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Mystic Angel Star Healing is a unique healing modality developed by myself, Charissa van der Vlies of Joy in Creation®. As a modality which works in co-creation with our Higher Selves and spiritual guides. Mystic Angel Star Healing offers a profound and unique system of healing and consciousness expansion. It is a powerful means of personal development, transformation and aid for Ascension and Spiritual growth and empowerment.

Who are you really?

When you embody who you really are you can then achieve the life you desire.  The key to lasting happiness and abundance lies in becoming the real you, not the ego or false self. In this world we have so much interference from programs, beliefs, ideologies, personality vows, agreements, contracts from past and present lives, attachments, thoughtforms, discarnates, implants, negative entities, cords, hooks, traumas, events, choices we have made, etc. And all of these exist together layer by layer in our energy and this is what we are projecting out and therefor seeing returned to us in our lives.  By healing and clearing your energy field your frequency starts to increase and your vibration becomes higher and this way you can connect to the true you so much more easily as the interference is less or gone, depending on how much you have built up over the years. I will be honest, a one of healing will not bring you a life of joy and health. But it is a tool, an aid for you to more easily connect to yourself so you can do the work of finding the authentic you and embodying this energy fully. If you feel you need help with this, I also offer Spirit Coaching. Which helps you take these steps and hold you accountable so you don’t slip back into old patterns. So if you are interested in more help than a healing and clearing, please see more information on this page:

The Force is with you

During a Mystic Angel Star Healing Treatment, I tap into the Force Field that connects us all. Beyond time and space and our mental, astral and physical bodies. And I see and observe you from that point of view. I see the whole you, not the you that you think that you are, your body, your mind. I help you see yourself for who you truly are and help you feel and observe and in this way YOU can heal issues that are showing up in your life.

Beyond Time & Space

Because this exploration is not restricted by time and space. This allows us to reach deeply into all areas which require rebalancing and healing, bringing all the pieces back and merging you back to wholeness. In multidimensional Mystic Angel Star Healing, the recipient is lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional and karmic imbalances as well as ancestral issues throughout all time and space. It is a blessing to give and receive these healing sessions.

What Conditions Can Benefit from Mystic Angel Star Treatments?

There are no known contra-indications or areas of caution. Mystic Angel Star Healing is, therefore, suitable for anyone, of any age, and any condition can benefit from treatments. Males, females, children, babies, pregnant women and animals can safely receive these energies alongside conventional healthcare and any other complementary therapy. 

Mystic Angel Star Healing heals deep core issues, liberating and empowering in a unique way. My own practice draws people wishing to address stress-related conditions, emotional and psychological distress, those with physical complaints that are outward manifestations of inner trauma, as well as those who feel ‘stuck’ spiritually.

Number of treatments

There is no recommended number of treatments for any condition as the regime is led by you, not by me, the practitioner.  And people I have treated frequently report positive change after just one treatment. However, with the exception of chronic conditions, and pregnant women who choose to have treatments throughout their pregnancy, in the main I have found that a Mystic Angel Star treatment plan rarely involves more than three sessions.

As any healer knows, the causes of conditions may not be where the effects are being felt; also the illness or dis-ease may be serving a purpose which the ‘client’ has not acknowledged. During Mystic Angel Star treatments the process of attuning to, and working with, beings of light on the higher dimensions, can provide the practitioner and the client with insights into causes of conditions.


A Mystic Angel Star Healing Session

At this moment I only assist in distance healings as there is no difference in the transferal of energy and this allows me to work with people from all over the world. I don’t want to exclude anyone. In a one-to-one healing session I channel healing energy through my hands and third eye. The receiver of the energy will be at home or another place where they can relax so they can consciously receive the energy. Healing often commences well before the practitioner and client connect energetically via distance healing.

When healing with Mystic Angel Star Healing is instigated, both the client and practitioner receive a down pouring of Soul energy, causing a transformational shift in consciousness. Personal spirit guides then reach into the past in accordance with the Higher Self and for the very best of all involved, to heal all memories of suffering. For the recipient, any old thought-forms not in-tune with the Divine Vibration become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration. Non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions are relieved, promoting very deep healing and transformation which can bring about seemingly miraculous physical effects.

Both receivers of the energy and the healer have a profoundly relaxing experience and the whole session lasts about an hour (including preparation, intake and feedback). The healing energy is channelled from The Force/Source. The scope of the session can extend to include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes. Often I will include the use of crystals or other energetic tools such as flower remedies as appropriate for the individual client’s needs. The practitioner is simply the vessel, so that the Divine Love and Light comes through and can be seen to assist with the your needs, according to the highest good for all concerned. You may or may not “feel” anything immediately, as the energies will continue to work within your auric field and energy body for several days.

