Your big yes to life – Lunar Eclipse & Lion’s Gate

Hello dear you! You beautiful human being! I Shared with you in the last blogpost about the upcoming eclipses: A partial lunar eclipse falls just one day before the Lion's Gate portal on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius, and we are all going to be called on to let go, heal and release so we can receive the new. Lunar Eclipse A Lunar eclipse is a reset, the start of a new cycle and it helps us feel, see and experience more, it makes us more sensitive. It gives us opportunities to let go of burdens, worries and other excess bagage. Travel light so you can delve into new and happy adventures. It’s time to refocus [...]

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Tarot Time – Reflect with the Son of Pentacles (video)

Hello hello! Happy new week. It is Tarot Time, enJOY the video! Much love, Charissa xxx If you would like an elaborate personal reading, please see  this page for more information: And you can sign up for my newsletter here (and receive a free 3 card reading!): Newsletter sign up link

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How the August eclipses will transform your life

A season of change is upon us as August brings us a cycle of eclipses. The portal will open on August 7 when the Moon is full in Aquarius. It is important that we are aware of the energies so they can help us make major shifts in our lives. These eclipse energies are intense and can make us feel really on edge as they show us where we are longing for change, but are perhaps afraid to take real steps to make that happen. Eclipses facilitate change and growth. Those things we have been putting off but are secretly hoping that they fix themselves or solutions show up miraculously without us having to take action. But guess [...]

Happy New Year – may your vision come to fruition

  Hiya!! Happy New Year!! I wanted to get this out to you yesterday, but I guess I was lost in time ;-) As yesterday the 25th of July was the Day Out of Time. According to the Mayan Calendar which follows the moon cycles allowing for 13 months of 28 days with one extra day which equals the same number of days as the awkwardly contrived Gregorian 52 week calendar. This is a time of pause before starting a new cycle of 364 days. The Day Out of Time is celebrated the world over by people of all cultures who recognize the importance of a natural reckoning of time. It’s a day that promotes themes of [...]

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Tarot Time – New Moon in Leo reading

Happy New Moon! I am back from my break. I went to France to visit my aunt, so there was no Tarot Time last week. I hope you all had a great and relaxing week as well and are filled with Summer time joy and inspiration. France/Switzerland (she lives on the border) is beautiful, very clean, very spacious, so much nature, flowers everywhere and the people are very very friendly. I had an amazing time! If you are interested in seeing my pictures, please follow this link (click the Sunflowers!): This weekend I am taking it slow. Enjoying being at home and resting. I didn't realize how tired I was until I slowed down. So today I postponed [...]

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Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

Today we honor and celebrate Mary Magdalene on her birthday, 22nd of July. She was officially given status by the Vatican on June 10th of 2016 as the "Apostle of All Apostles" after being cast by the church as whore for far too long! As her presence emerges strongly on the planet at this time through our consciousness, the truth of who she is she bares the gifts of remembering our feminine power and she reminds us to embody unconditional love and to balance the overpowering masculine energies here on Earth. She is her now so strongly to support us to stand tall and anchor this Divine Feminine. And this is not just for us girls, men too [...]

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Let me hear you roar * New Moon in Leo

Hello hello! Sunny wishes from Amsterdam! How are you enjoying the Summer? I don't know about you, but it doesn't feel like the usual quiet and relaxing energy this season normally brings. Well hang on because the heat is on and it is rising in the sign of fiery Leo. I feel this not the quiet relaxing Summer most of us were longing for as we are being beamed with intense Solar energy and huge shifts are taking place in the individual and collective. A lot is going on on stage and behind the scenes and it is making many of us hyper sensitive and edgy. And now we are on the verge of a very powerful eclipse [...]

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And the winner is…

Hiya! I organized a draw for the readers of the newsletter and followers of my Facebook page. Thank you all for entering. Yesterday I drew the lucky name from the hat and the winner of the free Soul Body Fusion® sessions is:  Seema I will connect with you tomorrow to set up a date and time for the first session. Congratulations!!!

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Full Moon in Capricorn – take inspired action

Hello you! Get ready because Sunday (morning here in The Netherlands) we meet the a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Moon in the Farmer's Almanac is called the Thunder Moon. Well I feel inspired to write about thunder, because boy it was making noise last night! According to the Almanac this Moon ignites our majestic power, ambition and strength. Structure This Full Moon is ruled by grounded Earth sign Capricorn. Capricorns are reliable, but can be head strong and stubborn. And they like structure, so now is the time to take action and work on loose ends and see what is missing for you to move forward. However there are more powerful astrological energies at work that [...]

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