Say yes to no

Hello! How are you? I so hope you are well and taking good care of yourself and your energy. I am going to make this brief as my eyes are not handling the screen very well. I had a rough week. I fell into old patterns of overwhelm and of not setting healthy boundaries. Old patterns of working too fast, too much and too long and ignoring all physical and mental signs that I was heading for an abyss. I just kept running...and running...straight to the edge. Wooow hang on crazy coyotes. Stop it right now. Questions for re-lease These old patterns of working too hard and pushing myself to the edge, did bring up a lot [...]

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11/11 Gateway – Special discount offer (English / Nederlands)

This Saturday we pass through the 11/11 Gateway and to celebrate this special date I offer a 11 euro discount on all Services (except for live workshops) this week (expires November 12th) 11/11 energy brings us new insights and awareness so all spiritual work will be enhanced. To give you the opportunity to make best use of it I offer you this discount. During this Gateway it is also easier to let go of old patterns and feel the inspiration and courage to start a new (a)venture. The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man [...]

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Tarot Tijd – Nederlandse video / English brief transcription

Happy Full Moon in Taurus! I hope you are well This week's Tarot Time is in Dutch. Deze week is Tarot Tijd in het Nederlands, zie hier de video: And here is a brief transcript of the cards' messages: The energy of this week: 10 of Cups (Rx) - This cards tells us we are not following our hearts, our purpose. We are not living by our values. We are going through the motions and living someone else dream. We are lost in all the must do's and to do's that we don't make time to step back, reflect on where we are in life and where it is we are going. We are just going through the [...]

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Taurus Full Moon & November energies

Hello hello, welcome to November!! Wow what happened! Is it November already? Time as an experience and concept sure is shifting. Happy Full Moon to you. I know I wrote that I wouldn't be writing about astrology anymore, because I have to mind my time and my energy. To make choices. I will not go into astrology at great length and depth, but I will write about it every now and then, because it is something I pay attention to. And I share when I feel it may be of support to you as well. Taurus Full Moon So tomorrow the Moon is Full in Taurus. The Sun is still active in Scorpio so it is wise to [...]

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Shields up – How to protect your energy

Hiya all! In the last Tarot Time I spoke about shielding before going to sleep. I received a question from a reader who asked how to shield. At this time it is very important to shield, especially when we go to sleep as we want to make sure we sleep to rest and not to be used for other purposes during sleep time. I really don’t want to scare you, but please better safe than sorry right. You are often not aware of what happens when you sleep. Do you ever wonder why you wake up so tired? Do you feel scattered, have strange memories? Most of us just brush it away by blaming nightmares or stress, but [...]

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Halloween Reading (English & Nederlands)

Nederlands scroll naar beneden alsjeblieft! Hi there! This wasn't planned, but I felt called to do a Halloween reading for everyone who reads this. A collective reading. It is not as elaborate as the personal Halloween consults I am doing now, but I believe it provides us collective support and guidance. I hope this is of help to you. Because the descriptions in the Zombie Tarot booklet are quite funny, I have kept them for this reading. Normally I use my own guidance, but for now I go by the book (with some of my own guidance added). How can we effectively honor our ancestors at this time? - Five of Hazards  We have come to a [...]

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Tarot Time 29 October 2017 (video)

Hiya y'all! Hope you are well. It is that time of week again, Tarot Time.(Korte Nederlandse uitleg meer beneden in de tekst!) This week a short video (in English) using the Zombie Tarot. I am getting ready for a Halloween party. Now I am very aware of what really happens on Halloween and for a long time I decided not to 'celebrate' Halloween. It is not even a Dutch thing anyways (or American for that matter). Halloween as we know it is big biz. But I am also aware that in this time a lot of sacrifice takes place. That the Illuminati or how you want to call them feed of the energy unleashed on Halloween and do [...]

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Samhain and the thinning of the veil

Nederlandse vertaling hieronder / Dutch translation underneath the English text Samhain is also known as Halloween or All Saints. The ritual year begins with Samhain on October 31st. The end of October has been a spiritually significant time for centuries. The Celts called their New Year celebration Samhain. At this time of the year contact with the other world of deceased ancestors and the spirits is easier to make. Samhain, Summer’s End, originated in the 10th century in the Irish story Tochmac Emire, the Enchantment of Emer. In this story Emer, the heroine of this story, referred to Samhain as a time when the Summer lays down to rest, the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter [...]

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zondagmiddag 17 december in Amsterdam: Introductie workshop middag SoulCollage®

zondagmiddag 17 december in Amsterdam: Introductie workshop middag SoulCollage® Vroeger toen we klein waren, toen we nog speelden en creatief kleurden, plaatjes plakten of dingen bouwden. Toen stonden we nog in direct contact met onze intuïtie en waren we nog niet bezig met het begrip tijd en allerlei zaken die moesten. We waren gewoon. Helaas zijn veel van ons die staat van zijn en lekker creëren kwijt geraakt. Heb je behoefte om gewoon weer lekker te spelen en zo jouw inspiratie en intuïtie de vrije loop te laten? Doe dan mee met de SoulCollage® Workshop op zondagmiddag 17 december in Cultureel Centrum De Gouden Leeuw in Amsterdam. Met SoulCollage® kan iedereen, ook al vind je dat je geen [...]

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2018 is knocking at our door / 2018 klopt op jouw deur

Nederlandse tekst onder deze Engelse tekst!  2018 is knocking at your door Hello dear you, How are you? How has your week been? I hope you are well. Personally I am doing much much better. More relaxed, more in my body, happier, more me. I feel good and full of inspiration and gusto. I wish you the very same. Maybe you're not thinking of this at all, but 2018 is coming! That means it's time to think about what you would like to start up in the new year. What are your intentions? What are your dreams? What do you want to create? What do you want to change the next year? Wintertime We are now entering the [...]

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