After the treatment, healing continues to be absorbed at the appropriate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level(s), and full integration of the Healing energies can take three weeks or longer. Some people only need one session, while other people need more. It is recommended to leave 3 weeks in between sessions. Depending on your own needs and level of vibration, you may feel that additional sessions are required.

If you want, when making the appointment and after treatment there is the opportunity to ask questions or to discuss, if you wish, whatever is troubling you or you need more clarification on. I always send feedback after the healing and check in how you are feeling. Every treatment is unique. What you and I may see, feel, sense… varies considerably, and may be profound beyond words to describe fully. At the end of the treatment, we both will share what has been experienced, and I pass on specific insights and guidance.

Distance healing

Distance or remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether. A healing session can be sent on distance as long as the client is comfortably seated or laying and has privacy. With the distance session you will receive feedback on the healing session via email.
More information on Long Distance Healing under this link. 

Make a choice & gift yourself a healing

Are you tired of waiting? Waiting to be saved or healed. Waiting to get a clear message. This will not come unless you decide to move forward and make the first steps. It is YOU that needs to take action. Empower yourself, love yourself and give yourself this opportunity. Clear your blocks and move forward!

For an appointment and if you have more questions please send an e-mail to or call me +31 (0)6 242 155 33
Book a healing session with me via the contact page.

We will set a time and date and I will ask you to lie down and relax at that time.

Energy exchange: 60 minutes distance session is €50/USD (via Bank transfer or PayPal)

To make a healing even more empowering I suggest you also allow me to do a reading for you. This will give you clarity on your Path and provides you with a knowing of which pattern is now present for you and which path may be most joyful for you.

If you are really serious about making a big change in your life and you are ready to commit. I also offer Spirit Coaching. Please read more here:
I only work with people that are ready to make a change and are willing to let go and heal and move forward.

For combinations of healings, readings and coaching please see my Prices & Services Page

My dedication to you and all life on Earth

I come from a lineage from both my father’s and mother’s side of the family of healers and clairvoyants. I have been raised as a spiritual being and have always been drawn to healing and empowering others. I noticed from an early age how touching people relieved pain and I have always been able to intuit how people feel and what is out of sync, out of alignment and vibration. I am clairsentient and claircognizant and from people who see energy I have been told that especially my right hand is a powerful channel of healing energies. I am dedicated to helping others relief density and discomfort and to help you on your Path on Earth.

Over the past years I have studied many healing modalities and I have used some of them as separate healing services in my practice Joy in Creation, such as Atlantean Healing and Angelic Reiki. I am also a certified Usui Reiki Healer (1 and 2), Angelic Therapy Practitioner®, Pranic Healer and Flower Therapy practitioner. I have studied many more modalities like EFT, The Healing Codes and Chakra Healing. I have also offered (and still am) offering Angel Oracle and Earth Angel Readings. But the separation of different modalities and the old school rituals and protocols felt restrictive as all my work is intuitive, so this slowly merged and evolved into a new unique modality ” Mystic Angel Star Healing”.

In this healing and reading modality I combine Angelic Reiki, Atlantean Healing, Angel Therapy, Flower Therapy, Spirit Coaching, Awakening Angel Healing Modality, crystals, essential oils and all other teachings I have picked up on my way on this planet. For some of these please see the Experience-page. I work in contact with your Higher Self from the point of view of Source, of The Force. Whatever I feel you need at that moment I will bring through for you.

I called it Mystic Angel Star Healing because I am a Mystic Angel Star “Person/Earth Angel”. I learned this from a study course with Angel Teacher Doreen Virtue. I am so grateful for knowing this as so much clicked and fell into place. I always felt a strong connection to the stars and a fascination for Extraterrestrial life. But I also have strong memories and imprints of many lives lived here on Earth. A Mystic Angel Star is a blend of Starpeople, Wise One and Incarnated Angel. They are natural born teachers who bring Universal knowledge to Earth. You can always see compassion in what they do. They are loving, helpful, caring and street-wise. They are healers and know-it-alls (haha!) with a good sense of giving and receiving. Starpeople like energy healing, and being helpful as needed. Wise Ones enjoy teaching, practical magic and Earth-based spirituality and Mystic Angels enjoy teaching about healing. Yes, yes, yes!

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