 Gateway and to celebrate this special date I offer a 11 euro discount on all Services (except for live workshops) this week (expires November 12th) 11/11 energy brings us new insights and awareness so all spiritual work will be enhanced. To give you the opportunity to make best use of it I offer you this discount. During this Gateway it is also easier to let go of old patterns and feel the inspiration and courage to start a new (a)venture. The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man [...]

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Tarot Time 29 October 2017 (video)

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Hiya y'all! Hope you are well. It is that time of week again, Tarot Time.(Korte Nederlandse uitleg meer beneden in de tekst!) This week a short video (in English) using the Zombie Tarot. I am getting ready for a Halloween party. Now I am very aware of what really happens on Halloween and for a long time I decided not to 'celebrate' Halloween. It is not even a Dutch thing anyways (or American for that matter). Halloween as we know it is big biz. But I am also aware that in this time a lot of sacrifice takes place. That the Illuminati or how you want to call them feed of the energy unleashed on Halloween and do [...]

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