Tarot Tijd 4 december 2017 (video in Nederlands)

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Hallo Lieve JIJ! Deze video is in het Nederlands. Hieronder een korte Engelse tekst met uitleg. Veel plezier en een fijne week! Hello dear one, I hope you are doing well. We are now in a period of transition, on collective and individual level and this is challenging and taxing on our energy(ies). Humanity is shifting and we have to keep up. We need to take good care of ourselves and have patience and a sense of humor about it. Be forgiving towards Self and others and don't be too strict and rigid. Play a little! These times may be unsettling and it is important we focus on our love. We need to stay connected to our inner [...]

Tarot Time 27 November 2017 (video)

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  Dear you, this Tarot Time video is in English - de Nederlandse korte vertaling staat hieronder.    I hope you had a wonderful week! I had a much better week - ups and downs, but mainly ups, a lot less heavy than the weeks before. Though I do still see a lot of my blocks and beliefs being mirrored back at me strongly. And this is painful and healing at the same time. This is a very enlightening and life changing time. We need to let go of all that is weighing us down and blocking us from living the life we are so yearning for. Let's all stay balanced and not let ourSelves be divided. I [...]

Tarot Time 12 November 2017 (English Video / Nederlandse uitleg in tekst)

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Hello! Welcome to this week's Tarot Time - this week the video is in English - next week it will be in Dutch.     Nederlandse tekst: De eerste kaart staat voor de energie van de komende week: Bekers Acht omgekeerd  Deze kaart vertelt over hopeloosheid, weglopen, doelloosheid. Maar ik voel dat deze kaart gaat over het weten wanneer we weg moeten lopen van een situatie omdat deze niet goed (meer) is voor ons. De tweede kaart staat voor het advies voor deze week - hoe we het beste met de energie van deze week kunnen omgaan: Staven Aas  Deze kaart vertelt van uitbreiding, van groei, van een nieuw begin, een geboorte. Ik voel dat deze kaart gaat [...]

Tarot Tijd – Nederlandse video / English brief transcription

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Happy Full Moon in Taurus! I hope you are well This week's Tarot Time is in Dutch. Deze week is Tarot Tijd in het Nederlands, zie hier de video: And here is a brief transcript of the cards' messages: The energy of this week: 10 of Cups (Rx) - This cards tells us we are not following our hearts, our purpose. We are not living by our values. We are going through the motions and living someone else dream. We are lost in all the must do's and to do's that we don't make time to step back, reflect on where we are in life and where it is we are going. We are just going through the [...]

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Tarot Time 29 October 2017 (video)

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Hiya y'all! Hope you are well. It is that time of week again, Tarot Time.(Korte Nederlandse uitleg meer beneden in de tekst!) This week a short video (in English) using the Zombie Tarot. I am getting ready for a Halloween party. Now I am very aware of what really happens on Halloween and for a long time I decided not to 'celebrate' Halloween. It is not even a Dutch thing anyways (or American for that matter). Halloween as we know it is big biz. But I am also aware that in this time a lot of sacrifice takes place. That the Illuminati or how you want to call them feed of the energy unleashed on Halloween and do [...]

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Tarot Time 1 October 2017 – Mind your mind

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Hiya! Hereby the video for this week's Tarot Time. EnJOY! This is in English by the way. Dutch reading below. For the Dutchies I will translate the reading briefly below. Korte Nederlandse informatie over de reading: Kaart 1 - het recente verleden: Ridder van Staven - Deze kaart staat voor actie, reizen, opwinding en nieuwe ideeën - pas op voor impulsieve beslissingen en acties. Drukke en spannende tijden. Veel beweging. Kaart 2 - de energie van deze week: De Magiër (omgekeerd) - Deze week is het lastig om te focussen, er is veel afleiding en het gevoel vast te zitten, niet verder te komen. De creativiteit wil niet stromen of we zijn teveel bezig met iets contra productiefs. [...]

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Tarot Time – Reflect with the Son of Pentacles (video)

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Hello hello! Happy new week. It is Tarot Time, enJOY the video! Much love, Charissa xxx If you would like an elaborate personal reading, please see  this page for more information: And you can sign up for my newsletter here (and receive a free 3 card reading!): Newsletter sign up link

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Tarot Time 1 July 2017 – video

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Hello you! Good to meet you here! Please see the video for our Tarot guidance for this week. For the draw/give-away I mention on the video and your chance to win 3 free Soul Body Fusion sessions. Please share either this video or this page (  on your social media or blog and send me the link and let me know you would like to enter the draw. The final date to enter is Friday 7th July. Thank you. Have a GREAT week. In lak'ech, Charissa xxx

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Tarot Time – what are you truly seeking?

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Hello you! I hope you are enjoying just as beautiful sunny weather where you live! I love love love the sunshine caressing my skin so much! How was your week? What did you notice? How was your energy and where has your intuition been guiding you? Have you had any insights. Please feel free to share them if you wish. I and other readers would love to read. These are confusing and exciting times and we need to share and connect in order to make sense of it all and move forward. On Friday I received a beautiful affirming and inspiring reading, I am so grateful. I had some aha moments, things clicked and confirmation of things I [...]

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