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More about long distance or remote healing

Imagine reaching out and touching someone. Not with a phone or a note card or an e-mail. Just with your energy and intention. The person you reach out and touch could be in the next room, the next city, the next state, or in another country or on a different continent or even on a boat in the middle of an ocean. It could be the person you love most in the world, or a stranger in need. Wherever they are, your energy and intention can reach them. With a healing intent, your energy can help that person be more whole.For me, the scientific literature and the experiences I had with distance healing were a potent combination. I’ve since become a healer and at least half the healings I do are from a distance. For me distance sessions and in-person sessions are similar. Either way, my focus is the same, to see how I can help balance someone’s energy so they can feel better, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The process makes me feel close to people I’ve never physically met. In fact, after sharing energy, it’s hard for me to remember that I’ve never met someone in person. I feel like I know them so well!


During a distance healing, I can scan someone’s energy field and even feel parts of their energy body with my energy. Very often, the person I’m working with will go into a very deep space, and suddenly wake just as I’m withdrawing from the energy. Distance healing changed my perspective on many things, especially my understanding of how connected we are to each other, and how important it is to stay in a loving state towards others. I now believe that distance healing isn’t just a neat practice for healers and their clients. It’s for all of us. It tells us something important about the power of our intentions, and how connected we are to each other, whether we realize it not.

So go ahead, with a healing intention, you can reach out and touch someone deeply.

Distant Healing