Tarot Time (video) – 15 October 2017

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Hi all, The video this week is in English, next week it will be in Dutch again. For a Dutch brief transcription of this video please see below. Een korte inhoud van deze video in het Nederlands hieronder. Voor deze week vroeg ik de eerste kaart om de energie van deze week en het antwoord is de Hierophant, De Hogepriester. Deze kaart vraagt ons om te kijken naar onze overtuigingen en hoe wij deze in woorden en acties naar buiten brengen. Kijk naar wat je gelooft en of je doet waar je over praat. Hoe authentiek leef je? Leef je jouw waarheid? Hoe congruent ben je? Deze kaart staat ook symbool voor de zoektocht naar de waarheid. Er [...]

Tarot Tijd / Tarot Time (video in NL)

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Because I have decided to make this website bilingual and don't have or want to make the time now to do two videos (because of the loss of spontaneity) I have decided to do an English video one week and a Dutch one the next ;-) So this week the video is in Dutch and I transcribed in short the message in English below, so no-one is missing out ;-) Thank you for understanding. Video in het Nederlands: Brief description of the reading in English. Daughter of Swords (Page of Swords) - the suit of Air which stands for communication and ideas. An owl perched on a sword. The sword is linear - clear thinking, straight to the [...]

Tarot Time 1 October 2017 – Mind your mind

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Hiya! Hereby the video for this week's Tarot Time. EnJOY! This is in English by the way. Dutch reading below. For the Dutchies I will translate the reading briefly below. Korte Nederlandse informatie over de reading: Kaart 1 - het recente verleden: Ridder van Staven - Deze kaart staat voor actie, reizen, opwinding en nieuwe ideeën - pas op voor impulsieve beslissingen en acties. Drukke en spannende tijden. Veel beweging. Kaart 2 - de energie van deze week: De Magiër (omgekeerd) - Deze week is het lastig om te focussen, er is veel afleiding en het gevoel vast te zitten, niet verder te komen. De creativiteit wil niet stromen of we zijn teveel bezig met iets contra productiefs. [...]

Be your own guru – about Doreen Virtue denouncing her teachings

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Hiya! This is a blogpost about Doreen Virtue denouncing all her teachings and well about how this is a lesson and mirror for all of us. True colors We now really see people showing their true colors everywhere. This truly is a time of revelations. The so much talked about truth coming to light and gurus falling of their thrones is really happening. And it is quite refreshing and hopeful to observe this, as long as you don't invest in it energetically and get swept away by the drama. Collectively we are now working through so much disappointment and letting go of so much hope we have invested in others. We are now truly called to look at [...]

Tarot Time – 27 August 2017

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Hello, hello! Here I am again. Twice in one day! I had something to make up to you as I have been offline a lot the past week(s). Yesterday I had a wonderful day showing my beste my hood. The weather was beautiful. We visited a local market, had lunch at my house, visited some shops nearby and then walked to a local park and lake where we strolled around and had a local beer on the terrace of a local farm/restaurant. In the evening we had some wonderful Surinam roti and well the day just flew by. It was good to be outside in the sun with my best friend. Just be-ing. At the farm/restaurant a couple [...]

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My personal Eclipse Insights

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Ugh! :-( just wrote a blogpost (part of it twice because this happened twice!), took me over two hours, pressed a button and it is gone! And somehow when I press undo it doesn't come back. Saved files in between, but gone. Very odd. Very Mercury Retrograde. It was quite a personal post and wrote it free flowing, so it is hard to rewrite in the same tone. I guess it was meant more for me personally to release it from myself and at this point not to be shared in public. So I will not see these hours as a waste of time but a powerful exercise in journaling and finding clarity through writing. Anyway I am [...]

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Don’t be a lunatic – stay inside

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Hello hello! Apologies about offending anyone with this title, but I have your attention and I will explain what I mean with these words in this message. I so hope you are all well and staying in your centre. Focus and do not let yourself be swayed by all the erratic energy flying around. I have had some profound insights and dreams and I feel yet again called to repeat the message of love and peace at this time. Now before you go yawn, yeah, boring, etc. I invite you to keep reading. Time for change Humanity is ready for change, the energy now is up or under, all or nothing. But something has to give. It is [...]

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Tarot Time – Mercury Retrograde (video)

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  Hiya! I just posted another Tarot Time video which you can watch here: This is the a picture of the reading And a picture of the third card: Please leave your feedback, your insights below this post, on Facebook or under the video. Would love to 'read' from you! Would you like a personal elaborate intuitive tarot reading, please see here for more information: http://www.joyincreation.com/oracle-card-readings/ Thank you! With love, Charissa xxx P.S. You can sign up for my newsletter here (and receive a free 3 card reading!): Newsletter sign up link

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Tarot Time – Be the Starseed that you are!

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Hello you! It is SUNday so it is Tarot Time! Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you had a wonderful week and please send me feedback on last week's reading and how this showed up for you this week. I had an amazing day. Doing readings for clients and drawing! Finally I made time to let my passion for drawing flow. Here she is, the black and white sketch is done. WaterCOLOR will follow   So in the video below is our reading for this week, for this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Lion's Gate week. Click video above to play Starseed, set yourself and humanity free and explore a new and free way of [...]

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Tarot Time – Reflect with the Son of Pentacles (video)

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Hello hello! Happy new week. It is Tarot Time, enJOY the video! Much love, Charissa xxx If you would like an elaborate personal reading, please see  this page for more information: www.joyincreation.com/oracle-card-readings/ And you can sign up for my newsletter here (and receive a free 3 card reading!): Newsletter sign up link

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