A piece of the puzzle – what is truth?

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As I was awake last night because of some drunken hooligans outside my door, I decided to write this blogpost, as the Manchester attack was on my mind. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook timeline about the Manchester bombing and that it may not be what the Main Stream Media is telling us. That is may be a false flag operation (and no this does not mean that it didn't happen, that no one died, it means that the real perpetrators are not what they seem, that there is more going on behind the scenes). I am just sharing this to provide a different point of view, so to stimulate you to think for yourself, to provide an [...]

An Ascension New Moon in Gemini

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Happy Ascension Day and New Moon to you! Or Jesus Fly Up Day as my father would call it as he couldn't remember the English name for the day. I still use this term every now and then, it makes me smile. Now before, years ago, you hardly ever heard the word 'ascension' and now it is such a buzz word it kind of lost it's magic. But for me today is a reminder about being inspired by Jesus (or the story of Jesus, what you will) to live our best life possible, to walk our truth and to be leave this world with as little bagage as possible. To become lighter and more enlightened. It is a [...]

Tarot Time – Gemini guidance

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Hello you! How are you? Hope you had a wonderful week. Please share your feedback on last week's guidance if you feel so called. How did this energy play out in your life? The creative energy is still very strong right now. Are you feeling it? I sure have! And finally I started drawing and painting again and it feels so so good! I promise myself to keep this up. Gemini Yesterday the sun moved into air sign Gemini, a sign about communication and fun. The Gemini energy can help your life flow much easier if you work with it. It can help you communicate better with others, help you write that speech or copy for your website. [...]

Party Pooper

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Every morning my desktop ask me "what is your main focus today?" And I always know the answer, as every day when I wake up I set an intention on how I want to feel that day, it is a small trick that can really direct your life. Now this post is about something I have been chewing on this week and that is where do we project our thoughts and what do we do when negative emotions come up? Do we focus on love and light and everything bright or do we feel the pain and think well not so happy thoughts? Now I belief in setting intentions and putting attention to what you want to grow. [...]

Tarot Time

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Hello there! Happy Mother's Day!  It is that time of week again, Sunday, Tarot Time! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I had quite the amazing week! I had a very positive appraisal at work, the things my employer said made me cry, it was so affirming and empowering. And..... I won a trip to Hong Kong!!!! Thank you Cathay Pacific!! I am so so so happy! I was actually shaking when I found out, so so grateful and excited. Also my best friend is now traveling through the States and I am so excited to share in her adventure through Instagram and messages, but I do miss her company. And I just received the new [...]

Healing our inner mother

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This Sunday is Mother's Day. I always have a bit of a problem with certain days for certain people or things. Why do we need special days to show gratitude for the people in our lives. Every day is Mother's Day. But that is another discussion I won't go into. Also not the fact that it is an invention by the greeting card and gift giving industry. My I sound so cynical! And you know perhaps I am, but I also love days like these to put in some extra effort towards the ones we love and perhaps are taking for granted a bit. So when it came to Mother's Day I have always tried my best to [...]

Wesak blessings

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Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment, and in some traditions also his death. As the most important figure in Buddhism his life is celebrated and revered. Gathering to chant and pray are an important part of a traditional Wesak celebration. It’s not just about Buddha and other Ascended Masters, it’s about each of us alive now, encoded at a DNA level for enlightenment. At Wesak season the Masters interact with humanity and shower abundant blessings upon the Earth to help with ascension. It is a sacred time each year. Template for enlightenment Wesak is a rare opportunity to connect tangibly with enlightened Masters like Buddha, Christ, Kuan Yin, and Mary. These ascended beings long ago [...]

Full Moon in Scorpio – bring light to the darkness

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Hello to you! You wouldn't feel it, but we are in the middle of Spring already. It is a chilly Spring thusfar. My gut feeling tells me that this is not natural but intended weather manipulation. But this post is not about so called conspiracies, it is about the upcoming Full Moon of May 10th. This is also called the Flower Moon or the Planting Moon. And even though we had some cold weather and many seedlings died in the unexpected frost, now everything is in bloom regardless. Retrogrades and healing Are you feeling something inside you growing, wanting to come to fruition. I am suddenly feeling so much clearer, a surge of energy and inspiration. I feel [...]

Tarot Time (video)

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Hello you! Happy new week to you. I hope you had a lovely weekend! Yesterday in The Netherlands was a beautiful Spring day, so I finally cleaned my balcony and planted new plants and herbs. Also continued Spring cleaning and donated more stuff to charity. Today I went into town with a friend to visit the Van der Elsken exhibition in Stedelijk Museum and In Egypt / Travellers and Photographers, 1850–1900 at Huis Marseille.  It is Sunday, so it is our Weekly Tarot! Please see the video:   Have a beautiful and happy week! In joy, Charissa xxx