Oracle guidance for this week – video

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Hiya! Hope you are well! This year's Summer Solstice is this Wednesday already! Can you believe it?! Well I can certainly feel it! Woohoo! Supercharged. I will write a bit more about it Monday or Tuesday, but today I want to share our weekly oracle guidance with you! I may also be buzzing because I just had a fab  Yoga session at this year's Yogafest in Amsterdam. It was so so wonderful! I just spent the whole day in between classes wandering around the park watching people enjoying themselves, drinking in the sunshine and enjoying nature. It was also Open Garden day today so I also visited the gardens at Westerpark. Such a lovely and sereen place in [...]

Sagittarius Full Moon Tarot reading

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Hello you! How are you? How was your Full Moon night? Did you receive any deep insights, do you feel more clear? I had so many aha-moments, I kept having to write them down, so waking up so many times last night and wide awake at 5 am. So I have already have a full day behind me. More about this full moon here: http://www.joyincreation.com/2017/06/07/full-moon-in-sagittarius-share-your-truth/ So today I am a day early with our tarot reading. I felt called to work with the cards today. It was a day of self care, meditation, yoga, some house cleaning, a good and healthy lunch, a walk outside in the sunshine. It was good! Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well. [...]

Reading for my father & I

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Hello dear you! Hope you are having a wonderful Pentecost weekend. Here in The Netherlands, we celebrate two days of Pentecost and it is a public holiday today. Pentecost is a Christian holy day commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament of the Bible. Our reading is one day late and today it is not really a reading for all of us.   You see my father past over a year ago on June 5th 2017. Yesterday we, his family and friends, celebrated his life at his local soccer club in my birth town. It was beautiful to see all the people that loved him gather [...]

Tarot Time – what are you truly seeking?

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Hello you! I hope you are enjoying just as beautiful sunny weather where you live! I love love love the sunshine caressing my skin so much! How was your week? What did you notice? How was your energy and where has your intuition been guiding you? Have you had any insights. Please feel free to share them if you wish. I and other readers would love to read. These are confusing and exciting times and we need to share and connect in order to make sense of it all and move forward. On Friday I received a beautiful affirming and inspiring reading, I am so grateful. I had some aha moments, things clicked and confirmation of things I [...]

Tarot Time – Gemini guidance

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Hello you! How are you? Hope you had a wonderful week. Please share your feedback on last week's guidance if you feel so called. How did this energy play out in your life? The creative energy is still very strong right now. Are you feeling it? I sure have! And finally I started drawing and painting again and it feels so so good! I promise myself to keep this up. Gemini Yesterday the sun moved into air sign Gemini, a sign about communication and fun. The Gemini energy can help your life flow much easier if you work with it. It can help you communicate better with others, help you write that speech or copy for your website. [...]

Tarot Time

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Hello there! Happy Mother's Day!  It is that time of week again, Sunday, Tarot Time! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I had quite the amazing week! I had a very positive appraisal at work, the things my employer said made me cry, it was so affirming and empowering. And..... I won a trip to Hong Kong!!!! Thank you Cathay Pacific!! I am so so so happy! I was actually shaking when I found out, so so grateful and excited. Also my best friend is now traveling through the States and I am so excited to share in her adventure through Instagram and messages, but I do miss her company. And I just received the new [...]

Tarot Time (video)

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Hello you! Happy new week to you. I hope you had a lovely weekend! Yesterday in The Netherlands was a beautiful Spring day, so I finally cleaned my balcony and planted new plants and herbs. Also continued Spring cleaning and donated more stuff to charity. Today I went into town with a friend to visit the Van der Elsken exhibition in Stedelijk Museum and In Egypt / Travellers and Photographers, 1850–1900 at Huis Marseille.  It is Sunday, so it is our Weekly Tarot! Please see the video:   Have a beautiful and happy week! In joy, Charissa xxx      

Tarot Time and some other things to share

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Hello!! How are you? I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend! Did you take time this weekend to feed your joy? If not, please do so right now, do something that makes you smile! A little later in this post you can find our reading for this week. I am now sitting at my desk, typing this post for you and smelling this beauty:   Hong Kong I am pondering this magic week. At the moment I am manifesting very quickly so I really have to mind my words and thoughts. Now I had a very very very fantastic manifestation happen! A few weeks ago I was looking at photographs from trips I have made and [...]

Are you looking away?

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Hello! Happy Earth Day to you! Did you hug a tree today? If not run outside now and show some love...♥ I did a video again of our Tarot reading and I also share with you what I am working on and a yoga meditation to rekindle our inner fire and connect to our primal creative force. In the video I share with you our tarot guidance for the week to come in a Clarity Spread. The big question this week is " What is going on? What do we need to know?". The answer is: And to see what this means, please check the video:     As promised in the video hereby some tips to empower our [...]

Our weekly Oracle guidance & a present for you!

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Hello you!! I am here for this week's Oracle Reading, an Easter present and a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for you. Apologies for the bad (low) sound. Next time I will use another device. Still learning to make proper videos and finding out what works best. Please be patient with me. Just crank up the volume please. Easter Present The give-away is to receive information of your Personal and your Soul Card. If you would like to receive this information as a present please drop me a message with your name, date, place and time of birth. Thetis The Goddess Oracle to guide us this week is Thesis, more about her in the video. Inner Conflict Resolver (in the video [...]