A piece of the puzzle – what is truth?

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As I was awake last night because of some drunken hooligans outside my door, I decided to write this blogpost, as the Manchester attack was on my mind. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook timeline about the Manchester bombing and that it may not be what the Main Stream Media is telling us. That is may be a false flag operation (and no this does not mean that it didn't happen, that no one died, it means that the real perpetrators are not what they seem, that there is more going on behind the scenes). I am just sharing this to provide a different point of view, so to stimulate you to think for yourself, to provide an [...]

Party Pooper

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Every morning my desktop ask me "what is your main focus today?" And I always know the answer, as every day when I wake up I set an intention on how I want to feel that day, it is a small trick that can really direct your life. Now this post is about something I have been chewing on this week and that is where do we project our thoughts and what do we do when negative emotions come up? Do we focus on love and light and everything bright or do we feel the pain and think well not so happy thoughts? Now I belief in setting intentions and putting attention to what you want to grow. [...]

Are you free?

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A good day to you! Today in The Netherlands we celebrate a day of freedom, Liberation Day, V-Day, what you want to call it. Today we commemorate the liberation of German occupation in 1945 and the liberation of the former Dutch Indies colonies. On this day we celebrate the greater values of freedom, democracy and human rights. Also today Cinco de Mayo is celebrated, same theme. Well this makes me cringe. Again, same as with the King's Birthday I cannot celebrate this without feeling a hypocrite. Define freedom Because define freedom for me please (you may leave a message below). Is freedom the absence of war? Well is there an absence of war? Really? And is that freedom? [...]

Celebrate Love

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And why I am not taking part in King's Day To everyone celebrating 'our' King's birthday, I hope the weather will warm and you will have a great party. However I will not be celebrating the birthday of a member of such a horrible family with more skeletons and cupboards than a graveyard and a furniture store. Do your own research (see Bilderberg amongst others). Remember don't take my word for anything, not anyone's, always do your own research and use discernment. But be willing to do this before you call out "conspiracy" or "nonsense". And beware of cognitive dissonance and the other way around be aware of wishful thinking and seeking for messages that confirm your ideas. Also [...]

Fluffy bunnies & bloody eggs

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A warning in advance. This isn't going to be a happy happy joy joy post about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the happy celebration of Easter with lots of chocolate and pastel colored fluffy bunnies. Because don't you think it is weird that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ while we see ourselves surrounded by pink Easter bunnies and lots of brightly colored chocolate eggs and other Easter crap that has nothing to do with Christ? Have you never scratched your head why people go to mass and take part in a pagan ritual in the Church. This story is not as cute as you may think, and it's rituals not long gone in the past. It [...]

Arrival – Het leven is een reis

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Ik ben dit weekend op de valreep nog naar Arrival geweest. Ik vond het een mooie film en een aanwinst voor Disclosure / "Onthulling". Helaas vonden de mensen om mij heen dit niet, want naast mij en achter mij lagen mensen luid te snurken. Letterlijk en figuurlijk nog niet wakker. Dit is geen filmrecensie maar meer wat hersenspinsels die ik tijdens de film had. Cuddly & Cute Allereerst hoera! Een film waarbij de "buitenaardsen" eens niet kwaadaardig zijn of cuddly en cute zoals ET. Maar zeker wel zachtaardig en liefdevol. Looks can be deceiving. Een prachtige reminder dat we ons oordeel niet moeten baseren op uiterlijk en dat anders niet per definitie slecht is. Buitenaardsen zijn er in [...]

Stop Believing & Know Your Truth

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2017 will be the year of truth. 2016 was all about revealing that what has been hidden for a long time. This unveiling will continue in 2017. This will be the year of being confronted with our own mirror image. We will see what we have created together and we now see reflected in one another in order for us to experience all facets of life. Are we happy with what we are seeing? What is your reality? Which reality are you tapping in to? Focus on the reality in which you and your talents and qualities come to full bloom. This way you will become a magnet for a new future. But remember how you see the [...]

The winds of change

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Woohoo the wind is blowing fiercely outside my window, leaves are hitting the glass and it perfectly illustrates the feeling in the air. There is a tangible sense of unrest and rebellion in the air. But also the fresh air of awakening and the movement towards true change! Stay calm and be peace Yesterday I attended a 13 hour talk by David Icke, World Wide Wake Up Tour in Amsterdam. In the first hours he told the story of our past and present and then later in the day moved toward the gloomy scenario where we are swiftly headed if we don't take action (all humans replaced by AI). And so many of us look for that positive change, savior [...]

Do not feed the fear

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I am not making myself very popular with some readers, friends, family and colleagues for not having a total freak out about the US elections and Trump becoming president. I have zero emotional reaction to it, because it is so easy to see through all the lies. In the past months there has been so much struggle, so much division. This election wasn't for the people. It was an ego battle and a distraction. This was set up to spread a division and to feed the fear. Also I don't want to feed the Matrix emotional loosh. I also believe magic can come from chaos and that something beautiful is blossoming inside. It's not like all has been [...]

Elections & Tarot Guidance

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As the U.S.A. elects a new president on November 8th, the world watches with concern and mockery. Clearly this week will be one of the most significant in our recent history as this does not just affect the United States. Whoever wins the election, we are in the beginning of a new civilization. This election will shape the years to come and will be formed by how we individually and collectively choose to be. We need to decide what we wish to experience as we move ahead. Sovereign beings These elections have speed up the change on the world stage, as it has exposed so much corruption and destructive intent. The dark cabal's control systems are being revealed. [...]