Angels? Are you for real?!

Hello dear one, How have you been? I have been offline a bit and I quite like it, so I am taking a bit of a break and will post a little less the coming weeks. Bare with me I will return new and improved!! I have great plans and inspiration is bubbling. I am enjoying this flow and refuse to be distracted by "must do's" and planners. So I am taking it as it comes (and goes)...Riding the wave. I hope you are all well. My heart goes out to everyone who is experiencing storms and havoc, be it from nature or from within. May you be well and safe. Take good care and turn inward. Don't [...]

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September Full Moon & Tarot Time

Hello, how are you?!! I can't believe it is Sunday again already... where did the week go?... We are clearly moving into Autumn here in The Netherlands. The days are becoming shorter and shorter, the light is softer and the smell of slow decay and moisture is prikkling noses. Nature is preparing for Winter, slowly turning more inward and showing off their beautiful colors for one last round this year. There are some strong energies at work now and everyone is feeling wonky and out of balance. People are lashing out and are on edge. It is now so important to stay 'sane' and calm. I hope you and your loved ones are well and I hope you [...]

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Be your own guru – about Doreen Virtue denouncing her teachings

Hiya! This is a blogpost about Doreen Virtue denouncing all her teachings and well about how this is a lesson and mirror for all of us. True colors We now really see people showing their true colors everywhere. This truly is a time of revelations. The so much talked about truth coming to light and gurus falling of their thrones is really happening. And it is quite refreshing and hopeful to observe this, as long as you don't invest in it energetically and get swept away by the drama. Collectively we are now working through so much disappointment and letting go of so much hope we have invested in others. We are now truly called to look at [...]

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Tarot Time – 27 August 2017

Hello, hello! Here I am again. Twice in one day! I had something to make up to you as I have been offline a lot the past week(s). Yesterday I had a wonderful day showing my beste my hood. The weather was beautiful. We visited a local market, had lunch at my house, visited some shops nearby and then walked to a local park and lake where we strolled around and had a local beer on the terrace of a local farm/restaurant. In the evening we had some wonderful Surinam roti and well the day just flew by. It was good to be outside in the sun with my best friend. Just be-ing. At the farm/restaurant a couple [...]

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My personal Eclipse Insights

Ugh! :-( just wrote a blogpost (part of it twice because this happened twice!), took me over two hours, pressed a button and it is gone! And somehow when I press undo it doesn't come back. Saved files in between, but gone. Very odd. Very Mercury Retrograde. It was quite a personal post and wrote it free flowing, so it is hard to rewrite in the same tone. I guess it was meant more for me personally to release it from myself and at this point not to be shared in public. So I will not see these hours as a waste of time but a powerful exercise in journaling and finding clarity through writing. Anyway I am [...]

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Don’t be a lunatic – stay inside

Hello hello! Apologies about offending anyone with this title, but I have your attention and I will explain what I mean with these words in this message. I so hope you are all well and staying in your centre. Focus and do not let yourself be swayed by all the erratic energy flying around. I have had some profound insights and dreams and I feel yet again called to repeat the message of love and peace at this time. Now before you go yawn, yeah, boring, etc. I invite you to keep reading. Time for change Humanity is ready for change, the energy now is up or under, all or nothing. But something has to give. It is [...]

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Full Solar Eclipse – Time for humanity to break free

Can you feel it? The energy is very intense to say the least. I must admit that it feels ominous and exciting at the same time, like something big is about to happen. Now something big (hello eclipse!!) IS about to happen and is already happening, you just need to be willing to be open to it. The energy feels unstable, about to tip over one way or the other. We have the power to tip the scales the way we wish to see the world. We as a collective need to choose what we want to experience. Do we want to stay in this state of apathy and despair or do we want joy and compassion? There [...]

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Tarot Time – Mercury Retrograde (video)

  Hiya! I just posted another Tarot Time video which you can watch here: This is the a picture of the reading And a picture of the third card: Please leave your feedback, your insights below this post, on Facebook or under the video. Would love to 'read' from you! Would you like a personal elaborate intuitive tarot reading, please see here for more information: Thank you! With love, Charissa xxx P.S. You can sign up for my newsletter here (and receive a free 3 card reading!): Newsletter sign up link

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Now is the time – stand in the eclipse doorway

Hello dear you! How are you? Wow the weekend is nearly over already and we are already on August 13th... this year sure flies by. I am feeling Fall is in the air. The air is becoming crisp and I can smell the faint smell of decay starting. It is rainy and chilly here and nature is slowly dying and preparing to turn inward for Winter. The fruits of Autumn are ripening and so are we. Personally I am still fighting nature's way a bit as I am so not ready for cold and shorter days as I love the warmth of the sun and the openness of Summer. I love the lush colors and the smell of [...]

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Tarot Time – Be the Starseed that you are!

Hello you! It is SUNday so it is Tarot Time! Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you had a wonderful week and please send me feedback on last week's reading and how this showed up for you this week. I had an amazing day. Doing readings for clients and drawing! Finally I made time to let my passion for drawing flow. Here she is, the black and white sketch is done. WaterCOLOR will follow   So in the video below is our reading for this week, for this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Lion's Gate week. Click video above to play Starseed, set yourself and humanity free and explore a new and free way of [...]

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